• Hello 🙂

    Could you please help me? I simply dont know what to do...

    Very soon I have to decide between dorms and here are my possibilities-

    1. Better location in the center, it is better furnished, has sport facility and quite attractive exterior- but i dont know anybody there (and i am having hard times when i have to socialize, it is stress)- I got these cards on it: Queen of Wands,Ten of Swords,Magician

    2. Further, not so lovely, but with good friends... One of them had been in love with me (not anymore on 99,99999 % 🙂 ) and i really like the other guy (who studies even almost same subjects- much time 2gether will be spent)...Cards: Ace of Swords,Two of Wands, Lovers

    And card representing my approach to the topic: Queen of Disks

    How should I decide? I am confused... Maybe unknown waters of choice no i have good potential as Magician himself (As it is stated in my Crowley tarot guide book)?...But who wouldnt be attracted to the card "Lovers"? 🙂

    As you can see, I am not very experienced with tarot. I would be very grateful for a guidance, because i have to decide quickly... Thank youuuu 🙂

  • Are you going to school to socialize or find a boyfriend? I thought school would be more important than the dorm room. Anyplace that allows you time to study will prove to be the better choice.

    Your Queen shows your desire is for sensual fulfillment. Am I right?

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