AstraAngel! :)

  • AstraAngel! 🙂

    I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed my reading for you! I finally feel as if I can repay you for all the advice you’ve given me these past few months. I notice now how relatable our situations really are, and it makes me very happy to know that now we can console each other! Haha I definitely enjoyed doing that reading for you….the tarot is definitely fun! And I would LOVE to do millions of reading for you! Ask anything you want! Tonight I have my late night laboratory (with Jason!), and tomorrow I have to practice a speech I have to give…. but I might have time tomorrow night, and on Thursday and Friday I’m free so send me those questions ASAP! I promise I’ll get back to you when I can. 🙂 I really hope that your hanging in there during this rough patch in your life. I’m sure this mystery girl you’ve described will appear back in your life soon enough.

    Also, thanks for pulling those cards for me. Definitely lifted my spirits. Ever since I saw my exam score yesterday, I’ve been having a really rude conversation with God and the Heavens, wondering why nothing ever goes my way. I’m having trouble keeping faith in anything….I just didn’t understand how whenever I put my heart and soul into something, it never turns out the way I want it to! I defiantly needed a lift in regards to Nick. Although he’s coming back to LA within the next week, I can’t help but prepare myself for the worst. I’m worried that my heart is going to be shattered if he doesn’t call me when I’ve been patiently waiting for him, and even attempted to reach out to him twice already. It’s just a very disheartening situation, so I appreciate the cards you’ve pulled. Makes me feel somewhat better.

    I find it so aggravating that (especially in love), the outcome is almost never foreseeable. It really sucks!

    Anyways, I will probably come up with more questions about Nick to help calm my nerves between this week and next week. If you have any time, I would appreciate any more guidance you can give me. I keep on asking the same redundant questions, but maybe that’s because those are the ones that concern me the most. I apologize for that. But yeah….I really need some clarity in this situation! I don’t do well in situations that I can’t control. And Damn, Nick is really pushing my limits!

    Maybe you could answer this one question for me: Why hasn’t he bothered (up until this point) to respond to me e-mail? I find it frustrating that he’s just assuming I’m waiting around for him. 😕

    Send me more questions when you have some : ) I look forward to trading readings more often!

    Have a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for the prayers….I’m sending you good vibes as well!!!!!!!!!!!


    DaniBo ❤

  • a gentle bump. 🙂 I can't wait to hear about your other questions! Hope you can answer my one question. Hope all is well! 🙂 Love, DaniBo ❤

    PS--Jason was flirty yesterday 😉 haha

  • oops sorry my long post was on the other page 🙂 I hope you'll go back and read it.

  • Hi DaniBo

    This is nice, I have been wanting for the longest time to find someone that can do readings for me and simply had not pressed through to ask anyone. I am the kind of person who tends to remain somewhat solitary and try to work through my own issues by myself, so it can take a while to reach the place where I feel at ease enough with someone to ask for advice, guidance or help. Thank you so much for being willing to do that. So a million readings? Hmm... that could keep us busy for a while! Sounds like fun to me!

    So, Nick, you still contend with why has he not called you. Let's see what the answer is on that... I honestly don't have any clue why he hasn't responded to you by now. I am sure were I in his shoes I would have responded long ago!

    Anyway, let's see... what does the Tarot say, what is the reason for Nick's reluctance? And what can DaniBo expect once he makes landfall?

    I'm using the Lovers Tarot which is really pretty... I have been using it a lot for love related matters on this forum, it seems to work really well for that... and for fun I am imagining that you are right here with me as I do this. I want to reach a place where I am comfortable reading for people in person, so far it has mostly been on this forum. So, I see you here with me... I will even let you cut the deck 🙂

    A card popped up as I was shuffling though, and I could hear that this was important... I'll let you cut after this card!

    The Four of Wands - ! - This is one of those cards you want to hang from the mirror in your car. Success and attainment, the author of this deck says "the four of wands signifies a harvest. For lovers is suggests a time to create a home together. Those who are single can use enhanced intuition to guide them toward the right partner, or simply revel in a delightful phase of dating and flirtation. Enjoy yourself!" Wow, that is an awesome word for you! In the context of Nick I can only imagine something wonderful coming your way. Whatever the reason for his reluctance to respond to you, does not seem to be impacting the final outcome. I would keep the faith and see him reaching out to you once he arrives! And the bit about Jason flirting with you sounds like a part of this too! I have the sense that you are entering a nice phase in your life where your love life will be much nicer... things will go your way!

    Okay, another card slips out while I was shuffling... I wanted you to cut the deck first.. oh well, let's see what this one is...

    Ooh, the Seven of Pentacles... "You may be questioning your lifestyle, life choices or relationship status. This card offers hope and reassurance - this is a period of growth, but it is taking place out of sight. (that sounds exactly like what You are dealing with in the situation with Nick, he is out of sight, and yet there is still growth occurring betwen you!) The energy you put into your life now will bring you and abundant harvest in the future. Be optimistic and have faith." That ties back to that Four Wands, harvest... fulfillment is what I see for you.

    Okay I cut the deck and imagined you did that. Eight of Cups - "Quest". "You are leaving a relationship or way of thinking behind as you answer the longing for adventure and the need to move away from disappointment and unhappiness... you search for a deeper love has already begun" That is a nice thought for you, whatever has blocked your happiness in finding love sounds to me like you are leaving behind. You are really desiring something beautiful in a relationship and your quest will be successful.

    Wild! I was shuffling and two card appeared turned over in the deck not sure how that happened! The High Priestess and the Chariot. Intuition and a deep love nature in you, and a Chariot to whisk you away to something very sweet and nice... the Chariot signifies that the Universe is at the reigns and your part is to watch it all unfold! the little Lovers tarot book says of the High Priestess.... "Ruling planet: Moon, keyword : Mystery, element: water." She represents the veiled virginal face of the Great Goddess, which can only be glimpsed by the initiate after many trials (that sounds like you to me).. ruled by the Moon, she is the eternal feminine, the guardian of secrets, the wise witch within us all who can open the doors of perception." And the essence is "Intuition, secrets and mysterious lovers!" THat sounds so nice for you! I see you and Nick as kind of these mysterious lovers, whatever is happening is spiritual and secret, at least in the sense of him not responding! That is a mystery to me for sure.

    and my little book says of the Chariot... "denotes progress preceded by significant struggle... the essence is: tenacity, victory, gifted lovers" - Again, that sounds so great for you, so all of this together still paints a wonderful outcome, I am still confident he will reach out to you. ANd... I know you are learning so much about perseverance and trust, you have not given up on him and that is something very beautiful to Heaven. Were there more like you in the world DaniBo, our relationships would all be so nice. Believing in love - even when it doesn't look hopeful - is the sign of someone who really trusts their heart. And that person will surely be rewarded! I see that for you.

