A reading about my troublesome kids please

  • i have three boys ages 14 his date of birth is 27.02.97, one age 13 his date of birth is 01.04.98 and one age 11 his date of birth is 05.01.00. they never seem to get on with each other or with other kids in the area and its caused one of them to get beat up for something his brother had done.now iam really concerned that this is the way it would always be for them i don't have friends in the area because my boys make it very hard for people to even want to get to know me not that it bothers me much about having friends or not i just want my boys to be safe and not be hurt what am i doing wrong why don't they fit in what can i do to make it work here for them i moved to this area because my oldest son was being bullied alot at school and the area we lived in before i dont want to move again please help me and my boys thank you

  • Hello nightlight,

    Your boys are at the age of entering into puberty at the age of 14 and possible 13. Their energy is up and down and you need to be a guiding light for them. It has to be understood that you are in control and what you say to them is to be obeyed. Do this with a balance of sterness and love.

    Your 14 yr old feels like he has a high energy now and needs it put into a physical outlet, does he play on a softball team? If not get him involved into the community in this way, which would also involve you. Than the 13 yr old would see that he too may want to become involved in a sport outside of school or in school. This is what they need, direction of their energy at this time.

    As their parent you set an example for them, if you are friendless , than please involve yourself with the community and make friends. When they begin to disagree with one another than you need to step in and tell them that they need to stay quiet for 10 mins and than you want no more of this fighting among themselves. Tell them they are brothers and need to learn to get along as they may need each other as they grow up.

    Bullied in school these days seems to be a growing concern. Parents have to take responsibility for their children behavior and some parents are bullys themselfs so their children follow suite. The system needs to really address this problem and the parents need to stop letting the system address it.

    Your 11 yr old feels like a good boy all and all the most calm at this stage and sometimes needs alone time , as he likes to read or draw and will follow this pathway in his life. An artist or writer for him comes through.

    I'm a clairvoyant reader on this site when time allows.


  • thanks for your reading shuabby i like to think i do set a good example for my kids they are basically good kids i may not have friends in the area but have many at work the thing i worry most about the older one and the youngest one and the all the trouble they seem to get in and how no matter what i do doesn't seem to help i get so worried about their safety i have trouble sleeping i just want them all to be safe and not be hurt do you see them fitting in soon is these sort of situations going settling down? as i like it here and don't want to move again but i also don't want the violence to escalate.

  • How many times have you moved in their lives. Have they had close relationships with grandparents, family. When you move is it close range moving or quite a distance. I would talk w/counselor or teacher at school and get some ideas. Maybe they could encourage friendships at school. I think it's really a struggle to develop friendships when kids are moving a lot. Kids form idenities w/peer groups at this age so friends are important. Do you have a husband, would you at some point consider home schooling. To help your kids, you need to establish friends and support yourself, so get involved in school or church. You need to get more involved now. I'll try and help w/reading.

  • we haven't moved alot in there lives only twice they get on with the people they go to school with the middle child is very popular at school especially with girls and the other 2 boys have a large group of friends the older boy would like to find love like his brother its just not his time for that at the moment it justseems to kick of with the other kids on the street and those kids know older kids who then get involved that's why the middle child got beat up i really would like to thank you for your help and advice daliolite

  • Sounds like bullies to me. I would get names of the bullies and present it to the school so that they can be aware. Might have to separate from the bullies at all costs. Be sure you instruct your kids about bullies.

    Your reading speaks of 3 things mainly. In regards to your kids it's saying it's time to take action, don't wait to do something about problem. There's a certain amount of indecision as to what to do--decide and act. Loneliness and responsibility on your part.

    In your future and near future there's issues in re to control vs freedom. There's non-conformity.

    I feel like you are being called to conform to a purpose for the general good.

    Your reading speaks of future love interest and work going good.

    Right now you are feeling how serious the situation is. I drew the Hierophant above the present situation and the 9 of swords below the situation. In your future I drew the 2 of coins next to the Ace of Swords. This tells me your going to have to cut thru the BS. Reading didn't specifically talk of moving, follow your instincts. Ace of Swords can represent something being said publically. In the future, your reading looks good, it's just what's occuring at present needs to be dealt with. With the Hierophant being above the situation I would interpret that to mean most everything needs to be in submission with the general good.

  • thanks for your reading and advice daliolite,

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