Taurus/Aries Girl HELP!

  • So I'm in this long-distance relationship with a Taurus female. I'm a Leo male. Her birthday is April 21st so it's almost a cusp day. I feel she may have some Aries qualities that influence her very unique personality. She has ADHD and is very high energy, talks extremely fast, and says the craziest things. I feel like to most she probably comes off as annoying and immature but to me she's a happy-go-lucky child at heart with the most beautiful laugh. I haven't met her in real life, I just know her from her voice on the phone and pictures she sends me. She's coming to visit a family member who lives somewhat near to me so I may get to see her soon = ) I know, I know. It's bizarre, but I really could use some advice.

    Question 1: Is writing a poem for a Taurus or an Aries girl a good idea? I wrote her a poem and I don't think she appreciated it all that much which was somewhat expected but after I sent it to her, she sent me a picture that she'd been hesitating to give me (t'was not a nude for the record), that's the other thing...

    Question 2: Do Taurus girls have some sort of system where they share more of them the more you share of yourself? There are still things she hides from me despite the fact we are dating and she doesn't give reasons why I can't see them. It's just "no".

    Question 3: What are the Taurus girls' (and Aries girls' if you know cause it may help) life's desires? What turns them on? What are they deeply, truly looking for in a relationship?

    Any answers would mean so much to me.

  • A poem is sweet, but an Aries girl would LOVE a guy who is competitive with her. If you challenge her, you'll have her undivided attention! But as a Taurus, she may be somewhat shy when she first meets you. She'll take her time getting to know you. Regardless of her astrological chart, you should treat her like a lady, charm her, and show her you Leo gentlemen side! Taurus women want something completely different from Aries women. Aries women was challenge, winning, and unexpected excitement in their life, while Taurus women want harmony and stability. Taurus women want a guy they know will stick around, while Aries women LOVE guys who play hard to get. It's all about challenge for an Aries woman.

  • thanks for the great advice. it's much appreciated.

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  • There is a bit of truth there, i personally like a challenge, but i wouldn't run after a guy either. We do like loyalty, not jealous type, have bit of variety, not over the top romantics im afraid either.

    Dont like to be dictated to or take our independent streak away either.

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