TheCaptain .... Reading please ????

  • HI Captain ! I seek your reading to help me understand my current situation and advise on how to proceed from crossroads I find myself yet again ..... broke up with a Cancer man three weeks back after almost a year of I thought knowing him and thats left me all confused .... I just seem to be totally jinxed in the relationship department or have a knack of picking the one's all wrong for me! ...please advise if there is a chance we get back together and if not, what holds for me .... My dob 10thsep'74

  • Your profile indicates you can be conflicted when it comes to commitment vs. independence and security and stability vs. freedom. You also need to have people around you who give you recognition for your efforts. If you are torn between these things, it will make it difficult for you to find what you want in a relationship. Self-doubt and insecurity can also hold you back from finding love. There is also an indication of an attraction to lost causes or troubled souls who may be merely projections of the emotional elements of your own inner struggle. When you resolve all the issues that have become blockages to love, you will find the right relationship. One thing - your extraordinary sense of humour, wit, and amazing verbal skills shine through the profile and shows that, by laughing at your troubles and using your insight, you can survive anything. Just try and display your creative and original talents without fear of rejection or reprisal, for your emotional life is tied to your sense of inspiration and as a self-protective person, you don't risk revealing either easily. Lower your guard a bit more and let people in to see the real you.

    What exactly do you want or expect from a love relationship?


  • Hello Captain, Thank you for your response. I agree with all your observations and do find myself conflicted at times. You put across a very interesting question thats kept me pondering for a few hours - What do I expect from a love r'ship ? I must say that the duality you refer to again creeps up here ..... On one side I am very traditional and want the whole marriage, kids, security scene and on the other also someone interesting that I would actually call a "life partner" in the literal sense ... To discover the world and life in all it's shades and colors sharing it with someone special, that you feel connected with at a soul level. I agree that the latter need not happen within the traditional set up and one can do all that with a great friend as well but in that case I still find something incomplete ..... duality and conflict surface again as in this last relationship (with the Cancer man I referred to earlier) was going bit untraditional of sorts and the moment he backed off from a serious relationship footing, my traditional barometer kicked in and we agreed to go separate ways though we are compatible on so many fronts !!! I got no reason for his change in stand which has left me hurt and confused !!! So really am just looking for a regular guy who I'm compatible with who is honorable enough to make and keep a commitment !!! Hope this gives you some more input from my side !!! Apologies for such a lengthy response but I wanted to be totally honest with you !!

  • Chocolat, as long as you have these conflicting issues, it will be very hard to find just one person to suit you. Perhaps rather than seeking a relationship at the moment, you need to satisfy that thirst for adventure out of your system first, so that settling down with someone then becomes a delight and not a fearsome thing. Do whatever outrageous and exciting thing you feel like!

  • Hello again Captain ! I have been doing a lot of introspection and have come to realize that what is most important to me is the relationship .... All the fun and adventure loses it's charm if u have no one special to share it with .... It is for this reason that my mind and heart continue to return to the Cancer guy I just lost ..... Can you tell me if he will be a part of my life again ???

  • What is his birthdate?

  • 26th June

  • 26th June, 1978

  • Unfortunately Chocolat, this relationship is better for friendship than love, so its prospects for a romantic future are not good.

    You both have hidden and secretive personalities, yet you can serve to bring each other into the world when you are together, rather than withdraw from it. Ease of interaction is the emphasis here, and this relationship can provide you both with relief after having had some big difficulties and obstacles in former relationships. In a love affair or marriage here, the two of you have a strong ability to sense each other's desires, both intellectual and emotional. But you are not necessarily good at satisfying each other's physical needs, so that you may have to spend months or even years getting to know one another at an intimate level. Luckily, through discussion - the relationship's orientation is primarily mental - understanding can prevail, if you both stick around long enough to participate in it. Frustrations and hangups are best not taken too seriously here; if it is possible simply to ignore them, they will fall away as the relationship grows.

    A friendship has less emotional demands and financial responsibilities than a love relationship as you both need time and space to fully appreciate each other. You will both inevitably spend a lot of time alone but as you grow more confident, your friendship can take its place as part of a larger social unit. Your friend will be fascinated by the twists and turns of your personality while you will be intrigued and amazed by his depth and the scope of his emotions.

    In the end, however, if you or your partner doesn't have the patience or persistence to see this relationship through for the long period of time it will take for you both to adjust and adapt to each other's different natures, then nothing will come of it.

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