    I hope that gives you some encouragement. You are on the right path, i can tell your heart is strong, this is one lady who will certainly find true love in her life!

    So you are willing to continue reading for me? That would be wonderful.. I have so many questions I wouldn't know where to begin. My one question for you is about this person I cared so much for that didn't work out, we parted under some unfortunate circumstances. and I never really got to say good bye or anything.. I wondered if you can draw some cars and tell me how she is doing? I think about her a lot, and my heart still feels very connected to her. I did fall in love with her (at least I felt it was love, and it simply didn't work out. Can you see what might be going on with her and that she is okay? He has a family too, and I wonder how they are all doing?

    And, does she have any thoughts my way still? My fondest dream would be to one day reunite with her and pick up where we left off, that would be heaven to me... and that I have to trust the Universe for. Anything you see there would be wonderful DaniBo... thank you so much in advance. You are really gifted I can tell, and I appreciate your willingness to look into the matter for me...

    i hope you have a wonderful day... keep your heart singing about true love, Nick.. and who knows, Jason could become something nice for you too... he's flirting with you? How nice! 🙂

    I really look forward to your reading for me... bless you DaniBo...

  • Hello AstraAngel.

    I did another reading for you : ) It’s towards the bottom.

    Anyways, thanks for those cards you pulled for me! I’m starting to get really anxious…between tomorrow and next Friday he’s supposed to return to LA. I’m sure you can tell I’m totally freaking out! I’m trying to maintain a 50/50 thought process. One half of positive, happy thoughts that he will call me, and the other half putting a guard up just in case it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. I can only hope and pray as Nick is packing his bags as we speak, that he really does plan on initiating contact again! I didn’t wait around for nothing, right?

    So I apologize if within the next week I seem a bit annoying and fragile. You know how it is. I know you understand. One more question though: Has he been thinking about me recently? Just curious. Sorry for the redundant questions. : )

    Back to you! Here’s your reading. I kinda just pulled cards on the big questions you had because well, they seem to be tugging at your heart right now. So let’s see what we have here:

    1. What’s going on with her? – TEN OF WANDS. My book says “difficulties and contradictions”. Seems to me like she has a heavy burden to carry on her shoulders, and she’s in over her head about something. Maybe it could be with work, or something going on in her personal life? She defiantly needs a break from all this stress she’s under right now. Something is defiantly bothering her quite a bit, or else she wouldn’t have such a large amount of things to carry! Although she’s somehow managing, I feel as if she’s going to break down sooner or later. Not many people are able to balance stressful situations very well. Do you maybe have any clue as to what hardship she is going through?

    2. Is she handling it well? – NINE OF WANDS. My books says “generally speaking, a bad Card. When this card is in the present position, it is an acknowledgment that you are in the middle of a great struggle. You might not realize that your efforts are out of the ordinary. Your battle may seem so obviously the right thing to do that you do not realize how great and against the odds it truly is.” ooooh I’m sensing she’s really not handling those ten wands very well at all. As I mentioned earlier, she is probably already breaking her stance from holding those wands up, she can’t take this intense stress any longer. There defiantly must be something going on….I feel like I might be work (with our suffering economy), but it’s hard to say. I hope this doesn’t worry you too much!

    3. How is her family doing? – PAGE OF PENTACLES. Okay, so this is defiantly a turn for the best! My book says “In the present position, the Page of Pentacles indicates that you are only now coming to certain terms about the real world. This is a good place for the card to land because in reference to your current state of affairs, you will be blessed with a calm and rational approach to all pressing problems.” Seems as if there might have been a problem also involving the family, however, they seemed to have pulled through it perfectly fine. However, it seems that she has been left with the awful feeling of not being able to let go of a problem that may still be going on, or had already been solved. There is defiantly something interesting going on here. This problem, which apparently the family has been able to move past, has still got her stuck in a world of frustration. What’s going on here? That is the real question.

    4. Does she still have any thoughts you way? – two cards!!( One came out upright while I was pulling the other card) KNIGHT OF SWORDS & QUEEN OF SWORDS. The Knight just popped right out, so that’s definitely a sign! She must see you as this knight in shining armor, someone who likes to travel and enjoys going after their heart’s desire. However, I think the knight here is representing another issue. You mentioned you never got to properly say goodbye, correct? Well we both know the knight is the bearer of messages…maybe the time is coming for you both to hash it out? I’m thinking she didn’t like that you ended things without tying up your loose knots. I think she never understood why things just didn’t end the way she wanted them to. She needs a proper conclusion! It seems to bug her every time she thinks about you. She thinks you’re wonderful, no doubt, but the unfortunate split was not up to par! This is great news; you can still probably start something up! After all, you are the knight in this card! ; )

    The QUEEN OF SWORDS was the card I pulled. This is what I found online, “When in a reading related to your love interest’s feelings Queen of Swords shows up it sends out the signal that they are definitely thinking about you. In other words, if Queen of Swords appears in a man’s reading then it means that his mind or life is governed by this woman. Tarot card emphasizes, “She is there with him”. OMG AstraAngel, you must be smiling cheek to cheek at this point! She’s obviously still got something going on in her heart for you, which is super great! I hope that this connection can bring you two back together again. YAY Astra!

    5. What is the possible outcome for Astra and this mystery woman? – ACE OF SWORDS. Another great card, and in this position, that makes it even better! “This is the card that appears when communication is in need of being clarified. That is a nice way of saying that when someone is giving you a snow job about something, the Ace of Swords is with you to cut those words to shreds and find the clear meaning of them.” So this sword is definitely going to cut through the issues you had with her in the past, and probably help you guys clear up those unsettling issues you had before with the goodbye that wasn’t done quite right. This card also represents an infatuation, so it’s really nice to see that the love you both had for each other will return yet again! This sword is the bearer of the truth, so I can only see good things coming from this.

    I find it interesting how the first two cards were wands, and the last two were swords. Wonder if that has any meaning behind it 😉

    Anyways, I hope your happy with the reading. Although she appears to be going through a rough patch right now, I’m sure that everything will clear up with time, and you guys will somehow reconnect. The ace of swords really does say it all!

    Who knows, maybe in a couple months time, you will be with this woman again (what’s her name?) and I will be with Nick, and we will both be posting threads upon threads about how silly we were for worrying so much about all this! Keep your fingers crossed!

