• I am lost on where to go with a relationship..As a Ram i lead with my head. But i have also had incident with abuse that have also left physical scars on my head. ..Please help me understand why when and where my life will change.

    I have settled in and extended stay to better my childrens lives...but te abuser is also benefiting.

  • Please, make a good strategic plan and get out of the abusive situation. It's bad not only for you, but also for your children. First, because will probably end up by being abused as well, secondly, because witnessing their mum getting abused teaches them that it's an acceptable situation. If you love them, get out of there. You need to plan your move in advance, to save some money, to arrange yourself a place to stay, where he can't get you ,other practical details.

    But don't postpone it for too long. Every day in an abusive enviroment psychologically cripples your children. You are a Ram, you can do it. Good luck to you.

  • Indeed.

    You have taken a wonderful first step toward healing and changing you and your children life. The abuser you say is also benefiting, this may be only for a short time. Addiction can come in many forms and drawing men to you that tend to abuse needs to be a mind set change on your behalf. You may be stronger than you think you are and need to find out though a counsler as to why you are involving yourself with men that abuse you. What aspect of your personality needs to change also. If you were involved with abuse growing up than this is a pattern that needs to be broken so that your children do not repeat it.

    I am a clairvoyant reader here on this site when I have free time.

    I feel that you have a bit of a mountain to climb here and with help you will climb it and look back in a year and wonder who that person was, as you will feel like a new person inside more than outward. You will recover more than love for yourself in your life you will have love once again , only this time on a level of understanding give and take and balance in the relationship, I feel the man will be a water sign and be able to help you heal your heart and life and move forward into a life more stable and healthy for the children also. I feel that you will have a home in about 2-3 years from now and it feels like the house is surrounded by trees almost like the east coast area here comes in. You will make new friends and have a long lasting marriage . I also feel that you will want to open your own business , like makeing furniture comes in here, you are gifted in many areas that will be reveiled to you as you progress in your healing. Have faith that all will work out just as planned in a devine way and you will be writing back to us here and letting us know how you are getting stronger and more balanced and loved.


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