Are we compatible? Aqua and Gem

  • Hi,

    could i please have a reading about my current relationship. I'm aquarius born 3rd feb 1982 and my partner is Gemini born 21st June 1980.

    Just trying to reflect and evaluate where it is heading.


  • Your love affair can be extremely pleasurable and sensuous - you are very relaxed and comfortable together. However the kind of satisfaction that approaches smugness is a prime difficulty here. Yet the relationship's deepening physical and emotional involvement will usually lead to firm bonds of acceptance and trust - given time, some stoicism, and heightened responsibility. Your relaxed attitudes can lessen tensions and urge those around you to enjoy themselves more. A friendship here may be mainly concerned with having a good time. Marriage will be more about keeping your heads above water, but sooner or later the two of you must face up to challenge, resistance, grief and pain if you are to deepen and mature. Any superficiality in your natures will become immediately apparent during demanding and stressful times. Deep reserves of emotional strength will have to be built up to avoid spiritual bankruptcy at such times. Learn when to relax and when to push back. Certain situations will demand that you be more dynamic, but never lose the capacity to enjoy yourselves, either. As long as you are careful not to allow the relationship to become too complacent, procrastinating or slothful, it will endure and work well.

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