    Lots of love,

    Dani Bo : ) ❤

  • Oh wow DaniBo, that was a great reading! You did catch me smiling a big smile as I read it! 🙂

    Hey, first though I want to address your concerns about Nick. I think your 50/50 approach shows a lot of maturity on your part. I am crossing my fingers for you that its the 50 on the side of him reaching out to you once he gets here! I want so much to see you two together, I was thinking a moment ago that I would track him down as long as I knew what cruise line he works for, and drag him to you! Anyone with as much feeling for someone like you have, with that much affection, well, it really should find a way to be properly expressed to him. I am keeping a very optimistic outlook for you in this matter, perhaps both of our energies combined will bring about a nice conclusion for you and you two will be back together. I think that it is wonderful that you have not given up, that is a sign of enduring love that is always wishing the best for the other. Very beautiful. To me, that is a very high form of love.

    Has he been thinking about you? The Ten of Cups! Oh wow, that is an amazing card in answer to your question! That would have to be an unqualified yes! to your question. I am using the "Fairy Tarot" deck and in its little book it says "A wedding is celebrated between a fairy man and a fairy woman who wish to seal their union. Love, serenity, security and contentment can be seen on their faces. Ten glittering cups crown them, animating their dreams and desires." Oh my DaniBo! That is definitely on the positive end of that half and half equation! 🙂 And it even mentions a wedding. Well that is what the book says, I am only passing along what it states! I can only conclude that you are very much in his thoughts. I still don't know why he hasn't responded to you, however I know you have handled the matter properly and not overwhelmed him with too many communications. I would keep your faith high and your eyes above, knowing that this is all in the hands of the Universe. Your heart is in the right place, and I know that all will work out nicely somehow.

    I wish I could help you to not freak out though, you have enough going on in your life with school and all, you certainly do not need the added stress about this. Do you like tea? Maybe some herb tea before bed, I am trying that too, it is helping me with my own issues. "Sweet dreams" tea is what I am having at the moment. I can tell my stress level is dropping.

    Here is another card for you... The Six of Swords. In the Fairy book it says "For the fairy on this card it is a moment of departure and of change. She leaves to visit the world of men. Her richly decorated dress shows that she is confident and certain of her success. The rising sun, whose rays point behind the mountains, symbolizes new horizons for this young fairy. Her boat sails easily on the moving waters. This is a card of motion and of voyages." and... Divinatory meaning: "motion, an invitation, a walk, something new. A new orientation, a choice, success after anxiety."

    Oh that sounds so nice for you. I heard so much voyage and the oceans in that for you, and I could only think of nick and you having that walk, and of you finally breathing a sigh of relief that he is still interested in you! I am getting a lot of nice energies about this tonight, and you should too!

    I really like this deck. The illustrations are so fun and really sweet. Have you seen it? And the card meanings are really wonderful. I should use this one more often. I have been using the universal Waite deck for a while now. I have several decks and bounce around between them.

    Hey thank you so much once again for that really wonderful reading about my friend (her name is Allegra). I read that and yes, was so encouraged by what you said. Thank you, thank you! Yes, I think you are right about that ten and the nine of wands. I always thought that she was under a lot of pressure between work and her own personal life, so that card did not surprise me at all. I am keeping her in my prayers that she can handle that. The Nine of wands... that card in some decks shows a wounded warrior type who has fought some real battles and is standing strong regardless, so that sounds like her to me. Allegra is a warrior for sure, a very beautiful lady ...and very strong. She has seen her share of adversity, and I was always amazed at how well she stood up under that.

    And the Knight.. and the Queen of Swords, how amazing. I was reading in a tarot book of mine today that is a great sign when you see these court cards showing up together like that, a very positive sign about successful conclusions. And that Ace of Swords! That is like Heaven's blessing to me, a card from the sky, filled with every hope, and what you said "when communication is in need of being clarified". I hope and pray that I can have that opportunity to communicate again and clarify what needs to be said. However that is all in heaven's hands. I handed that whole matter "upstairs" and try to rest in the knowledge that as long as it is the will of Spirit, these lines of communication will be re-established. And maybe (really crossing my fingers here) I might even one day see her again to see matters set aright.

    As for the first two being wands and the last two being swords, that seem to be a wand energy (magic) joining up with the Swords (which is all about the thoughts).. so magical thoughts perhaps? I am trying to keep magic thoughts about her for sure.

    You gave me so much hope DaniBo! It is so nice to have someone to share about her.. I have really had no one to talk to that much about this... except Heaven, and I have certainly been giving "the powers that be" an earful over the whole situation. 😉 i do love her so much, and as long as I have some indication that she and her family are doing okay, then that is great news to me.

    You really have a gift there with the Tarot. I can tell your heart has always been tuned into those higher places that we all seek... where love lives in mysterious, misty realms, and your heart sees so much that is hidden, bright and uplifting.

    Have a wonderful weekend DaniBo. Try to relax, and not stress out over Nick. I know your hopes are really up there. Try that tea, or a nice warm bath, with candles!

    Love and peace 🙂


  • Yay Astra! I’m so happy you enjoyed the reading! Let me know if you have any more questions. I’m definitely more free this weekend and this coming week. I want to help you out as much as possible ; )

    I really appreciate the effort on your part with this whole Nick thing. Thank you for pulling those cards for me. Even last night I asked the tarot about if he returned already (I got the queen of pentacles) and asked when he was planning on contacting me (the six of cups). So it looks good from Heaven’s view, but still! Last night, I tried calming my anxiety, and it hasn’t worked. I just feel so hopeless you know? I’m having a really hard time trying to stay positive when he “supposedly” cares for me, and he hasn’t the decency to call me or send me an e-mail. It really sucks :’( I know I’m not going to stop thinking about him at least for the next week or so. Ughhhhhhhh AstraAngel!

    I keep asking so many redundant questions, but it really calms my nerves…so could you maybe pull just s couple more cards for me? 1. Has Nick returned to LA? And 2. Is he going to contact me very soon? 3. And what’s the reason behind his lag in contacting me?

    I’m still so confused as to why he hasn’t contacted me! 😕 booooooooooo!

    Anyways, let’s move on to you! : )

    I’m glad that I gave you some hope here. Allegra really does sound like someone who is very important to you! I can only hope and pray that it will all work out for you. The tarot and the Heavens apparently think so.

    Let me know if you want another reading 😉 It would be my greatest pleasure!

    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope that Allegra keeps you company in your heart : )


    Dani Bo ❤

  • by the way, I really apologize for bothering you so much when you've become the top reader on this site! I feel as if you are overwhelmed by all these posts asking you for take your time. I'll definitely be patient 🙂

    ahhhh Nick....wonder what he's doing right now....

    and i'm sure you're wondering what Allegra is doing right now too!

