Please help me to pray...

  • My nephew is in emergency now. He's only 1 year old and he has heart disease.

    The doctors use all the method to save his life, but there is only one hope, if he can breath by his own.

    it's been 2 days now... and he isn't getting better.

    Can you please help us to pray for him?

    If God can save him, I will able to trade my time for him. I don't care if I can live any longer. I just need him to be fine.

  • Hi ut it ,

    I will send my prayers and healing energy for your nephew , What is his name ? My heart and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time .

    Lots of love light and hugs Loap:)

  • Dear ut_it, your nephew will be in my prayers. And so will you be. Do take care.

  • Dearest ut-it, I don't think your nephew has given up the fight yet, he wants to be held by his mama , he wants to feel her body warmth and security and he wants to ge tthe thing out of his mouth that is sopping him from crying ou hard. This at any rate is what he told me when I visited his energy, I guess he is all tied up in utbes and it is impossible to get near him. And I also was wondering what is covering his legs or if they were okay, that seems like a weight too much. Could be white blanket.

    Maybe you can get the docs to sort ou that he gets his Mum's heat if he is not already doing it.

    I wish you strength through these hard times and let us know when he makes that first sqauwk.


  • PS I gave him reiki over his heart

  • I join in with light and love, believing and trusting that all will be well, I pray that the Spritual Healers in the Angelic Realm answer all your pryars with Love. Amen!

  • Thank you for support..

    I'm really appreciated..

    my nephew's name is Thien Dang Nguyen

    The doctor moved him to special treatment room. We couldn't meet him or ask info from docs..

    Please pray for my sister.. he's all her life..

    If there is any way to take all of my energy and send to him, please let me know or you can do so. My name is Thi Thanh Ha Do

    Thank you everyone.. Thank you for your kindness

  • ut it

    Thi Thanh Ha Do, your nephew Thien Dang Nguyen and your sister are in my thoughts and prayers. I call upon Archangel Raphael ( THE ARCHANGEL OF HEALING) to surround your nephew in the emerald green healing light and ask for a speedy recovery.

    God bless you x

  • This post is deleted!

  • ut_it your nephew, you and your sisters aa well as the rest of your family is in our thoughts, prayers & blessing hang in there and never give up on hope & faith

    many blessing to you and your family

  • Hi utit,

    Does the name James have meaning for you ? When i was sending your nephew Healing energy last night i felt the name James very strong ?

  • My nephew's fever is better. But, his heart is weak.. it's still hard for him to breath by himself..

    Please let me know if I can do anything to send all of my energy to him...

    *paddifluf: my nephew's habit before bed is that he always trying to kick as hard as he can.. the docs want him to be sleep well, so they tide his legs..

    **LivingonaPrayer: James is the name of one of my close friends..

  • Thank you for all of your effort..

    I will remember how your kindness to me.

    If I can do anything for you in the future, I will always do the best I can

  • Hi ut it,

    I sent reiki again this morning, your little nephew was relieved somehow but he said he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I saw the Archangel Michael pick him up and cuddle him and play with him and put him back in his bed.

    Love to you and to the baby's parents,Paddi

  • Feel positive about his progress and recovery and it will be attracted to him! I will pray for your nephew. And I pray for you and his mother... Stay positive! ❤

    ~ Angela

  • HI ut it

    I sent Thien Dang Nguyen healing energy again last night , im glad you could relate to James funny thing is i felt that spirit was trying to tell me that James was the name of your nephew.I didnt feel the name as strong last night as my own children have been sick so my energy is a bit drained as they are not sleeping properly, i will let you know if i pick up on anything else.

    My prayers and thought are with you and your family ,

    Lots of love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you everyone.

    The docs said that my nephew's condition is getting better. However, they are still unsure.

    Is there anyway me and my sister can do?

    Thank you

  • This post is deleted!

  • We have some bad news today.

    Please help us to pray for my nephew.

    Please take all of my energy and send to my nephew.

  • Heavenly father, please strengthen this family through their trials at this time.May you bless them with the gifts they need at this time.

    Ut It, you are the only one who can send your energy to your nephew...and you do it when you pray for him, when you ask for his healing. We can help through our thoughts and prayers, yes, but for you my aching one, it is your song of heart for your spirit to assist your sister and her son.

    Can you tell us where the energy and prayer need to be concentrated please.

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