Gemini's taking the easy way out...

  • Why is it that it seems Gemini's ive met always have this trait of just accepting a bad situation for what it is? Why do they find it hard to make a bad situation a better one for themselves? Talk about making life hard for yourself!!??

    The reason why im asking this, is because my solemate is a gemini. We are no longer together after an aquarius women tore us apart. She has trapped him with a baby - to which he is not ready for (he is only 23).

    Recently i found out after telling myself, his family and my family that whatever happens between me and my gemini he wasnt going back to the Aquarian. Although she is pregnant he wasnt going to go back to her.

    With all the pressure he is under with a situation he doesnt want to be in he has got himself in to more trouble - he now has 2 charges of assult - caused by the aquarian he is having a kid with.

    If this Aquarian is so much trouble in his life despite the fact she is the mother of his unborn kid (her track record could proove the kid not even being mr Gemini's) - Why on earth has he gone back to her? Has she threatened him to get her own way AGAIN!?

    He has a future with me - we love eachother very much. But the aquarian wont leave us to get on with life together. She kept using her youngest kid as a weapon to get my gemini back.

    We havnt spoken to one another for over a month now. one minuet he came back in my life not wanting to loose me again and now he has vanished!

    What is going on!!?

    Is he trying to make a good situation out of a bad one?

    Thanks for reading

  • I only know a few Aquarius women as far as I know, so I can't say I know of any being manipulative. But if he's going back to her, maybe he's thinking of the baby more than the relationship with the Aquarius mother. I'm not sure what your sign is, but I'll say you do seem to have a good head on your shoulders. You do seem to love this Gemini, but you have to think, if he's cheated on you once, what makes you think he wouldn't cheat again? Don't set yourself up for hurt, you don't deserve to have heart break after heart break over the same guy! Instead of getting back together with this Gemini guy, find a guy that won't cheat to begin with. One who will treat you like a queen and be loyal. Every girl deserves that much.

  • Thanks for ur comments. Yea i like to think im pretty down to earth. I wouldnt say he cheated but he let this horrid aquarian into his life setting himself up for life of misery. We both know what we want but this women is like a brick wall trying to keep us apart. Making us bitter against one another. She is 10 yrs older than both of us and has a ready made family from different men. She has used my gemini as a glorified babysitter and now another father to another kid she will give birth to. He is far from ready and all he wants to do is break away from her. But now he has a boy on the way he feels he just needs to stick with a bad situation and "make do".

    Its highly frustrating for me. Why cant he sort things out! and put his foot it because his name isnt on the birth certificate yet?? Will the tables turn again when this baby is born?

  • If there's any chance the baby isn't his, get a DNA test. If the baby isn't his, then the Gemini is free to go(And will hopefully take this as a lesson learned!) But if the baby is his, then he's going to have a life long responsibility. I understand why you're frustrated with him for not doing anything about it, but until the baby is here, there really isn't anything he can do. Wait it out for the DNA test.

  • When he was with me i had mentioned about getting a DNA test as everyone in this small town know what the aquarian is like. She was sleeping with a different man when gemini left her for me - maybe she was being bitchy but i would never dream of sleeping around when im pregnant! Sooo disrespectful.

    He said nope - i know the baby is 100% mine. And i thought but how can you know? She didnt even let him go to the 5month scan. She changed the goal posts regarding that!? ....Alarm bells ringing!

    He wouldnt talk to me about anything regarding the baby. He kept telling me to drop it and stop bringing up old ground..Hummm!

  • He's going to have to take control of this situation if he's going to fully take control of his life. Right now he sounds like he's lost with which direction to take in life. He may be trying to adjust to the idea of having a baby. Part of him may have already gotten used to the baby being his. and if that's the case, the DNA test showing the baby isn't his could devastate him.

  • I know it will devestate him. She only wants this kid for one reason and thats to get a bigger house - So that tells me she doesnt care who the father is. I care about gemini alot and i dont want him hurting. But the more i hear the more i feel why do i feel so much for him. I need closure and im never going to get it unless i take the move and close it.

    He is back drinking at weekends and sleeping around....Why is he doing this when he knows what is coming his way? Why not try and work things out with me?

    I wrote a letter and left it with his clothes i took round to the place he is stayin at - he read it. it was a very emotional letter and he hasnt replied to it. Hasnt spoken to me. Just totally cut me off. No explanation after bringing me all the way to scotland to be with him. He has just dropped me like a sack of spuds!

    Im in a mess 😞

  • You may love him, but you deserve someone who will love you just as much in return. You don't need someone who's sleeping around and drinking all the time. You may not want to hear this, but you have to love yourself before you can expect someone to love you the same way in return. And right now, in order for you to prove to yourself how much you love're going to have to move on with your life. He cut you off, you cut him off right back. If he doesn't try to come win you back, a better guy will come along, one who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. Don't continue to put yourself through this emotional roller coaster for a guy who isn't willing to grab your hand when you start to fall off the ride.

  • All what you say makes sence. Just very confusing, He never wanted to let me go after we had words. But now he is back with the mother of his child - im just a distant memory. How can he just turn off his feelings like that. Going from telling me he doesnt want to loose me again to nothing! We have such a spark its unreal. He needs to tell me he doesnt love me and that he doesnt want a life with me. I need closure and i have no idea how im going to get that now. I have cut him off like he has to me, but deep deep down its not what we both want we want the opposite. We dont like being apart and i know this is why he has gone off the rails. I just wanna be there for him but he just wont allow it although he wants that too. Really need to get to the bottom of all this. Its been going on for far to long.

  • Oh, my god...what a mess.

    I don't blame you for feeling bad for him and wanting to help him, but the fact is that he left you for another woman. And then he got her pregnant. Now he has to lie in the bed he's made, and you can't allow him to take you down with him. Don't blame this other woman for everything, especially for him leaving you. You can drag a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink. The fact that he was even able to be taken away from you in the first place is a HUGE red flag as to the kind of person this man is. He obviously cannot be in a stable, committed relationship as he can't be trusted to stay faithful. And now look at him....he has you on the sidelines, he has a PREGNANT woman in his face, and he's sleeping around again. Seriously, if I was a guy and I got someone pregnant I'd be terrified to have sex again for a good while.

    So, please, do yourself a favor and continue to distance this man from your life. If he wont give you closure, use the fact that he left you in the first place as closure. But dont let yourself get caught up in this mess. it's horrible that he's miserable, but he has to learn his lessons on his own. And you can't help him, because he wont allow himself to be helped. He has to get to that point on his own.

    Good luck.

  • Many thanks for ur words. I am getting round to closing it. I have mutal friends with this gemini and i get more and more negative feedback about him. He is in trouble with the law due to this aquarian women - she made out she was being battered by a group of girls a few weeks ago on a night out, gemini's sister who is very close to this Aquarian rang gemini up and got him to come down and sort it - he sorted it alright - got himself charged with 2 assults on 2 women. The aquarian women provoked the whole situation and got him banged up for that weekend. How very nice!

    He saw the light a few months ago and came back for me. After we had words i told him im worth more than all this. And that i wanted him out my life because i was hurting too much (i still am). I apologised for the rash message and he just turned around and said get on with ur life im gettin on with mine on my own.

    Its soo hard to accept i have lost a close person in my life due to bad influences. We are solemates and arnt happy being appart.

    If anything i hope he escapes and finds happiness in someone else if it isnt me

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