    So yeah....get back to my latest post when you can. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed! haha


    Dani Bo ❤

  • DaniBo,

    Sure thing, I can look at the situation with Nick. I understand, it can be hard to relax when you are waiting for something nice to develop, with someone you really care about. Perhaps our situations are not that different, you feel very strongly about Nick, and want so much to see that work out... I can relate. I feel the same toward her. It can be hard to relax and let the universe work it all out, and simply rest, and trust, and calm yourself knowing that all WILL work out wonderfully. Your feelings for him are strong and you have a desire inside to see him so much... and yet, it sure doesn't look like he's around! Yet, your faith, your trust is always reaching out to him, your heart touches his in some way and it is like, "I feel him near! Why isn't he here where I can touch him, kiss him..." - and then... in that place, where it is you, alone in your bed, in some hour at night where you know others are holding someone close who they love, and can rest against... it is painful to realize that all you have is a pillow to hold! I know, trust me, i know that place. It is painful, when your heart does feel connected somehow to them.

    I don't know exactly what transpired with you and Nick, I can tell it must have been magic for you. A connection like a spark of electricity must have jumped across the air when you met him on that first cruise, right? You can't explain it, you only know there is something there, and your heart sings and your feel your whole being sinking, melting, merging into them. That must be the mystery of love DaniBo... some kindred spiritual connection that you could not explain to another with words, as hard as you try. It is something felt and known only between you and you lover (or hope to be lover!)... and that feeling of love, that connection stays with you everywhere you go, right? That is me toward Allegra... much like you and Nick I'll bet... your heart is always thinking of them, and you find yourself seeing them even though you know they are a thousand miles away perhaps (like Nick must be when he is on that ship).

    And there are moments, crystalline moments where your beloved's presence is so strong, and you feel them so near even though you know physically they are in another place. It is so hard to explain... angelic is about the closest I come to saying what that relationship is... and maybe that is what you share with Nick, something angelic and mysterious, that transcends the physical and the day to day lives we all live. That is how I see Allegra, she is and always will be a beautiful angel to me... someone who is close to me even though life seemed to separate us, and force a division that breaks your heart... it took me so long to work through that with her, and I probably still am. And yet, she is a lovely spirit, as we all are! You and I DaniBo, all of us are spiritual beings not bound by the physical realm in any way! That is the absolutely amazing aspect about relationships that I have slowly come to appreciate over the course of my life, so far. Then when you are drawn to someone, and there is a connection somehow in love, and you feel that kindred heartbeat within the two of you, that beats at the exact same time... and cadence... then there is really nothing absolutely nothing that can ever come between you. Not things on earth, or even things above, not height, nor width, nor depth, nor ships a thousand miles away, or corporate walls... nothing can come between you, and you are locked togtether in some kind of love the defies description, a trust I guess it must be. A divine trust.

    Oh I am really rambling tonight DaniBo... forgive me... I hope this makes some kind of sense to you... you are in that same energy with Nick I believe as I am with Allegra. You feel him near don't you! As I do her. And though we aren't together in this bed, (although there is a part of me... well, I must not go there...;).. she is here beside me and we hold each other regardless. I sense that this affection you feel toward him must be of a similiar lovely, holy nature.

    I know... WHEN will he show up? lol... you see that is where we all live... in the world of touch, and taste, and lovely fragrances, and the tender kisses that we all deserve. That is the world of earth and it is so sweet. ANd yet, the world of heaven is here also. A realm of mists and mystery and angels and fairies and trolls and gnomes, and Tarot cards and palm reading and bible studies and Jesus Christ our Savior and Buddha and Mohammed and about a zillion other beautiful and wise and loving beings, which we all are! We are surrounded by such a heavenly throng that we can't see, not touch. They are here though! And you DaniBo... you know even you, there is a part of you here with me right now, and I with you, as we share our hearts on a tarot forum in the middle of cyberspace that is without touch or form. ANd Nick is really there with you! Now! And Allegra is here with me now! She is even typing with me on this, who knows! I see her as my angel, and as my angel she is the energy of heaven manifesting through me.

    That I think is what true love must be DaniBo! Something between each of us and heaven. So that a man like me can take no credit for anything! I am nothing DaniBo, I am dust, "emptiness hollowed out for her glory." is what i try to remember. And that is the way it should be. You and I, we give ourselves to heaven, and cry out that the energies of that place which is so perfect and lovely and bright, descends through us and then out into this world.

    And so, a beautiful lady named DaniBo... down in L.A. somewhere I guess... and a guy up in Washington... meet their soul mates, and it is heavenly and angelic. And then... something carries them away. LIke you, must have cried when he had to leave, and you knew you would not be seeing him for months. And me, with this dear lady of Heaven, who I have known from my birth I am sure. We were cut apart. And you... and me... and who knows how many others today! Are crying our eyes out saying WHY is this happening in my life, with someone I care so much for... and for whatever reason there are no answers. I am in the same boat with you, I reached out on a few occasions at her place of employment and no reply. As you have emailed Nick, and now reply. And so what the heck can I do then.. except see that she never left. And Nick never left. Because I will bet you donuts and coffee at Dunkin Doughnuts that Nick your angel.

    I am seeing others out there, on this forum... similar stories... and maybe that is just the way the love cookie crumbles, or maybe it is heaven trying to teach us a beautiful truth. We are supposed to be learning things in life DaniBo, they call it "life lessons"... well maybe our life lesson is to learn what a heavenly, divine love looks like, that transcends these three dimensions.. and enters into a place not marked by measurements and five senses. It is marked only by LOVE and that LOVE is boundless and so very, very beautiful. Because in that place there is perfect trust, that Heaven would never hurt us intentionally.

    That was the other thing... We would not be going through these pains in life without a reason! Here, you meet the sweetest most wonderful man you have ever met, and then... pain... and tears... wondering and waiting. Same with me... wondering, what is really happening here?

    I tell you what I think is happening, it is called LOVE and it is called something higher and brighter than anything any of us have ever seen before in our lives! Or... maybe I simply have never ever really been in love before!

    Do you know DaniBo? Are your feelings for Nick something you have never felt before in your life? That is what I am seeing with my dear friend Allegra... something there that is like nothing I have ever felt before. And yet, the separation now, and I am laying here on my bed, typing this to you... and I can only gaze beside me and see her watching, and smiling, and we smile at each other. A little different I guess... and maybe that is what love does to you... sends you into a place where life is no longer bookended by all of the sense and reason that I thought was so dependable. All of a sudden I am awash in mysteries for which I have no clue what is going on...

