Taurus Man

  • Hello all! I am a cancer woman who has been talking to a Taurus man for about 2 months. We have went on dates and have yes we have slept together. We talk ALL the time and often vent to eachother is we have bad days! Neither one of us are in ANY rush to get serious, which is nice for a change!!! I do have to admit that I have started to like him a decent amount. I do not know how to approach him on if he has thought about where this might eventually go. He can be somewhat confusing for example, the other day he said something about falling in love with this really nice TV and then he said "dont be jealous, you can come watch it with me when I get it next year." he says random things like that. I do not understand it because he has not shown any signs or anything about what he truely wants from me so WHY would he say things like that?

    Now, last weekend when i was out of town he said " Im going to the movies" and it clicked in my head that he could be going on a date, which of course is his choice. So I asked him "Since we are not together, we can do what we want as far as dating other people?" his reply was " ah...I guess its your choice. that makes me think you have someone in mind" So I explained to him that I do not have anyone in mind but I like to know whats appropriate and not appropriate with this "thing" we have going on. He then seemed to be a different the next day following, he was very short with me so i backed off and only send him messages after he started the conversations. He seems to be back to normal now.

    So basically I kinda want to find out whats going through that head of his as far as where he thinks this might be going but I do not want to disturb what we have going on, anyone have good advive on how I should approach this Taurus?

  • You need to be upfront and honest rather than beating around the bush.

    Since it is bothering you, this means it is a good time to approach him and speak honestly about it. You have already seen the results a timid, fearful and non-confident approach gives you - it actually upset him because it came off as YOU not wanting the relationship to go further or deepen. You should never be afraid of speaking your mind or asking for clarification from another. If it scares him off, then at least you will know now that he feels differently and you can move on instead of wasting time worrying, wondering and waiting. Or, he will express the desire to at least be exclusively dating and to see where the future leads the two of you. Either way, you will have an answer.

  • If your not committed, you do what you wnt and visa-versa.. dont play games but you dont have to answer to him.. the bull like a litle chase.

  • Thank yall! I did talk to him and I was very upfront about it. It went alot smoother than I thought it would. He expressed he likes me but told me it takes time for him to commit because he has been hurt twice. Which I completely understand because i also have been there! Thanks so much!

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