Could someone pleae do a relationship reading for me?

  • Hi, I would appreciate if someone could do a relationship reading for me. I was dating my boyfriend for about a month over the winter and now we have been back together for a little over a month now. I would like to know where things stand currently, any obstacles that may come into play, where things are headed, and what I can do to make the relationship stronger.

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  • Im sorry, but I just dont have the funds to get a reading at this time. I had my own tarot deck, but it got damaged by water, but havnt had the money to replace it yet.

  • Hi - I did a relationship Celtic Cross for you and also pulled some Spirit Oracle cards. First the oracle cards...

    HEALING...positive transformation occurring on a soul level.

    GUIDANCE...release the past to th eternal winds and allow new energies to enter your life. not lose sight of your original intention. check inside your heart to see if the path you are on fits in with your original hopes and aspirations. if not, take action, take control, and steer your life back on track.

    This spoke to me that this relationship is not in your best interest and a healing needs to take place within you. Also that you may be ignoring the wisdom of your heart.

    Just to be sure, I did the Celtic Cross...

    Foundation/Basis of the Matter - 2 of Swords: This card is usually about uncertainty and not knowing which way to go and suggests a stalemate or suspended action with regard to a difficult decision. There is a suppression of feelings here - using your intellectual defenses to avoid facing your feelings - like burying your head in the sand.

    What's Above - Judgment: A ponderous decision and a time for evaluation that will lead to a reawakening and healing. It also point to breaking free from the past or bad habits, a balancing of accounts and wiping the slate clean.

    You - The Emperor: This card shows authority over Self and the drive to create something of lasting value, however it also shows the head ruling the heart or overpowering emotion and suggests that you are currently in a position of dealing with a man of importance or authority in your life.

    Crossing You - Ace of Wands: Aces are about new beginnings or fresh ideas, yang energy, leadership, and an upsurge of energy. Wands are about creativity, passion, enthusiasm, faith, growth & development, leadership ability, but also impulsiveness and games of competition. This Ace in this position speaks to a need for energy focused toward NEW experiences and ideas - starting over. There is also a suggestion that this relationship may be based more in the physical realm and this is clouding your judgment.

    Recent Past - 3 of Swords: This speaks to difficulties in a relationship, turbulent emotions, conflict, disharmony, separation, rejection and can also point to a love triangle.

    Current Situation - 7 of Swords: With regards to a relationship, this speaks to duplicity, putting something over on others, being taken advantage of, evasive or illicit behavior or tactics, betrayal, victimization, self-defeating actions and feelings of unease or escapism.

    Near Future - Knight of Swords: A sudden and unexpected change or disappearance, conflict, upset, impulsive or rash behavior, turbulent emotions, a person who is ruthless, selfish or self-absorbed. This card does not bode well for romantic relationships.

    Your Blocks/Inhibitions - 4 of Wands: Putting down roots and laying the foundation for a happy home, contentment, comfort, satisfaction, happiness and possible romance, a sound partnership (remember, this is a BLOCK for you). It also speaks to coming of age and reaching a stage in your development. Any "4" card can also point to stagnation and stubbornness (you showed up as a "4" as well - The Emperor).

    Your Environment/Significant Other - 9 of Pents: This card upright speaks to self-mastery, self-reliance, satisfaction and pleasure, a SOLITARY woman who has a sense of her self-worth, takes good care of herself and utilizes her talents and resources wisely - she is able to manage her own affairs independently. This card indicates an important event related to maturity in emotional development. It can also speak to something that looks successful on the outside having shaky foundations and cautions against shady dealings that may compromise your integrity. The most prominent thing about this card is being alone - this is not a good indication for a relationship.

    Advice - 3 of Pents: This card points to high standards, growth, honor, new learning, confidence and making improvements. In questions about romance, this card suggests too little emotional involvement. It can also point to a thankless task, an unhappy situation and lack of respect....that something you are working very hard on - putting a lot of effort in - may be undervalued and there will be a lack of results for all your hard work.

    Long-Term Potential - Ace of Swords: In a nutshell, strength in adversity. Having the discipline and determination to overcome difficult situations and to face the often painful and inevitable variations of life. Achieving clarity and seeing the truth. Releasing or extricating yourself from an exploitative or unjust situation.

    I know you want to believe that things will work out between the two of you, but the cards just don't seem to support this. That being said, I know you will continue to try and make it work so please just "check in" with yourself as you go through this process. There is a reason you keep asking for readings into this situation - your Higher Self is communicating with you. People normally don't ask for readings on relationships unless there is some sort of anxiety, doubt or lingering uneasiness which could be your intution trying to get your attention.



  • thank you watergirl. 🙂 I actually wasnt concerned about the relations between my boyfriend and I. I have been worried about the distance we live and how I can keep visiting him, though its been working out so far. But now after that reading im worried now lol, what is the betrayal the cards are talking about???? and the sudden abrupt change? does it mean he will dump me???? I thought things were going well between him and I so this a little shocking, do you have any more insight to whats going on here?

  • Hi - Sorry I don't have much time, but my memory of this reading was a feeling of a lot of conflict, but under the surface and that you may not be seeing things clearly - like you have the wool pulled over your eyes (that 2 of Swords image). Also, your spread was almost all swords which is never a good indication for a romantic relationship and there was also a few hints about needing to release the past. That being said, the swords could also just be an indication of all the travel back and forth. However, you still need to take note that there were absolutely NO CUPS in your reading or any other card that pointed to a loving and fulfilling relationship. Keep your wits about you. It is too easy to not see the whole truth when you are dealing with distance in a relationship. Sorry - wish I could go into a follow-up reading for you, but it was a really long day and I have an important meeting first thing in the morning so I need to get to bed...

  • thats ok, thank you very much

  • Hi Vettech78,

    I did another reading for you, but this time instead of a relationship celtic cross, I pulled cards on him asking the question of what his intentions are toward you and to please clarify if they were honorable or if there was deceit involved in some way. Then I pulled cards on you asking what your best course of action was with regard to this relationship. Once again, he came up as not being trustworthy and a strong indication that there is someone else he is involved with and is toying with you on the side. Your advice was about seeking the truth and learning to listen to the wisdom of your inner voice. As a follow-up I pulled angel cards and they also gave a message that you are in the midst of a life lesson and a "healing" needs to take place...learning to curb impulsivity and naivete and to heighten your spiritual awareness and intuition. The last card was about this NOT being a time to enter into a new relationship and to be cautious of people that are not operating "above board" or who have questionable ethics. Sweetie, you really need to slow down here and take some time to see what is really going on with this man. There is DEFINITELY something going on that you are not aware of and you are being strongly cautioned about it.

    As a final effort for clarity for you, I pulled three more cards...once again a message of healing, deceit, and listening to your inner wisdom...

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