Need everyone's help again!!

  • OMG...I absolutely cannot believe another pet has gone missing. This time it is Dexter Morgan. He was in the house Monday morning with me and then poof! gone. I have called and searched to no avail. This is my son's cat and he is heartbroken. Dexter was always right near the house and always came in to take his naps. He stays in at night since all the animals have a curfew. We moved here in Sept of last year and this is our 4th animal to just disappear. No one else around us has any problem with animals disappearing. Can someone please help me to find this cat? I am getting really depressed...we can't keep losing animals like this. It is really truly heartbreaking.

  • Hello dear

    That's so sad! Do you have coyotes or hawks etc around you? as I recall you live in a more spacious environment. I would encourage you to keep your cats indoors from now on. I learned that lesson the hard way myself after one of mine "disappeared" I hope she comes back I know this is hard I truly feel for you. Blessings to you and your family.


  • missinggrammygirl,

    You are learning that cats that roam may not come back home. There are many dangers in the night for cat roamers. I feel this cat may make it's way back home with an injury to it leg. If it does make it back home than please get it fixed and keep it inside if you want a pet. After getting a male cat fixed they will still want to roam and mate for at least a year so the trick for this situation would to be find a nice fixed female cat for him and KEEP THEM INSIDE.

    I know your upset and we all have lessons to learn in life , you and your family are in the process of learning one about your pets.


  • Shuabby...Dexter is fixed and has a fixed female friend.She is missing him! I have had animals all my life and have never had a cat disappear on me. Dexter liked to be around us and I can't imagine him going off on his own. Dexter was always more in than out

    Anyway, I really need to know if anyone could help me in an area to look. I too feel like he may have gotten hurt and is just staying put somewhere until he is better. I appreciate anyone's and everyone's assistance. : )

  • Missinggammysgirl,

    This may be way off base, but is it possible that you have a child at home that needs to leave the nest (or get kicked out of it), so to speak?

  • I do have a 22 yr old daughter living at home while she finishes school. Why?

  • Now you have my curiosity up!!!! I am trying to imagine what that has to do with a missing!!!

  • Little "children" leaving the nest...independence....

  • I don't quite understand what you are trying to say.

  • I would just start looking dear. Time spent in front of the computer may not help when you could be out hunting. Trust your gut. If Dexter Morgan(cool name by the way) is local and possibly hurt start walking calling for him, posters etc. If he's anything like his namesake he's out hunting. 🙂

    I'm sorry you have to go thru this all over again.

    Good luck


  • are always so sweet. Thank you. I have been out looking, calling etc.... There is really only so much I can do...I just recently had knee surgery so it is a struggle to get out and about. Other family members have been out also. He has been gone since Monday and Friday was the first time I thought about posting here for help. My son loves the show Dexter so that is who he is named after. I have had cats all my life and they all liked to catch things and play with them and then leave them be. Dexter on the other hand would catch lizards and eat them whole. Birds too...he ate them like he was a vicious wild animal. But yet he was such a sweet cat. He would curl up in my armpit area while I was sleeping and lick my face and neck and then go to sleep. Yuck, lizard breath.

  • missingqqammysgirl,

    I feel that Dexter is in the neighborhood , feelsl like 1mile or so down the road. do you live on or by dirt roads as this feels like where he would be, he is trying to make his way back but something is slowing him down. I had a female that was a hunter when she was allowed outside with me nearby, like Dexter though she loved us and was affectionate.

    Post pictures of Dexter and when you get him back home I feel a man may call you in regards to having him or have seen him. Please talk to Dexter and tell him you want to never have to worry like this again and he needs to stay inside and you will give him catnip toys to help him want to stay inside.

    Let us know when fixed roamer is home.


  • We live on paved roads but a lot of people have dirt driveways. The thing that came to mind when you said something was slowing him down was: our neighbors next door have 8 acres and their dog treed Dexter Sun afternoon right on the property line. I wonder if he was silly enough to go back over there but is afraid of the dog. The have dirt driveways there also.


  • BUMP!

  • I understand not being able to get around. My cats were the saving grace when I broke my knee cuddling up w/ me on the couch for 2 months.I hope your son can walk around looking for him. We have hawks here and raccoons the size of dogs and a feral cat community but our biggest danger is cars. I ride a bicycle everyday and find dead critters on my commute all the time. Lots of cats wandering around.I worry about them especially the young ones. I understand how irritating a cat can be when they want out I deal w/ that w/ mine she cries and knocks things over but I won't give in. When I lived in the hills on an old veterinarian's farm on 2 1/2 acres a lifetime ago my cats got so spoiled w/ all the space and trees and small critters to chase. Then it was condemned and I had to find an apt real fast. My oldest wouldn't have it, he started spraying everywhere wanting out. So like an idiot I let him out. Never saw him again. Looked for ages. So I understand the feeling and the not knowing and feeling helpless etc. Good luck dear.


  • Thanks Pfree. I am glad you had your cats to help you thru that recovery. Knee surgery is not fun!

    Tomorrow is going to be a week that he has been gone. Still no sign of Ethyl. I think about her everyday.

    Did you understand the reference that Watergirl was trying to make? Sometimes I am dense as a box of rocks...I do not get subtlety and innuendo. I tell everyone I know don't beat around the something to say, say it, otherwise it goes over my head!!!

    Still waiting on Watergirl to clarify what she was trying to say.

  • bump.....

  • My gut thought she was referring to our children leaving our nest. That she/he has moved on to other things. Since you are limited in the hunt for Dexter I'd ease your anxiety w/ a loving kindness meditation for yourself & sent out to him. There is a powerful part of the meditation that says "we are(he is) safe and protected from any inner or outer harm". If you are anything like me your concern is his safety and well being. But like all things we must surrender when things are out of our hands. I trust your son has put up posters and walked the walk.

    I'm off to go give a kitty that lives w/ some mentally ill folks who are unable to take good care of him his daily antibiotics. Took him to the vet couple of weeks ago he was in a sorry way. He seems better but still super skinny. He was just being ignored. But I couldn't ignore it.

    I still have twinges in my knee and am stiffer than I used to be but I will never take the ability to walk for granted again! I trust you have people to help you?

    Cheers Pfree

  • That is sweet of you to take care of the kitty. Sounds like something I would do. I hate to see an animal unloved or uncared for. I have such a heart for animals that I always give in when one needs a home. As far as the knee...OMG you are so right. I will never take walking for granted!!!! I have my husband and kids taking care of me.

  • Hello hows the knee? Any sign of Dexter?

    I trust you are well?


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