How 2 fix things with cancer guy !?

  • Let me start by saying he's cancer sun, aquarius moon, & venus is in virgo. I am cancer sun, pisces moon & venus in leo. I been talking to my cancer guy 3 months. From the moment I met him I instantly felt something, over that month things were fine for the most part, we were getting to know each other & spending time together. Throughout that time I noticed he was really shy, not really expressive with his emotions, me on the other hand, I was very much expressive & showed him affection all the time. His lack of showing affection & being open with his feelings at times made me doubt were this was going & if he had really liked me as much as I thought. So eventually we talked about it & he told me that if I give him time he will open up more with me, which was fine. But even after that conversation he was acting weird towards me, he just stopped kinda wanting to hang out which I didn't understand. I was upset about it, but I didn't bother keep asking him to hang out, I felt maybe things were going to fast, at that point, I already met his whole family pretty much, got in real good with his friends so I figured maybe he was scared & wanted his space because he didn't know how to handle falling for me.

    But then after he got over that hump, we started seeing each other again all the time, things were going good but I still felt not secure with him sometimes because it was so hard to tell how he feels, & sometimes he acts aloof during things. So to my shock, 2 weeks ago he asked me 2 be his gf. I really wanted to say yes, but at the time I said no because I really wanted to say yes when I felt more secure with him, me being a cancer if I don't feel secure with someone I cant be with him. He never showed me that he liked me much, he did at times but not enough to make me think I was someone special in his life, like I was making him feel to me. When I told him I no 2 being his gf, he was upset but I assured him I would always be there for him, he just needs to work himself before he can get into a relationship & he agreed that I was right. After I left things seemed fine. Then pretty much the next day I didn't hear from him, which I always hear from him. Then as the days went on, I got no texts from him or calls. So finally a week into not talking I called him, and the conversation was just odd. Then after we got off the phone, I tried texting him & he was just very bland. Then once again no texts, so going half into a week & half of not talking, I couldn't take it anymore so I texted him saying "I don't know whats wrong or whats going on or if you mad at me, but If I did something wrong tell me, it really hurts my feelings that we dont talk anymore" his response was " Im not mad you or anything, but that whole relationship thing when I asked you kinda hurt so I just need my space to think about things, it took me a week but Im okay with it now & we can be friends". So I told him pretty much that I still do want to be friends but I still want to work on being in a relationship with him cause I like him & Im sorry if saying no at that time hurt him. But if he's over it & wants to move on, he can. His response was "Thanks for understanding, I just need my space as friends & If I decide to move on I'll let you know" & that just crushed me cause I feel like he doesn't feel the same now. After all I did for him & he knows I did so much for him.

    He still has not texted me or called since that, he responded back to me & its been 5 days now since that last text convo. I don't know what to do now, but I feel like giving up. I just want him so bad, & I miss him, but I already poured my heart out to him, I don't know what else I can do. if I try texting him again even tho its been 5 days since we lasted talked, I'll feel like a pest. I just dont know what to do 😞

  • To start off with I am also a Cancer sun sign with a gemini moon and venus in taurus. So I understand the need to be in a committed relationship but I am in a relationship with a guy who has a Aquarius sun sign scorpio moon and venus aquarius. In general I have found that Aquarius men are kinda similar to Cancer women when wanting their own personal space Their is a inner conflict within him because he has a very emotional sun sign Cancer with a very detacted intellectual Moon Sign Aquarius, for a Cancer or a Aquarius to introduce you to their family, especially his close friends is a pretty big deal so he was already seeing if you could fit into his life, which is why he asked you to be his GF a few weeks later. By you rejecting his offer of being his girlfriend was a pretty bad blow, because while Aquarius can be detached they can be very hypersensitive about not being liked or appreciated then add his sun sign into the mixed makes things even more uncomfortable for him. For example my Aquarius guy once told me something along the lines of this “My problem is I think too much about everything from break things down to analyzing everything. If a woman is late for a date, I think that means she doesn’t care.” As a Aquarius by you rejecting him he my think you don't care because he did introduce you into his little world (friends/family) but logically he's trying to figure out the answers for himself. As a cancer he does want to move on until he's absolutely sure of his feelings and what he interprets as your feelings the non-verbal ones. Just let him cool off dont smother him just be more considerate act more as his best friend than the girl that rejected him.

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