Captain need your help desprately...about my daughter!!!

  • My daughter is born on October 26, 2003

    I'm born on November 9, 1975

    Her father is born on March 27, 1974

    He took her from me a while ago....and ever since, I have been fighting for her and she has been begging me to come and get her....long story, you can check "going to court for my daughter" topic. My question is: "When will she be home with me?"

    Thanks for all that you do and of course for your answer on the last question...have a wonderful day!


  • I think you are asking if her father will become incapacitated or die soon, as she will officially not be able to leave him until she is of a legal age. How much do you get to see her - does she visit?

  • Hi Captain!

    Well her father is sick, I don't wish any harm to anyone. She would have to be 12 yrs old here in Ontario, Canada. I get to see her only twice a year, for about a week's time (because of work) in the summer and again during the Christmas holidays. I pay child support, for gas if he brings her, I send a box every second month with clothes and toys. She is not aloud to call me, and the courts only allow me to call her 3 times a week, because it disrupts the father's life and out of those 3 times...i'm lucky if I get to speak to her once a week. It's really hard on my daughter and I...especially at heart!

  • There is nothing legally you can do at the moment so focus on enjoying the times you do have together, rather than both being miserable. Don't let her time with you be about sadness or longing but about happiness and love. She senses your moods and will respond the same way.

  • Thanks it's what I thought you would write. My legal fight ended in 2008, 2009-10 my personal fight also...this year has been very different being that I have programmed myself to smile and think of her beautiful face and wonderful voice whenever she pops into mind, which is everyday instead of crying for her! Like that I'm not feeding a harbouring cancer and building patience that she will need when she does come to me....she'll have lots on her heart, I want to be there at that moment when she breaks open the walls of silence....I will catch her.

    I was just hoping you knew when? I guess it's not in the stars yet...I will keep the biggest one shining though, right here in my own heart for her for eternity!

    Much love and appreciation, ScorpWolf.

  • Well, I get the feeling that once she is of age, she will want to go out into the world and have experiences - you may have to accept that you will never get your 'little' girl back but she will come to you as a grown woman.

  • Thank you and like you wrote "I may not get my little girl back"... she will always be in my eyes though! I'm ready for the woman/my daughter to come to me.

    It is hard to accept and I will wait for as long as it takes.

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