Captain, Captain, captain!!! Emergency please help!

  • Captain, I started to feel something very wrong with a very old aquaintance of mine an ex form highschool, he is a mess, and talking about wanting to die, i don't knowif hes on something or what, and hes telling me I'm the love of hsi life, he needs me, I don't know what to do, he asked if I still read A cards, and asked me to give him a path now. Can you help? He is Nov 12th, 72 or 73 i think , hes freaking me out!

  • wow hes lost his mind, hes saying my kid is his , um thats not possible by any means Im scared...

  • Why do I have these soul connections with these guys that are a mess?! I feel how crazy he is right now from far away, his energy is whoa... !

  • bluecat you must block him out you are to close to this situation. if you have a crystal clense it and wear it on your person. if he is wanting to die he just might commit suicide call your 911 and explain it to them they will get him the help he needs another option is the suicide hotline they can guide him through this good luck

  • Thank you shadowmist, I haven't seen him in years, what a mess, 17 years ago I really liked him, we dated, and he basically treated me like crap the whole time. After I wised up and he went to collage, I thought it was done, I moved on, met a nice taurus guy, and Loved him to death, well here comes Mr Scorpio back and throwing a fit that I won't go back with him, I turned off all the lights in the house just to avoid him, and I thought those two were going to go at it. I didn't end up with either of them, but I always had a hard time about letting taurus go, it took me up till now to be completely okay with it, but it was Scrop loves me, I love taurus,and taurus is all over the place until recently engaged. What a mess lol Makes me think of the song love stinks lol I have no feelings for this person, but I do beileve his feelings are as painful as he says, I don't think he will kill himself, hes said that before when he was young and not getting his way, he was always so dark. What will the crystal do for me? I'm currantly attempting to bless him to his highest good, and send healing energy t him, I feel his energy bad right now, hes sending it like lightning bolts, especially through songs I think. I hope he can release everything and move on to a more positive place in life.

  • This guy swings between extremes - sometimes, he's steel, sometimes he's mush. He's looking for a place to call home - and a mother - but you mustn't provide it for him. He has some big pride and ego problems to deal with and wants everyone to adore and worship and coddle him. He has no right to expect your help after such a long passage of time. He has learnt that saying he loves someone is a good way of manipulating them to do what he wants. The death threats are also part of his ruse to insinuate himself into your life. Pay no heed - just recommend he seek professional help and have no more contact with him. You are in no way responsible for this guy's life or actions. He has to learn to grow up and take care of himself.

    There is a lesson here for you not to get sucked into someone else's sob stories and manipulations.

  • thank you Captain, I tried to picture what you would say before I heard back, and I did just that. He really pist me off saying my grandmother said my child was his, that was crazy, because its impossible. Its my fault for asking if he was doing okay I guess, I never expected him to say those things though. Hes always told me he couldn't get over that, but he would have to know theres no way I could deal with that kind of craziness. Captain do you think he may be mentally ill or on drugs? Some of the thigns he said were bizzare! Oh and your right! He said he was going to be homeless soon, but I asked him why? and why wouldnt he talk to his mother? I can't imagine why, he wouldn't, she was always in his life before, he danced around all of that though. I told him I was beyond offended that he would suggest something I can't verfiy with my deceased grandmother, but I really don't beielve she woudl ever say that to him, she told me once that she saw him and told him I had married and had my child, but nothing like he is saying. Thank you for reminding me of the lesson as well, wow things are a changing with me lol!

  • He's not crazy, just desperate. In a while he will calm down and be normal again - he just gets into these childish extremes of mood sometimes and wants someone to take care of him. he is very manipulative - if he tells someone he loves them and they don't respond as he wants them to, he uses threats of suicide or big whoppers of lies, none of which are his real feelings.

  • I told him this: Your homework for the day is to go one minute without thinking about, talking about or threatening to die, replace that with a thought that centers more around truth and where you would like to be someday, instead of all this nonsense. I told him I was thinking we shouldn't speak because it obviously isn't good for him, and he called me a stupid pet name, yuck, I shudder to hear it in my mind sooo slimy lol, and said oh I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you with what I said, I love you!" i told him his girlfriend had just posted that she was happy tht he loved her lol, and that I remember him telling him several girls he loved them, and then crying to me later on. Then I said, well then I guess if you love me I can come back there, and we'll live happily ever after, except I wonder how many people you tell that too on a daily basis lol. He said I think its going to be ahwile before I can talk to you again. I have no idea what that means, mabe he has some offense and has to go to jail? or mabe he has to move again? he said he wanted to be friends still, but I deleted him any how, I told him he can contact me when he learns how to be civilized. So he doesn't really love then Captain lol?

  • Your so right Captain, he is harmless, just desperate and extreme:)

  • I asked if he really loved me because I didn't want to be to harsh to him if he was sincere about that part, or hurt his feelings, but wow he is a mess

  • He loves only himself.

  • I think so too, I feel sorry for his girlfriend, and I'm glad I deleted him. Thanks Captain

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