Been a while!

  • So I haven't posted in a long long while but I find myself checking up on "everybody" more often than I thought I would! I miss the support here.

    The reason I'm posting in the relationships section of the forum is to get a little guidance. I'm not really a relationship person these days since I'm so busy and like the independence that being single gives me... The past couple years has shown me that I approach dating and intimacy in a very strange, uncommon way. I've hung out with a few guys and had vague ideas of how it would go, but this scorpio I just met has me teetering with indecision. Half of the things he says make me think that maybe he's full of c.r.a.p. and trying something, but I also feel the sincerity with some of the things he reveals to me. I'm pretty decent at reading people a lot of the time, but I don't know how to judge this circumstance!

    Insight, advice, or readings would be appreciated 🙂 Thank you!


  • The key is knowing which things he says are lies and which things are true. If you sense he is lying about the important stuff (like who he feels about you, about himself, and commitment etc.), then run for the hills! If it's only white lies about trivial stuff, then it shouldn't matter much.

  • Thank you! If I get a feeling about some things he's saying I'll trust them... If further confusion develops, I may ask for more insight...


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