    The best I can come is a piece of art... I attached a little drawing I did a week ago or so trying to describe in art what I am so clumsy with words in. It is small, they don't let you post anything large on this site. Anyway, that is my attempt to illustrate what love looks like between me and and an angel. Or between any of us and their angel. We all have an angel I am pretty sure. Your "guardian angel" right? I think our guardian angel is our soul - or spirit - mate. Our other half, his yang to your yin, and my yang to her yin... do you see? She is my breathe, my life, my "muse" an artist would say. A lovely spiritual being who is much higher than I since I am simply a man of earth, as Adam was in the garden of Eden. We are all in our own garden of Eden... just now discovering our angel's presence, perhaps!

    OK DaniBo... a LOT of stuff there for you to read whenever you can't sleep at night! All I know is that you have a deep thing for Nick, and we want to see you guys togther! And my heart would love to see her again - I mean, SEE her, and not only wispy spiritual mumbo jumbo.. lol... So, back to task... let's draw some cards and see what is going on, to help calm you down a little I can sense you are really getting a little stressed with anticipation! 🙂

    So, lets now draw those cards for you... I am using this Lover's Tarot which is such a beautiful deck... and hey today I even received another deck the Mandala Tarot ,yippee... the more the better lol...)

    1. Has Nick returned to LA?

    I drew the Five of Swords. No. To me the five of swords is a "no" card. Probably any of the fives are a no. Nervous energy not at peace. yes's are at peace. Ace of Cups, or Ten of Cups would be a yes!

    2. Is he going to contact me very soon? Page of Wands - ABSOLUTELY! You hang in there DaniBo, he will reach out, this page is hot on the trail of his lovely lass he met on a cruise ship, who sent him to heaven (where he is from! 🙂 when she reached out to him, and obviously thrilled him with her presence. I believe he really loves you DaniBo.. an angel would love you perfectly. So why hasn;t he called? I dunno, get the number to God and call him up see what he says lol.

    Anyway as long as the Tarot means anything at all, and we are all not just imagining all of this.. then this page is a MESSENGER OF GLAD TIDINGS for you! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):).. I would add a bunch more smiley faces however I don't want to use them all up tonight... I want to save some for later when maybe, maybe I can reconnect with my "girlfriend from heaven"...

    3. And what’s the reason behind his lag in contacting me? Nine of Swords - ugh. Not real clear to me, the Nine of swords is like hidden or something. In one deck it shows a girl with her face burtied in her hands and the popular definition is that she is crying and dealing with a lot of fears or something, (of course it is also possible that she just went to bed after seeing the funniest episode of Seinfeld and she is laughing her a$$ off.. 🙂 Anyway, the reason I am not sure of. You want my guess though? The same thing is happening with you that has happened to me... you are learning to trust in heaven and relax (as best as you can without squirming!) and that... can be.. a little uncomfortable. Especially when you are head over heals in love like I am with dear Allegra. And I am sure, with you toward Nick. Come on DaniBo, you are totally in love with him, right? Otherwise you would have "moved on" long before now. You really, really love him, and are willing to wait forever to see him I bet. Well, fortunately it won't be forever.... because the Page of Wands is FASSSST! Quick like Cupid's arrow... So sri, no clear reason. I would ask HIM that question when you see him, which will be very soon now. 🙂 Oops... I used another smiley!

    "I’m still so confused as to why he hasn’t contacted me! 😕 booooooooooo!"... yes, I hear you, I could say the same thing about her, why, why, why... and you know... I ask that of her spirit here with me, and she only laughs... and I laugh.. and then all is right again with my world. At least until I see a couple walking along in front of me, holding hands, and obviously really in love. And then, in that place I sometimes cry and wonder, where, when, shall she be at my side? Touching her? That is when you really have to dig deep in your soul and remember that there is ALWAYS a reason for the things we go through in life. This that you are going through with him is ordained in some way, I can't explain it.

    Here are some more cards for you DaniBo, to hopefully help you relax and try to trust that indeed all will work out for you...

    Six of Swords - "the sixx of swords depicts harmonious, peaceful movement". Hey this is nice for you DaniBo. I see this as a nice sign that you will soon be "moving" in a peaceful way in your life to something very sweet, on that other shore of love!

    And, The Sun! Hey another really nice card for you! This sounds like what you will be seeing on that other side! The Sun opening up over you, a beautiful sky, a lovely day, with birds singing and little fairies dancing everywhere you look! (insert smiley here)

    And the Chariot! Your carriage awaits my lady is what I am hearing... something is about to carry you to "LoveLand" and it will not be something you are in control of. I hope that's okay. It's okay with Heaven.

    And... The King of Cups! Is this Nick? Yes! Why not! Is this your angel? yes! Why not! is this your love life going into warp factor 9 as this love surrounds you and you are powerless beneath that heart-pounding energy? Why not! It's coming one way or the other DaniBo. Ready or not! (a whole slew of smileys here)

    The King of Swords - more affirmation, Kings are like YES and mature and the fulfillment of the whole suit, so this is a sign that you are rushing into a manifestation of something powerful and amazing. It will probably be better than anatomy class.

    And then the Seven of Wands which in the book with this Lover's deck says.. this is really good, check this out... "Assertiveness - You have been battling against something, inner conflicts, a partner, a difficult situation. You are so tired of struggling that you may be fantasizing about giving up. This card encourages you to focus your energy and keep pushing. You are close to achieving your goals - don't abandon them now."

    This is a card of encouragement for us both! Don't give up on him, and I am not giving up on her. We should fight to our last breath for love, no matter where it takes us. So you take courage DaniBo, all will work out in this matter with your and him. I am believing with you for that ship to get into port and him running to a pay phone (at least that is what I see in a movie with you and him! (SF)...

    Hey DaniBo, I am sure I bored you enough with all of this spiritual stuff.. the proof is in him showing up. Lets see whether there is anything to this Tarot stuff... otherwise it can all go in the garbage can as far as I am concerned.

    Let's see Heaven do something for you and Nick. Come on Heaven, HELP THIS LADY OUT!!!!!!!!!


    I know I wrote you a long post... i hope some bits and pieces made some sense... i think the world of you.. you remind me a lot of myself... determined... not giving up for anything.... I salute you lady.

    Love and light and peace ...and calls from boyfriends.

    And girlfriends.

  • Oh hey, please don't apologize, I am so happy to do this... I hope it is helping. I will be honest I do feel overwhelmed by all of this once in a while... I love to do it, however it is a little draining at times. Thanks for listening. I really, really appreciate you being willing to be a friend to me here, it feels nice to have someone to share with.

