Reading confusion (a/k/a Say What?!)

  • Hello folks - just when I think I have a bit of understanding I get a daily tarot reading like this:

    The first 4 cards seem to be right-on but its the last card that confuses me - Anyone have some input? Thanks Reading type: 5 Card Daily Insight;

    (Card 1=Situation, Card2=Challenges, Card3=Advice, Card4=Daily Lesson, Card5=NearFuture)

    My reading:

    Card 1-The Magician, Card 2-The Word, Card 3-High Priestess, Card 4-King of Pentacles

    FINALLY the 5th card - which is throwing me off.....

    CARD 5 - EIGHT OF CUPS - here's what it says under the main meaning (verbatim):

    ....."Become more careful in your choices. Avoid naively opening yourself to unnecessary trauma. (SAY WHAT?! why would I do this? - keep reading, it get "better...")

    With the Eight of Cups in this position, you will be lucky to get through an upcoming situation without being taken advantage of. Such experiences can be humbling and harm our feelings of security. This may be a tough situation, so keep your eyes open and remain vigilant. It is not a safe environment. For now be less open, less willing to just let things happen to you. Be protective of your boundaries.

    If you are about to put yourself in a challenging or unpredictable situation, take full responsibility. Only foresight can provide you any safety. Once you are caught up, rescue is unlikely and you will then be forced to go through it alone. Preparation may be your ally.

  • I caught a word spelled wrong: Card #2 is supposed to be The WORLD not the word........

  • Did you do this reading on this website?

  • Hi, yes I did do this online (on this website)

  • You know -I know how to read cards and the definitions of the placements are all off on here. I hate to say it, but I really can't recommend their definitions for their spreads. The one that I did earlier was totally off - I had four men (Knights of wands and Cups, King of Wands and the Emporer) n my spread and their interpretations were completely off based on the position of the cards. I guess when you know how to read the cards it's interpretation doesn't make any sense.

  • I'll try to interpret your cards the way I see them. I don't know what you actually for your daily insight, so I will tell you what I feel they mean.

    1 - Magician - this card is about you - you are feeling charismatic, almost like everyone knows you are special in some way.

    2- the world - this card backs up the magician in that you have everything going for you at this time - projects may be coming to a close. Very positive card.

    3. high Priestess - in the advice placement - you look like you should be tapping into your intuition to overcome an obstacle you may be facing right now.

    4. King of coins - if this isn't a man in your life - then this is about starting something or creating something new.

    5. 8 of cups - this is a card of seperation of something - so it looks to me that if you follow what the cards are currently telling you you must be able to live with the consequences of your choices. Basically - the High Priestess is your advice card - if you follow it (trusting your intuition about the question you posed) then the 8 of cups will come into play, but it isn't as dire as it sounds. The 8 of cups means to get rid of old things - like loves, friends, projects, etc., but it only means that you are making room for something new and better.

    I hope this helps.....

  • Thanks so much for your insight. I have recently purchased my own personal tarot deck - I've been utilizing the online version for approx 6 months.

    I'm at a bit of a crossroads right now - the statement "....I'm all dressed up with no place to go" is an analogy that would fit it. Thanks again!

  • So based on this latest post - then my interpretation was correct? Did you find it more helpful than the other one?

  • I certainly did find your explanation immensely helpful - especially how to identify the overall message. Since I've been delving into this extraordinary tool I'm finding what I thought was to be - I'm either supposed to be a teacher or healer - but still trying to figure it out.

    I also have what is called a Master number birthdate - 22 (2/22/1962) and I read that this sometimes creates an air of "double your trouble or double your fun"........

    Wish we can we an instruction (at times.....)

    Thanks again

  • You have an awesome birthdate! Glad i could help.........

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