Reiki and the past, can anyone give me some advice?

  • Hi fellow reiki healers, Diane Stein's book is my bible, and I decided to go back in to my past to heal certain events which seem to be recurring in this present life, namely the sense of loneliness. I went back to 4 lifetimes, in the first I was a pilgrim grumpy and ignoring everyone, in the second I was a gate watcher in a casttle, same thing, in the third I was a schoolgirl in Victorian England, stiff upper lip and stuff and in the last I was a soldier guarding prisoners. I went back to each life and changed my attitiude, I stopped being grumpy and talked to the people around me, smiled and laughed.

    OK so my question to you is, does this really have an effect on my present life? I feel exhausted now, I feel like a switch has been flipped. I did the same with my constant living on the breadline and changed that to living in riches in each lifetime. Do any of youhahve experience in this regressing to the akashic records to change your karma and what is the next step?

    A bit confused.

    Hugs, Paddi

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  • Thanks Dmick

  • I know been a while since I have been here. School is keeping me really busy. Your thread caught my attention since I have gone back to past lives to heal. What caught my attention was that your past and mine are kind of similar. I was a stiff upper lip type at one time along with a soldier. I also figured out I was a child on the prairie where food was scarce and my goal was to figure out why I go through phases of overeating and I discovered that as this child on the prairie, whenever there was food around I would gorge myself and then I would go for days or whatever again with very little or go completely without. I told this child that food was abundant and always available and that there would be no need to gorge myself. Do I see a difference? I think I did for a while but with school keeping me so busy it is really hard to keep my balance. I have a 3 week break coming up in a couple weeks and plan on using it to get refocused and back on track. Missed you all while I was gone. :0)

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