    I will be resting tomorrow probably. I see some requests here, and I will get to them tomorrow, tonight I wanted to focus on you... and yes, I wonder what she is doing right now... and it would be so wonderful to see something work out. i tell you what, you pray for me and Allegra, and I'll pray for you and Nick. 🙂


  • AstraAngel,

    Wow! You definitely didn’t bore me at all with your ranting! I actually can’t sleep, so thanks for keeping me occupied. I was very intrigued with what you had to say. By the way, beautiful drawing! Seems you have many talents! ; )

    I do think we are going through a similar time period. Although maybe I’m a bit naïve when it comes to love, I think this whole physically distant love thing is affecting us in similar ways. Maybe that’s just how I see it. We can lean on each other for support. I totally agree with you about that I can feel Nick with me sometimes throughout the day. Today I got so overwhelmed with the thought of him that I could feel him in my heart, and I wrote him a three-paged letter about how much he means to me. It was nice; I even teared up a little bit when I wrote “I love you”. Maybe you should try it too, Astra. That letter was such a good release of pent-up emotions. I’m sure that Nick felt my strong surge of love his way in his heart. I’m sure Allegra would LOVE to feel that too from you! : )

    I think that you have a really good spiritual relationship with Allegra. I’m trying to figure out how to achieve that myself! Haha. But I like what you mentioned about this whole “reaching out” thing. Maybe they are our angels. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? That could be such an excellent explanation to their lack of response to our initiative. Love is so amazing though, it really is the closest thing we have to magic. Sometimes I wonder how some people go their entire lives not wanting to experience that for themselves. At least we have both been blessed to have that one great love of our lives, right? Too bad that’s not enough! Haha.

    However, I’m surprised that Nick has not returned! I thought I did the math correctly. October 7th was circled on my calendar since the day we had our one and only date. Hummm….I’m curious now. I hope I’m not too far off! But at least I can feel a little bit relaxed. I thought he had already returned and was reluctant to call!

    And YAYYYYYYYYYYYY that is such great news! I’m definitely grinning ear to ear at this moment. I sure do hope he’ll contact me, and I sure do hope he loves me just as much. Although, if he did love me, wouldn’t he have replied to my e-mails? Ehhh we’ll see. I hope I do get to see him soon and ask him some questions! Haha

    But thanks for the reassuring cards. You can bet on it that every day now I’m going to ask you “has he returned yet?” haha! I’ll try and not be TOO annoying, I know you’ve got other people practically begging for your help, so I’ll try and chill a bit. I just want to make sure that I know when he comes back so I don’t walk around all depressed for no good reason! I just wasted a perfectly good day being sad because I thought he had returned and he didn’t call. Damn! Oh well oh well. But yeah, let me know when he might possibly return! ; )

    And YES ASTRA! As long as you are keeping the faith up, I sure will too! When I go to church tomorrow I’m definitely going to be asking the good Lord for some assistance in this matter (as well as some assistance for you too!) We can survive together! YAY!

    Have a nice Sunday. Let me know if I can do ANYTHING else to help you out!

    Lots of love,

    Dani Bo ❤

  • Wow DaniBo, so you are up too! I am up, working on some of the readings here and enjoying some music. So, that letter sounds like a great idea. I am going to pause what am doing and write t(a lot like Nick I think... maybe Allegra and Nick are together on this deal and conspiring against us... lol....)

    I have some nice stationery with little butterflies and stuiff.. so i think i will try that for this letter. I have this other letter that I wrote a little bit every day for months this past year... although I will be honest my faith waned and I have not written in that since a while ago. Maybe this is a good time to start writing in that again?

    I appreciate your offer of someone to lean on, and yes I agree we do sound like we are in similar situations. Ha ha ha.

    Yes it is a great love, and it can only get greater... AMEN.

    I have to scoot for now... I have a letter to write! 🙂

  • Hey DaniBo, in case you are still out there lol, hey I did what you did and wrote a three page letter to Allegra, and WOW it felt so good to do that. I did not realize how much I had in me to say to her. I never found a way to reach back to her. And I wrote this, and it was like Heaven opened my heart to be honest and sincere at last. DaniBo I cannot thank you enough for that idea. I poured my heart out.

    Can you help me figure what the heck to do with it? I guess I could mail it. In person? I would like that opportunity however my past with her is a little fragile, not sure that would be best.

    What were you going to do with the letter you wrote to Nick? Nothing? Argh! Now I am totally in your shoes DaniBo! Could you draw a few cards to see what my best strategy is at this point? 🙂

    Thanks a bunch! Whew! It felt so good to get all that out in the open. Hey, I will keep an eye on the situation with Nick also. You are really special DaniBo, you really have a beautiful way about yourself, the way you write. I feel safe with you somehow. Have a wonderful Sunday. love, astra

  • Hello Astra,

    YAY! I'm glad the letter thing worked out for you. I wasn't planning on doing anything with the letter I wrote to Nick. I'm just going to save it on my computer. I think he would be a little freaked if he ever read it! haha

    I have to go to church right now, but when I come back, I'm definitely pulling some cards for you and Allegra, as well as what you should do with this letter. Any more questions you want me to address today? haha : ) that way I can do it all at once!

    and...ugh Astra...I'm going to ask the redundant question: do you think Nick might be coming back today? haha sorry! Just curious.

    But yes! Be expecting a nice longish reading for me today. Post more questions before like 2-ish if you have anymore. I'll be back by then!

    Talk to you later,

    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hey Astra! I"m back!

    So I'm not sure if you looked at my last's fine. if you have more questions, just ask! 🙂

    Alright, so let's see what the tarot has to say about you and this letter:

    1. Should Astra send Allegra this letter? -- THE FOOL & THE HIGH PRIESTESS. Hummm...interesting combination. Well the fool seems to probably represent you, and the high priestess, from what my book is telling me is "the woman who interests the querent, if male" so I'm getting Allegra would be the high priestess. The fool also says "To be clear, this card depicts that one moment when the person in question feels that the love is so powerful inside of him that he is seeing the world in a new way." I totally think you are experiencing that right now, and especially when you wrote this letter! I also think the this is a clear interpretation of you because, well, you are embarking on a new journey (or rather, new chapter in your life) with open arms and a lovely attitude. The fool clearly shows how excited you are about having a fresh start! In your sack over your shoulder, you carry your past experiences, but walk forward hoping and praying for a wonderful new life ahead. How could this not be you? You are looking for new opportunities, and more importantly, a new relationship. The fool clearly depicts that. Here's a story i found online that i think fits perfectly for you and Allegra:

    "Continuing his journey, the Fool comes upon a beautiful and mysterious veiled lady enthroned between two pillars and illuminated by the moon. She is the opposite of the Magician, quiet where he was loquacious, still where he was in motion, sitting while he stood, shrouded in the night where he was out in the bright of day. Sensing that she is a great seer, the Fool lays out his sword, chalice, staff and pentacle before her. "The Magician showed me these, but now I'm in a quandary. There are so many things I could do with them. I can't decide."

