Heart broken- need help with reading-where is my life heading

  • I recently suffered a love dissapointment, so I asked tarot what awaits me in the months ahead? I did the 6 card reading. Thank for your help.

    Card 1 (The Star) : How you feel about yourself now »

    Card 2 (Death) : What you most want at this moment

    Card 3 (Judgement) : Your fears »

    Card 4 (The Fool) : What is going for you

    Card 5 (The Emperor) : What is going against you

    Card 6 (The High Priestess) : Outcome


  • I don't know much, but I can give it a try. The Star is a card of hope and gentle feelings, Death is about change, so I'd say, quite cleverly, ( 🙂 )that you're hoping things will change for you. Probably you want to stop feeling like this and move on. You may be fearful that you've jumped to certain conclusions or made some wrong decisions. Or that others have done it for you? The fool is the first card in major arcana, and it might mean the beginning of a new cycle. 🙂 Also it's adventurous and carefree. The emperor is usually about not thinking with heart but rationally. If this is going against you, maybe you shouldn't be to closed emotionally and bury yourself duties, though it probably seems like a good idea. Outcome is a good one, I think. You'll become richer in thoughts, intuition, turn to your inner self.

    I hope you feel better, Mariame! 🙂


  • Orionis,

    You said you dont know much but you said a lot m thanks for your help. Im looking for a new beginning after this dissapoinment, sometimes it seems difficult but I know things will improve for me.


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