For Tarot Forum Readers

  • Thank you!!!

    Every reader on here is so so generous with their time and thoughts and love! I hope you all know how appreciative people are for that.

    And for every forum-goer who lends their support to this community, you're all so wonderful! I may not post so often anymore, but there are many of you who are still going so strong 🙂

    ❤ and light!


  • Hi Angela, how's life treating you?

  • Life is treating me well! Regardless of whatever circumstances aren't ideal, I'm a very lucky person. My roommate came back from maternity leave in California and now I've got this fun, beautiful baby boy to hang out with when she's working (or showering, resting, talking on the phone, etc.) so I'm adjusting to that new found responsibility. It takes a COMPLETELY different mentality than I'm used to but I know it's making me a better person. Money is only a slight issue rather than my main source of stress and I've become less detached to my previous expectations of friendships! I've been in different mind-sets even though my situations haven't been too crazily altered and it's given me new perspectives..

    I heard about your move, how has all that been? I hope that everything in your life is good if not great 🙂



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