STUCK! Any advice/reading pretty please

  • Hi,

    I feel of late, my thoughts are all over the place. I make plans to move forward, but life is stagnant.

    Have plans to move, but a job offer fell through for hubby, would have been nice to have job already set up, now working at moving independent of sponsor. any advice.

    Spritual awakening - I seem to have become sensitive to spirit, still feel out of my depth, not knowing how or why. People keep telling me to do something with it, but Im not sure what IT is!!!

    Relationship - trying to be supportive to partner, due to work and money pressure, but his behaviour is out of character - Im exhausted.

    Sorry thats alot to cover, any things you get will be much appreciated.

    kind regards


  • First, get some rest from fatigue and stress. Nothing can be manifested when you are suffering from exhaustion. Take it one day at a time. Then, the way will become clear.

  • Hi Firefly, Will do!!!

    Its just Im eager to change our environment, and bring new energy in!

    Feel trapped.


    kind regards


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  • Hi Cazmayo....

    Your Higher Self has everything mapped out for you.....Trust that. Also your body cannot if it is exhausted then know it is trying to tell you to get lotsa rest right now.....BECAUSE all that incredible anticipation IS leading you to a life you came to fulfill. You are going to be thankful you will have energy to keep up with the magnificent flow.

    If doors are closing around you, this is your Higher Self preventing you from going off the path that will bring you your Best.

    We are shifting our vibrational consciousness SO fast these days that about all we can do is hang on with our Faith. It will be so worth the sacrifice and patience that has been asked of us.

  • Hi Tuckerwink,

    Thank you for your wondering reply. Yes I am aware of changes spiritually within me, aware but still learning and trying to figure out what my path is. I will try and be patient!!

    I will take one day at a time, and trust!

    Thanking you.

    kind regards


  • Quick comment: Something woke me up and told me I was needed. Your dreams are your lifeline to catch hold, as if you are fishing. Symbols have meaning. Make a diary of whatever dreams are detailed. There are times when we truly know the answer, but denial makes it difficult to see the forest from the trees that are in the way. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Firefly,

    thank you for your post!! I am rereading the first line in deep thought!! I presume your talking about yourself, yet I have had a knocking dream, you know, waking due to a knock on the front door, but noone there!!!! Is that what it meant, that I needed to wake up,that I was needed. To get my attention. I have started to write things down in a pretty diary, and started to ASK for guidance. I asked the other day and got 111 clearly in my minds eye. Then my hubby said, oh you have been getting text messages from 111 but they are blank and there is no such number????

    Looked it up, and it seems to mean "remain positive, your dreams are being manifested"!!!!

    Thank you, I will pay attention to the Symbols!!!!

    kind regards


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