Very Depressed

  • Earlier this year, I had my third miscarriage in 3 years. It's starting to get to me. Can anyone see what went wrong?

  • Or connect with the baby that I lost.

  • Hi Manifestdreams,

    Im so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you , here is a link to Paddifluffs thread she is a psychic healer that also contacts spirits ,she is very good at what she does , she has made contact for me with my loved ones .before , maybe she could try and help you with some healing as well . You can contact er on the link below or start a new thread directly to her .

    My heart , thoughts and prayers are with you .

    Love , light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you so much LivingonaPrayer. I really appreciate you responding. I posted on the link you suggested. Hopefully, I'll hear back from her.

  • I'm here. Thanks Loap blush blush! I will tune in this evening which is about 4 hours from now when there is a bit of peace in my house.


  • Is there anyone that can pick up anything on why I'm miscarrying? The babies were normal and I've seen doctors but they're stumped.

  • Hi Manifestdreams,

    Im soo sorry for your loss xx

    Just feel pressed to tell you of a friend of mine, she had 2 miscarriages, the drs told her to keep trying but she felt something was wrong, she had heard about a hormone test. Well she had this done, and it said that she had enough hormones to get pregnant but not sustain a pregnancy.

    She had to take a course of hormone injections prior to getting pregnant to boost her levels.

    She has 3 absolutely beautiful children now.

    Could you maybe ask your dr about this???

    God Bless xx

    Kind Regards


  • Thanks so much for responding Cazmayo.

    I did take supplemental hormones as a precaution with my pregnancies. My levels were normal at the time of testing but they like to give it as insurance because having a little extra doesn't hurt the pregnancy.

    I appreciate your help.

  • No Problem, I think it was estrogen levels.

    I had a fibroid which can cause miscarriages (had one miss, but managed to have 3 babies after that).

    Get them to give you a thorough checkup!

    Wishing you all the best. take care.

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