Wondering about friend's feelings

  • There's this friend I have. We don't know each other that well yet. I feel as if he likes me, but then I'm not sure really. He seems to like to talk to me, but when he does, he's often being cryptic. He's quite introverted, too. But sometimes he says, very subtly, something really warm, between the lines and I have a feeling as if he's testing me. Anyway, I did a little reading and here's what I got.

    I asked what he thinks about me and got 2 of cups.

    Asked about his feelings for me and got the queen of pentacles.

    Also, days before, I asked what does he want from me and got a bit of everything - the world... 10 of cups...and even 2 of swords at one point.

    Any ideas? 🙂

  • Perhaps you should try consulting him, instead of the cards? Try asking him out to a 'safe' place, like for a simple coffee or say there is an art exhibition or show at the museum that you have two tickets for if he is interested. Keep it casual so he can back out easily if he wants to - or he just might accept your offer. Then you will know for sure instead of worrying over it endlessly.

  • Well Captain, thanks for the advice, but maybe I don't feel comfortably asking him out. 😄

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