Angel oracle cards

  • Hi i just wondered if anyone can tell me how to properly use these cards. I really want to use them just now but my head is all over the place and i feel i cant connect very well.

    What can you ask these cards?

    Are they accurate?

  • Hi Arieslady89,

    You can ask these cards anything you like , i generally ask the angels what it is i need to know and learn in my head 3 times while i am shuffling the cards , and i pick 1 card butyou can pick as many as you like and read the messages from the guidebook,you can also read them just using your intuition as well by going with what you feel from your heart . Which deck is it that you have ?

    Love and Light Loap)

  • I have the doreen Virtue cards - Angel therapy and also just oracle cards

    Thanks for the advice

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