• Hi everyone,

    I know there were more ladies to add to this thread, but there was no more room lol..dmick, WG, shadowmist, Suramya, bluecat, sorry i know theres more of us but my brain is in mercury at the moment:)

    just wanted to say hi and i have been thinking of all of you...I will be back in September.

    May all of us find peace, light, love and laughter!

    Namaste to all of you,



    sorry guys, you are also in my thoughts:)


    may we all get our lives back in order one again, in these past months I've realized we are all going through a MAJOR transition period.

    So time for a CYBER HUG, ITS LONG OVER DUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The one picture is surrender

  • 🙂 oops I forgot the hugs, ROTFLMAO

  • Thanks Sheila! Thinking of you too!

  • my journey,

    i am so sad, i wanted so badly to caught you in time, bieng that tommorrow is your birthday,

    i pray to the universe, that your days be brighten in every way, that the rest of your journey, be the very best, i pray that you have time to open and read the response, i am so very sure, that all the sisters in this forum will be thinking of you and sending you the very best wishes, on a day like to tommorrow, happy happy birthday,

    love, peace, happiness, health and abundance to you alwways,

    love and hugs,


    god bless you,

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hugs to u as well darling n thanx 4 replying my post at all.

    so what will u b doing all of august???

    curious kitty here mmeeeeeooooowwwwww

  • {{{{{{{Cyber Hugs}}}}}}}} Something drew me to your message, I usually just go straight to my saved threads. Life has had me on quite a ride lately but I'm holding on for dear life and going with the all the curves to see what lies over the crest of the next hill. Hope you recharge and are back in no time to chat it up with all of us. Til then know you are in my thoughts for one, more than you will ever know I'm sure. Life has distracted me a bit from the boards but I figure my friends here understand that. I'm popping in and keeping up even if I'm "your friendly stalker" who doesn't say much. You're the best !!!!!! Don't you forget it girl. If you should run into any of my guides on your jouney tell them I'd like a visit. Meanwhile others have been dropping in and that is getting interesting, so many new experiences since coming here. I love that all of you are so willing to share yourselves and your lives with all of us. MyJourney Soar!!!!

  • MJ,

    I just got back today from vacation and have been very busy unpacking,putting away and laundry but had a free moment and happened upon this thread with no time to catch up on things.

    Best thoughts and wishes for you and a happy birthday too. We will miss you and hold down the fort till you get back.

    Many Blessings

  • Dear Shee,

    I will miss you enjoy your break for the threads clear your mind it will do wonders for your energy .so you can come back refreshed and be Queen of the forums again .

    Sending you love , light laughter my big sissy

    lot of love and cyberhugs lil sissy Mags xx

  • Hi Sheila, thinking of you, too!

  • Hi sheila. Will miss you. shee shee.

    Think of you always.

    Hugs Bee Xx


  • Boy this brings tears to my eyes, we have all been thru such growth and journey's together, Shee I'm praying for you and all of us! We have to be strong a lot of things that are dark within us have to be brought into the light and healed, TRANSFORMATION is the right word, evolving, being and allowing, keep your Faith and Light it will see you through, remember that saying, what doesn't hurt or kill you will make you stronger. I LOVE ALL OF YOU YOU HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO ME AND I'LL ALWAYS KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS! STAND STRONG AND LET LOVE GUIDE YOUR HEARTS! NAMASTE! Blue Moon I was just thinking about you! This moon on Saturday is supposed to have huge transforming energies I hear. Will buckle my seat belt!


  • Hi everyone only here for the atternoon but had to say hello.

  • hugsxx

  • many beautiful thoughts and blessings to all

  • Love, Light and hugs 2 All


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