HELP with interpreation please having a rough day

  • 1-3: Querent's needs in the relationship

    1. Heart (Ace of swords) -

    having an honest heartfelt relationship

    2. Mind (Queen of pentacles)

    gives love and support

    creates a warm, secure environment

    3. Soul (hgh priestess)

    understanding the possibilities

    opening to what could be

    using intuition about problems

    4. How Person A will fulfill those needs two of swords

    i dont know if person a will be able to fulfill those needs two of swords is more so about staying on the fence not really making an effort to move forward

    5. How Person B will fulfill those needs - queen of cups

    providing unconditional love?

    6. Person A's pros - emperor

    • authoritive, powerful, strong

    7. Person B's pros - King of pentacles

    Stable, committed, meets all commitments and promises (reliable)

    8. Person A's cons - wheel of fortune

    you never know when a is going to be there very up and down.. like the wheel one minute hes great the next hes not?

    9. Person B's cons - two of cups

    present relationship with his other half...

    possibily our friendship needs work?

    10. Querent's subconscious feelings about Person A

    • three of pentacles

    i see this more of a business contract its a stable foundation, but emotions wise im not sure

    its there

    11. Querent's subconscious feelings about Person B - hanged man

    in complete limbo not really sure what im suppose to feel

    12. Person A's feelings - nine of pentacles

    I would say that it is about being very pleased that things have progressed as far as they have, hoping to see everything turn out well on a permanent basis, but not taking that final, "10" step just yet. There is something yet to be done in the relationship, not very much, but it is necessary to have a 100 percent committment

    13. Person B's feelings- strength

    though there's passion in it but it's being controlled by logic/discretion/protection So, it's not lacking in passion or romance, but it's being very selective how that's expressed.

    What to do with A - three of swords

    go through the heart break???

    What not to do with A - devil

    DONT CHEAT or have an affair ... do something i will regret

    Possible outcome - seven of pentacles

    • anaylzing the situation and really taking in what i need to do and what not to do

    What to do with B: star

    have hope for the future but dont see anything anytime soon

    What not to do with B: Six of swords

    move away from B give them there time that they need?

    Possible outcome:Lovers

    A decision will be made or have to be made

  • Hey CandyCane, I am sitting in an airport getting ready to board, however I just wanted to reach out to you to send some loving, peaceful energies your way. It feels like you are really stressing over something tough. I don't have time right now to go through your spread, however I drew THE MAGICIAN which tells me very strong that your answer is in you right now... being centered and drawing calm, steady, confident energies down from that magical place called the Universe of Love.

    I know these trying places can really test you, i have been there often... HANG IN THERE... whatever it is that you are facing will soon resolve LIKE MAGIC.

    Whisper this to the air as you go about your day today... "everything WILL work out." That is your answer, faith and trust. Take care, I will check here later and see how you are faring.

    I am keeping loving thoughts and strengthful energies projected towards you today CandyCane, relax and trust.

  • Thank you astraAngel your words are amazing!!! and I appreciate them soo much you have no idea 🙂 thank you!

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