    The High Priestess doesn't speak. Instead she hands him a pair of ancient scrolls. Seating himself at her feet, the Fool puts his decision-making on hold and reads by the light of her crescent moon.

    "I did not know any of this," says the Fool. The scrolls, like a secret manual, have given him insight into his new tools. "This information helps me to narrow things down, but I'm still afraid of making a wrong decision."

    The words come to him then, not from without but from within: "What do your instincts tell you?" The Fool reflects on that, and that's when he knows what he should do. Decision made, he rises to leave even though he suspects that the High Priestess has more secrets she could reveal to him--like what lies behind the pomegranate curtain. Right now, however, he is focused and ready to be on his way.

    Thanking the High Priestess, he heads off. But as he leaves he hears that inner voice, rising like the waters which spring and flow from beneath her throne: "We'll meet again...when you're ready to travel the most secret path of all."

    So see? I definitely think this is a sign! Allegra is telling you "what do your instincts tell you?" and you reflect, and now have made that decision: I think you are going to send that letter. After all, she did tell you "we'll meet again...when you're ready to travel the most secret path of all." Right? She is the next stop in your journey....and with these two cards paired together in this manner, I can only conclude that YES YOU SHOULD SEND THE LETTER! 😄

    2: what will Allegra's reaction be to this letter? -- THE FOOL, THE ACE OF SWORDS, & TEN OF PENTACLES. WOW! what a set we got here! the Ace just popped right out while I was shuffling, then I selected the fool and the 10 of pents. I think this is a great combination, don't you? Obviously, Allegra will see you as the fool once she reads this letter. She will see a new you, someone who's ready to adventure wherever she is to be with her. She definitely will see you as someone she can depend on, and can remind her of how fun life can really be. The Ace says, "Often the ace of swords Tarot card meaning deals with gaining clarity in our lives after a long bout of disillusionment." so I'm guessing that after she reads your letter, she will realize how much she really wants to be with you, instead of being in murky water about this situation. This letter will provide her so much clarity, Astra. I think that is what the ace is telling us, and I'm sure you want her to have that clarity! And finally, the ten of pents paints the pretty portrait of you and her gazing into each other's eyes, with all the wealth in the world (well at least, between love) Your wish has come true! this can only be a good omen for your relationship. Here's what else I found, "For a relationship, such terms represent a wise investment because they are linked to love, happiness, security, vision about the future and thoughtfulness. In other words, they show that the two people are together because they just know that they are fit for each other. Another meaning associated with the card is growing bond. This can be used for a relationship which is reaching the maturity stage. The love is not the only thing that is strong here, but also the sense of belonging. Overall, the card represents feelings that just seem very permanent in nature." This sounds great, doesn't it? I think the "maturity stage" is NOW! You were probably years younger when you first attempted to have a go at romance, well now, you are both mature adults, and I think that the growth you have both had over the years will create a well-seasoned relationship, don't you?

    3. Should Astra expect Allegra to contact him after she reads the letter? -- THE MOON, THE PAGE OF CUPS, THE KNIGHT OF SWORDS. Dang, what a whirlwind we got here again! the moon and page fell out as I was shuffling; the knight I pulled. Well, this can only mean one thing, Astra! HELL YEAH IS SHE GONNA CONTACT YOU! The page as well as the knight, as you already know, are notorious for representing messages, and quick ones at that! what great news!

    I hope your smiling right about now 🙂 you sure do have a reason to! So send that letter. From what the tarot says, this could be the first step into creating that relationship you so desperately crave. Go for it bro! You have the heavens behind you. I'm so happy for you! let me know what happens 😉

    If you have anymore questions, just ask! you know i'll definitely help you out.

    (by the way, if you get time...could you maybe pull a card to see if Nick came back today, or when he might? I sure feel him with me right now...but damn I wish he were actually here!)

    Thanks Astra! Have a wonderful Sunday with your darling Allegra in mind.


    DaniBo ❤

  • DaniBo,

    I guess my only questions is

    1. What is your read on where my feelings for her are headed?

    I think the letter writing was so good for me. I was re-reading it this morning and I thought, "this is really my heart with her... pretty open and honest. " Anything you can pick about the two of us, should anything further develop? (Which I would love, however I really have no easy way of knowing her heart except I kinda pick up in the air.) I really appreciate your assistance in this, it has been something I wanted to follow through on and either get closure and move on, or continue with her to some beautiful places, as long as that was nice for her.

    I am trying to take it easy today, between the readings and other some art related efforts (working on another penci sketch... trying something like an anatomy study, or more like a medical illustration. 🙂

    I will let you know about any other questions, I don't want to pry into her life "too" much.. only a little 😉 ... so let me know about probing a little too deep into her life. Maybe there is an ethical issue there. Maybe not. Maybe you have some thoughts on that.

    What else.... oh hey! I have something. I worked up a new comic series that is sort of loosely based on something we were doing creative.

    2. Can you pull a card and see what she might think about seeing some of that?

    Arghhhhh! I wish I could reconnect her and get something going again... i guess its time to pray right?

    SO what was the sermon on? 😉

    peace and love.

  • did you read my last post? haha well from what I pulled earlier, I definitely think that your relationship is headed in the right direction! But i have time, so two more cards for you!

    1. THE WORLD. that's a pretty deep card. I'm definitely getting the vibe that she IS going to become your world. That's some intense emotions right there, Astra. But I'm sure you can handle them. My book says "assured success, voyage, change of location" hummm...does she live nearby? maybe you might take a little trip to see her in the near future. Who knows? I for one think this card can only mean a stronger emotional connection on your part to Allegra. Sounds good!

    2. QUEEN OF PENTACLES. This can only be a yes to your question. She would probably love to see whatever you've cooked up there. Is she someone who is appreciative of the arts? Well I can only sense that she would definitely be open to seeing what you've came up with. go for it!

    And well...I don't see a problem going deep into someone's life, if it's directly affecting you. I know, it sounds bad, but....what she's going through is affecting the potential of your relationship. If you don't know what's going on with her, or how she feels about you, how can you make the best decisions for the circumstance? I think it's better to know than to be uncertain all the time.

    and ehhh the sermon was boring. I spent most of the time praying to God that Nick will call me! Sure hoped he listened!

