Blmoon, Shuabby, Captain

  • I'm hoping one of you can help me. I'm just looking for psychic insight as to why I'm having repeat miscarriages. Yes, I have seen doctors. If anyone can tune in to the babies I lost or my physical body and see what may be going on I'd really appreciate it. Also, if any of you can see when I might be successful that would be great. I'm just looking for someone that's willing to give it a shot so if anyone else care to try feel free.

    I feel pretty hopeless right now, so any help will be appreciated.

  • HI folks, can I just add that there is more info on the What do you See Paddi thread and I am so very sorry Manifest that I am just not able to help you and to give you the answer and information that you so desperately want to hear, sometimes my guides tell me to back off, it does not happen very often but this time it did. I wish you lots of advice from these brilliant psychic people.


  • Thanks Paddi

  • Any answers are appreciated.

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