Reversed cards?

  • I'm starting to really get into tarot cards. When I first began reading I never paid attention to the reversed cards before. However, lately I decided to notice them. Now I can't stop noticing the reversed cards and reading them accordingly. Is it possible to go back to NOT noticing the reversed cards?? lol. Also, how should these cards be read? Should it be read as the opposite or as something that is being blocked from being used?

  • HI Mizgator ,

    I started out trying to learn the cards in both positions and it became to confusing for me so ive only been reading them in th eupright postion for over a year and now ,im slowly starting to do them in reversed .At the end of the day its up to you what postion you decide to read them ,in a good tip is to clear out your cards by going through them and making sure they are always in the upright postion but now and then you will still get the odd reversed one come out , and i just used to turn them upright .

    Hope this helps Love and Light Loap:)

  • Sorry forgot to add with the reversed cardsmeanings go with your gut with what you think they mean, yes generally they mean the opposite or a blockage of the upright meaning. Your instinct will be your best guide when interpreting reversed cards .

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thank you LoaP!! I need to start trusting my intuition more!

  • Your very welcome Mizgator which deck are you using ?Im using Riderwaite deck .

  • Hi Mitzgator,

    In my experience, I've found that each card carries both positive and negative vibrations. It determines how you shuffle the cards and/or choose to mix them up as to whether or not a card should be read in the Reversed position.

    First of all, Reversed simply means that if you do nothing, this is the likely result. You always have the power to change your mind, change direction or change your opinion. A negative card can be negated by following the most positive advice.

    For beginners, I recommend getting used to seeing how the cards look "au naturale" whether the card is reversed or not. Then find the most positive way to handle the situation.

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