The year ahead: where am I going?

  • Hi all.

    I have come to you today to ask for a reading on the next year. I know, it's August, not December or January. But as I am an undergraduate student in many ways this late summer season represents another beginning. Additionally, I am transferring to another college. I sense that this one is where I belong and that the resources there will nurture me in ways impossible at the last institution.

    If anyone feels anything that is telling about the next academic year for me please comment. I am hoping to have an overall picture of how successful I might be both in and out of the classroom. Relationships are also something I'm working hard to improve. If there are any particular periods, obstacles, or lessons I should pay particular attention to please let me know. I appreciate the insight and if you would prefer I provided my birthdate for any astrological or numerological cross reference drop a line below and I'll see to it.


  • Electrum,

    Iam a clairvoyant reader here on this site and do free readings when time allows.

    September comes in here very strong for some reason, is this when you will be making the change in colleges? Yes, is the answer to making the change and you will be at the top of your class with effort, no more late nights at the soda fountain is what I get for you, much easier courses and the teachers will be excellent. There is a pretty female teacher that will not only be pretty but very gifted with her teaching skills. Are you studing Law? As this is the feel around you.

    You will be in the library more than not , but somehow this will be enjoyable for you.

    Regarding relationships, I don't feel you really have given your heart away to anyone at this time. When you enter the new college there will be a young lady with long blonde hair and she is very smart and I feel she is a writer , wants to be in journalisam. She may win your heart as she is quiet and you will find her very amazing in how much she can retain and excell.

    Life will teach you what you need to know as you move through it, ups and downs furnish us all with knowledge that we will take with us and help others along the way also. I get that you need to keep your thoughts more to yourself than speak them so much out loud, and this will help you to mellow out some and enjoy lfe more in the coming year.

    Honor and Love Coming Your Way,


  • Thank you Shuabby. I appreciate that you've taken the time out to provide me with a reading and I am happy that there is such a great outlook for me in the upcoming year. Thank you again.

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