I am totally confused with two tarot readings online

  • I used this website - first I did the romantic Relationship spread and then I did the romantic relationship bottom line. The first one was beyond confusing and everything in it had absolutely nothing to do with my current situation with my cancer man. That's when I decided to do the second one and only two of those cards made any sense and they belonged to him. The cards about me were WAY off.

    Can I trust these readings online? I used to read my own cards, but I won't do it anymore because I can't ever read them correctly.

  • I understand what your saying. Sometimes when I see the cards they're all jumbled and mixed together and don't make any sense. But, what I have found is that if I put is away for a while and then take it out later, I make myself just use the very first impression of what the card is saying to me with out analysing it and then I usually come up with a good reading.

  • I tried that - these cards were way out of whack though. I thought about it after I typed my post and I think that because I have a friend of mine who is going through a real struggle on my mind when I did the readings, it made more sense in regards to her than the question that I was actually asking about him......

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