AstraAngel! :)

  • DaniBo

    I know I have been away for a bit, I had some personal matters come up, and I feel that your situation requires some patience too, probably good for both of us.

    Lets see... you want to send him an email?

    THREE OF SWORDS (reversed) so there is a planning something or other that is changing in your life. This sounds like it would be a good idea to go ahead and send that email as your energies are moving in that area. Turnings = mounting energies of expression (swords, thoughts, expressions from you). So this looks like Heaven says yes.


    THE FOUR OF PENTACLES (reversed) So this is another reversal that is turning around a material issue you are dealing with, this energy is also in the midst of change. You desire a physical connection with the waiter and this is prompting you to be more aggressive in your efforts. Good for you, keep in mind that you are treading into heartbreak territory, however you are strong I believe. Go for it.

    1 - Do you think I will be receiving this e-mail within the next two weeks?



    2- Is the waiter beginning to realize that I am patient...and that he can trust me?

    THE FOUR OF CUPS (reversed) and THE ACE OF CUPS - Yes,the four of cups turning says an emotional issue for him is in the midst of change, in the midst of some developments as he has learned to wait ...coupled with the ACE OF CUPS which is the seed of love, a new beginning is established, so this looks very positive that he trusts you (the ace), and is patient (four of cups turning).

    3- If he supposedly was thinking about sending me an e-mail, what stopped him?

    DEATH (reversed) with the WHEEL OF FORTUNE, THE TEN OF SWORDS with THE NINE OF WANDS (reversed). Let's see what sense to make of this... I see t hat something is dying in his life, and he is in the midst of that fading away 'something or other'. The Wheel card is a sign that he is aware that his fortune has changed, so it is taking him some time to process this.... and the ten of swords is another indication of how thorough this ending is, and the nine of wands, he has been left in a place of fulfillment in a spiritual or inner self matter. So these energies are all combining to create a somewhat disorienting place where he is not sure of anything. Some people would simply say he is in love, and is a little shy.

    4- why shouldn't I send him another e-mail? what's so bad about it? I'm getting very frustrated.

    THE QUEEN OF CUPS - You go. We chatted about this above, the time is right, you need to do that now. We had to wait until your heart was about to burst, now you are at that point. And...

    THE TWO OF PENTACLES (turning) - this is a sign of an affirming you are going through. You have made up your mind about the waiter and want so much to connect with him. This are is changing right now, so the energies are right, you should reach out again.

    5- and finally, could you just pull a card to see where this is all headed. I just need something to keep my faith up right remind me that I need to keep up my patience.

    NINE OF PENTACLES (reversed) - this is a sign of stability for you, and that stability and reassurance is growing (reversed, changing). So you can relax knowing this matter will turn out well. You are growing and becoming more and more the person you truly are, and that is your greatest happiness.

    I hope that helps DaniBo, I want to see things work out for you here. Your heart is very trusting and open, you deserve to see life working out for you in your relationships.

  • AstraAngel,

    I am so sorry to hear that you are having some personal matters conflicting your life at this moment. I will most defiantly pray for you and keep you in my thoughts. You deserve to have a blessed life!

    A couple more questions:

    1 - If I send this e-mail, will he actually respond to it, or will he blow it off?

    2 - Does he actually want me to send him another e-mail, or is he planning on doing it himself? I don't want him to think I'm inpatient with him.

    3 - Has his view of me changed over the course of this past month in a good or bad way?

    4 - if I do send this e-mail, will we be in constant contact until he returns to the USA, or will he just respond once and forget about me?

    5 - and finally, can you just pull a card to see when we might see each other again. I'm worried we won't see each other for a long time.

    Thank you AstraAngel. May the Heavens watch over you.

    -- DaniBo.

  • another question along with those: should the email be a simple hello, or more in depth? thanks AstraAngel.

  • Hey DaniBo,

    1. Will he respond or will he blow it off?

    I get the Page of Wands. Yes would be my thought, it came up reversed so this is an active energy right now, something turning around that.

    2. Does he actually want me to send him another e-mail, or is he planning on doing it himself? I don't want him to think I'm inpatient with him.

    Judgment (reversed) - This sounds like matters are up in the air to me there. Something changing perhaps with this being reversed.

    3. Has his view of me changed over the course of this past month in a good or bad way?

    Knight of Cups (reversed). This sounds like his view of you has centered in, a lovely way. This also reversed so there are some developments working their way out.

    4 - if I do send this e-mail, will we be in constant contact until he returns to the USA, or will he just respond once and forget about me?

    Six of Cups - this shows a harmonious arrangement, this came up straight so this feels like a path opening to view. Sixes are settling into a steady cycle of something emotional, a back and forth, after a little changing in the fives. I see this as more frequent contacts.

    5. when we might see each other again?

    The Ace of Cups - This sounds quick, time frames are not an area I like to try and predict. The sense though is pretty quick.

    You and he are never apart while you feel your heart connected to him.

    The Hanged Man (reversed). Illumination, I would share your story in some detail so he knows where you are coming from.

    I hope that helps... praying for faith and trust to be given you in abundance

  • Alright AstraAngel, I will take your advice.

    Within the next couple of hours, I will send him an e-mail. But, I'm going to keep it short. I'm planning on just saying

    "Hey Nick,

    Just dropping by to say hi. I hope all is well.

    -- Daniela."

    Is that good? 🙂 haha

    So, sending this e-mail is a good thing, right? I'm still a bit worried he's going to ignore me.

