Interpretation would be great!

  • Since today is my 25th birthday (August 10th), I had a Life Symbol spread done but I don't quite understand the last card given. Could someone please help?

    It's a three-card spread:

    Personality Motivator Card - Strength (upright)

    Annual Development Card - The Hanged Man (upright)

    Life Lesson Card - The Lovers (upright)

    "Your Life Lesson Card suggests possible opportunities, obstacles, challenges or influences that may repeat themselves or develop into patterns over the course of your lifetime. The lessons are often presented in phases or cycles at various levels of experience, and depending upon your faith, they can sometimes represent a purpose for this incarnation. View this card in relation to your Personality Motivator Card and Your Annual Development Card in order to gain insight on how to best integrate these lessons into your life for maximum personal growth, happiness, or achievement."

    I don't really understand what the card means in this spread. Also, coincidentally, the Lovers card is supposedly the card tied with my personal numerology. So I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Could someone please help me?

  • What I see is that Strength - inner strength, courage, personal fortitude, patience and wisdom - is what you are to develop in this lifetime. When you look at this card, you see a woman taming a lion. She has approached what most would consider a very scary beast with not just courage, but a sense of calmness and grace. This is true strength. This card also speaks to the ability to tame our "inner beast" of base emotions and desires. This year is about you being alone. This is a time for you to go inward and discover who you really are, what your strengths are, what you have to offer the world. You are seeking your inner wisdom. The life lesson is that the love you seek must first be found within and cannot be found externally until this is achieved. It is also about learning to make the correct choices in life and to make those choices with maturity and not allowing your emotions to take over.

  • bellothika,

    First, Happy Birthday! Enjoy this birth year!

    As soon as I read the part on numerology I saw 6's and 9's floating around you. Look into these numbers. Also, I pulled out one of my decks and saw 'The Lovers" is number 6 ( duh! I forgot!) and your date of birth is 6. I don't know where the 9 comes in other than to seek your own council and follow your own bright light.

    This will be a year of introspection, of inner growth. Are you perhaps in school or learning something new? If so, keep going! Do you have a younger sister or someone (female) who looks up to you? Please pay attention to her. I know, : ) ..... this isn't exactly what you asked for, sorry ... it came to me. Hope this helps!



  • Laie4,

    Thank you very much!

    I think you may be on to something in regards to the 'something new'. I am trying to go forth with my dreams and pursue a career in acting. I'm not sure if that fits in with what you're trying to say about the 'follow your own bright light' and 'keep going' comment.

    6 has been popping up a lot lately, especially in my dreams. I'll see the number 6 on a house, a sign or I'll see that the clock reads exactly 6:00 in a dream. I'm not sure if there's any significance. But it's a number that I've seen a lot lately, and I'm not sure about 9, but it has always been one of my lucky numbers. Hm, I'm the youngest female in my family and I don't know any females who look up to me, so I'm not sure about that part. Unless this ties in with the dream/career I am pursuing, which would make sense considering a lot of actors/actresses have admirers who look up to them.

    Every tarot spread I've done in regards to my dream/goal have always been positive and they all say the same thing, but I don't necessarily want to believe it only because I don't want to think it's something that it's not. I feel that my dream is unrealistic and that I'm manipulating my own interpretation because it affects my dream, basically that I am possibly setting myself up for failure - even if the cards say it will be a success. Because I guess that deep down I feel like it's never going to happen, not for me. I hope this makes sense.

    It may not have been what I asked, but I feel that it may have been something that I needed to hear. So, I don't know if what I said fits with what you previously said - but I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    And again, thank you very much for the birthday wish!

  • belliothika,

    Yes, it absolutely fits! I only get snippets sometimes with my visions so I just 'gave' them to you. Plus, I was on my way to bed tired when I read your post and sometimes info comes in disjointed when I'm tired. I definitely saw a young female gazing up at you adoringly. I felt that she was someone within your personal realm between 7-10 years, small boned, with long straight hair. I haven't a clue who she is but it doesn't really matter too much. Just remember that you brighten her moments so give her your attention.

    It does make a lot of sense about tarot and your influence on it. What I think is More Important than wether you influenced the cards or not is Belief in Yourself ! I know of three people who pursued this same dream. One did it to satisfy her ego and never made it and two felt this is where they were suppose to be since early childhood. Of those two, one was a phenomenal stage actress and she gave up on herself; the other made it. He kept taking classes and plugging away.

    Read what you can about intentions and manifestation. Be clear so that you can put your whole being into this and not take the judgements of others to heart. Know what Success mean to you. I keep being drawn back to, " seek your own council and follow your own bright light." , so thats a Very important part of this message to You.

    Keep in mind,no matter what we're bombarded with in the media, this is a skill and no one will just hand it to you. Learn as much as you can. Go to auditions even if its not a role you want. Volunteer at a local theater company so you can watch others work. These will hone your skills and help develop your talent. Plus, the more you do the more confidence you'll gain! Above all, give yourself a chance and pursue your dreams/goals in every way possible.

    I wish you well! Break a leg!


  • Sorry for the delayed response.

    I didn't mean that I influence the cards as I am doing a spread/reading for myself, but it's the process after. The interpretation itself. Even when it says something certain and positive about my dream/future, I feel that perhaps I'm looking at it wrong because I can't see it happening for me, at least nothing that extraordinary - even if it's blatantly obvious in the spread.

    I'm still having a bit of trouble figuring out who this little girl is because no one I know or have ever met has a little girl. But thank you for your interpretation!

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