    But my long post above. I'm sure it'll leave you smiling


    DaniBo ❤

  • that's awesome DaniBo... i will send that letter. Can you check one more thing for me? I have reached out to her at where she works... however the last time I sent her an email it came back with some error message and I am like , dang! She doesn't even work there any more!~ and i never got any personal contact info from her beside her job! aghhhh. We were kinda working together on a shared art thing and working at the same place so i never felt comfortable asking her for personal info. So what the heck do i do now? Send it to her office in hopes it can still miraculously reach her? Maybe you can ask Jesus about a miracle there. WHy is life complicated Danibo>? can you pull a card on that lol........... i would love to get this to her... somehow.. heck for all i know she has moved to timbuku!

    I asked "mail the letter to her at the office?" and drew the Ten of Swords! Uh oh not so great i don't think. i could look her up in the phone book i guess... do you think that is too nosey? am i 'crossing the line' there? I asked mail it to her at her home (were i to know the address!) and drew the Princess of Cups - Yes! That sounds like a yes to me! What do you think? I looked in the phone book and there is someone there that sounds like it might be here. I guess I could try... can you draw another card on "why is life complicated"! 🙂

    I really want her to read this... it is my heart... and you are so right how can you know what is best when you are apart and not aware of one another's feelings?

    I will wait and see what you say. thank you so much....

    and I wanted to address your needs too with Nick...

    1. Nick's present thoughts your way? Five of Wands - This deck says "assuming command to accomplish great aspirations"...and the ruling sign is Leo... so this sounds like he is entertaining some warm thoughts your way and I am thinking, prepared to reach out to you.

    2. Does that mean he is in LA and the ship is there? Wands Six - this is a strong positive to me. Wow, listen to this! "expand and include other views to attract positive foreign influences!" that sounds like you and him to me. The foreign aspect. Jupiter is ruling this which is expansive and that is always a good yes energy to me. I believe he is around LA now... expect him to contact you.

    3. I asked straight out "Will Nick reach out to DaniBo" and drew the Pentacle prince (knight) - so this sounds good to me! Chariot of Earth, and ruled by Virgo. Oh this is cool... it has a couple of Mercury symbols on this card and mercury is the winged messenger, so this must be a sign of communications and a journey to you with a call or email or something!

    Does that offer any consolation at all? I know you have probably bitten your nails to the quick by now wondering about this situation! I am actually very impressed with how determined you have remained, to keep him in your life in some way. You have not given up. Good for you.

    So, any insights on how to get this letter out would be so nice... you are giving me some great guidance. I don't have a really great track record with these types of situations. I did like what you said about Allegra and I having experienced growth from the past and that results in a well-seasoned relationship... that sounds really lovely to me...i pray it could happen.

  • Hey Astra!

    Alright let's see what the tarot has to say first. but hey! I think you should send it to her house. If you have her home address, by all means send it to her there! the tarot is obviously saying "hey astra! she wants this letter, and you have her address so send it there!" at least, that's what i'm sensing. I think she won't mind. after all, she does still care about you!

    But let's see what the tarot has to say! haha

    1. Why is life so complicated? THE EMPEROR. Hummm...the guy in this picture kinda looks like God to me! haha he obviously represents power, I don't know how he has the answer to this question! oh well, maybe you can interpret it.

    2. Should Astra send it to her house? --PAGE OF SWORDS. Another princess, another message! Heck yeah send that letter to her house. Apparently if we both drew princesses, this is a very strong sign. The heavens are pointing you in that direction!

    3. again, why is life so complicated? -- wow! this is cool. I pulled four consecutive cards: the four of swords, the five of pentacles, the eight of swords, and finally, the ace of cups. The feeling I'm getting here is "we must overcome many obstacles to achieve the ultimate reward in heaven!" The ace of cups definitely signifies Jesus, God, and the holy spirit! the three parts that make up God! Okay, so I'm getting that heaven doesn't want us to know anything besides the fact that once we overcome trials and tribulations throughout our lives, we will finally make it to the wonder afterlife. that's what I'm guessing.

    so yeah, I'm getting the feeling that your gonna have to send that letter to her house. it's not a bad idea, at least she'll get it for sure instead of having it wander around somewhere! haha. Let me know when you come to a decision on this matter. I know it must be bothering you!

    And thanks for those cards. Wow, those are some deep cards. I'm starting to get super duper nervous at this point. If he's really in LA, man....I'm going to freak! How am I supposed to know when he's going to call me? EKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I'll just have to wait around anxiously for the next couple of days. I hope he doesn't plan on keeping me waiting for that much longer. What's your sense on that: do you seriously think he's gonna take a couple days or weeks to call me?

    Anymore questions? haha. I'll be waiting! I'll be praying for you and Allegra, as well as for Nick to run his butt to a phone ASAP!


    DaniBo ❤

  • Once again you amaze me with your words and sensitivity, DaniBo. So yes, I plan to mail this tomorrow! I am excited YAY! I have waited so long to really say these things, and now the time seems right. I hope she will accept it as my best effort to open to her! In the past I seemed to go a little overboard on some of the things I tried to say to her which (were not often).

    So I will mail that tomorrow, and then run for cover. I figure I'll either get a response or a restraining order :). The fool simply keeps following his heart... he doesn't stop to figure out what is smart and restrained and acceptable. He goes with his feelings, and "tries" to wait for the right time, and maybe this is the right time.

    Your reading on point three was beautiful. Yes, obstacles are there, and it is a matter of being calm and determined I think, and overcome by faith what the world would say is absurd to believe! That was the wonderful message of Jesus anyway... all things are possible to him (or her!) who believes. All things! You keep believing against all odds... and you get the attention of heaven and the angels... they say, hey look! Something to do for a change! ANd next thing you know, you have a miracle. I could use a miracle right about now in my life, maybe you could too.

    Here is card that flew out - The QUEEN of SWORDS...this card is for you DaniBo, you seem very cool and poised like this lady. You have demonstrated a willingness to keep believing that things can still work out with him. The Swords pay a price to get to the Court level. They have to pass through that Ten of Swords - ugh! Not fun!

    You strike me that way, you have really poured out your heart here so much, and even though this thing with Nick is driving you bonkers I bet, you still are under control and seem very collected... like this Queen. It takes some nerve to believe in love when there is no "reason" to believe in love.

    And... The FOOL - So there is something starting up for sure for you, hoping with Nick!... we often don't see all of the situation, so it is easy to limit our outlook based on observable evidence, and yet Heaven can be working a lot in the background to bring about something even brighter than you imagined! I love that possibility!

    Okay so my letter mailed tomorrow to her home... and then we'll see. I sure hope it conveys a nice message to her. Thanks again for a wonderful direction to take on this.

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