Old Virgo

  • Guys, I really need to know what I should do.

    I had recently met up with my past ex, who called me out of nowhere (5 months of silence). When he saw me he was smiling, hugged me and right away he told me what happened between us... he said that he still had feelings for his ex and so he broke it off with me and avoided me because he felt guilty. He said they didn't last long and he broke it off with her shortly after. He told me he came by my work a few times, but couldn't bring himself to actually see or talk to me. He said that he was sorry for not contacting me sooner and we should hang out again. We hugged goodbye and that was that.

    I don't quite understand why he contacted me. Did he just want to get that off his chest? Did he want to see if there was something else there between us? Should I just move past this? !! I am going crazy here.

    (I also posted this in 'relationship problems' I AM DESPERATE FOR ADVICE- eek)

  • HHMMMMMM....

    I may just be paranoid, but my advice is to stay on your toes. It KINDA sounds like he's rebounding on you. He dumped you for his ex, then he and his ex broke up and now he's like "oops, didn't see that coming." and now he's running back to you.

    So, if you want to hang out with him you can. But I would really like...keep an emotional distance until you can sniff out his motives better. For me, I'd say he's kinda going back to what he knows. I feel bad saying this, but your "easy" as in you guys already had a relationship and he knows how to deal with you, you know? Way easier to try to get you then to start over again and pick up random girls.

    So, I'd keep my guard up. I dont know if he's just trying to get his guilt off his shoulders, but it sounds like he's running back to you with his tail between his legs.

    Hope that helps!

  • Surlemare, I was in exactly in the same situation where you are now more than10 years ago. I made a mistake to let him "win" me back after he did what your Virgo did. For few following years he was still having feelings his ex, except I didn't know about it until one day he told me. Virgos are like that - they want the unavailiable. When I was unavailiable he wanted me, when she was, he wanted her. Anyway, we've been living for many years together and are on a breaking point now, because he has realised that he doesn't "fancy" me after all (as I am here, cooking him dinners). Mind you, right now we are spending holidays apart, so he texts me all the time (as I am not there ). Ask yourself, do you need this kind of yo-yo situation in your life ?

  • Thank you MariaRia and VoplySoply, this was exactly what I needed to hear.

    VoplySoply, also, thank you for sharing your experience. I've actually been in a yo-yo relationship and it was not easy and I do not want to allow myself to go through that ever again. I'm sorry too, that you had to go through that.

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