    One question: when I do send this e-mail, will he be upset or happy that I decided to get in contact with him for the second time?

    and another question: again, can you pull a card to just see if he'll answer this email within the next two weeks?

    thanks AstraAngel. I am still sending good vibes your way!

    • Danibo.

  • also.....It's been bothering me as well:

    Does he still feel some romantic feeling towards me? I'm worried we are headed into the "just friends" zone with this e-mail thing.


  • Alright AstraAngel! I just hit the send button on my e-mail to him. I kept it short and sweet, because well, I don't want him to get the idea that his lack of response is making me go insane!

    when you get time, look at these questions. Don't bother with the ones above. 🙂

    1- so sending him this email was a good thing right? Is he going to be upset or bothered by this second email i just sent?

    2 - will he respond to it, or will he ignore it? and if so, how quick of a response?

    3 - does he still feel "romantic vibes" towards me, or have they faded as the month has passed?

    Thank you AstraAngel. Have a blessed and dream filled evening!



  • sorry, I have another question along with the 3 above:

    did he read my message yet? I was wondering if he did all night!

    Thanks AstraAngel .:)

  • gentle bump back to the first page 🙂 hope all is well!

  • Good evening to you, AstraAngel.

    I'm sorry that I continue to post and think of new questions that appear in my mind, so instead of making you go back and read all my pervious comments, I'm going to post all my current questions here in this post so you won't have to keep reading multiple postings!

    So basically, last night, I sent Nick a short e-mail just saying "I just wanted to see how you were doing. Hope all is well." I didn't want him to get the impression that I was bothered by him not responding to my last e-mail. The last thing I need is for him to think I'm desperate.

    Anyways, so here are my current concerns. When you get time, take a look. No rush! 🙂

    1- So sending him this second e-mail was a good thing correct?

    2- Will he be bothered or annoyed by this second e-mail, or will he be pleasantly surprised and happy about it?

    3- Will he respond to it, or will he ignore this e-mail as well?

    4- if he does plan on responding, do you think he will within the next two weeks or so? I don't want to be waiting weeks again...

    5- does he still feel some "romantic vibes" towards me, or have those feelings and thoughts faded over the course of our month apart?

    6- has he read the e-mail yet?

    7- and finally, if he does respond to my e-mail, do you think it will be just a "hey sorry I'm busy. can't talk. Bye" or more of a "sorry I haven't replied! I've been thinking about you. how are you" sort of thing?

    Thanks, AstraAngel. May you have a wonderful evening and Sunday!

    Blessing to you.



  • Hey DaniBo - you are quite the writer!

    Let's take a look at this... we'll go down the list!

    1. This second email was important for you somehow. It plays into some kind of plan for your life that you are walking. You are learning something important. The KNIGHT of SWORDS. So you are taking action, you are taking risks however you are very focused now. There is strength developing in your life in ways you may not be aware of.

    2. Will he be bothered or annoyed by this second e-mail, or will he be pleasantly surprised and happy about it? The EIGHT of WANDS tells me that something is taking off, this is a card of swift action. The Wands are about inner image issues, and the hidden dimensions of life. So it sounds like some things are being arranged for you behind the scenes by the Universe to move you forward.

    3. Will he respond to it, or will he ignore this e-mail as well? Let's rephrase this from a "yes-no" to what is the outlook for his response? This allows us to be a little more interpretive about the answer.

    Judgement (reversed) - What does the JUDGEMENT card tell you? Rising from the dead maybe. Something unexpected. A surprise pops up out of a situation that seemed lifeless. This energy is turning right now, so someone is aware and pondering something, This looks like a positive sign to me.

    4- if he does plan on responding, do you think he will within the next two weeks or so?

    Seven of SWORDS - seven equals a week. My first thought was one week, or no more than that. We'll see, this person should show you courtesy and respond. I am wishing that this matter is settled for you.

    5. Does he still feel some "romantic vibes" towards me, or have those feelings and thoughts faded over the course of our month apart? Seven of WANDS - Another seven, the number of dreaming and imagination, I think he is imagining some possibilities. This also seems to create the "two weeks" begun with the last card. So, 77.

    6. Has he read the email yet? Seven of Cups. Wow! Three sevens in a row. This is cool. Number sequences are significant in the Tarot. In Joanne's book on Number meanings (you can google her as Sacred Scribes) the sequence 777 indicates that you should expect miracles to occur in your life. I am believing for that with you. On this basis I would say yes he has certainly read it

    7. ...and finally, if he does respond to my e-mail, do you think it will be just a "hey sorry I'm busy. can't talk. Bye" or more of a "sorry I haven't replied! I've been thinking about you. how are you" sort of thing?

    The EIGHT of SWORDS - This is reversed, this is turning... I think he would open up to you some, talk about his situation I sense a release to where there is a free flowing communication.

    DaniBo, what are your feelings about Nick? You are really determined... no one would be going through this much effort, focused on one individual like this, apart from some sort of "Heaven-sent sign" that you two are meant for each other or something. Is it that intense for you? I am trying to understand you better.

    peace and love.

  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you for another detailed reading. I really appreciate it.

    I also am surprised how determined I am with Nick. Usually I would just give up and feel disappointed, but I sense in my heart that this situation is entirely different from so many of the other disappointing situations. I want to put effort into making this work. I see something in him....I see so many possibilities. I see that he is worth fighting for.

    It really has become intense for me. I've never been so determined to be with someone my entire life.

    But, being this intense does have it's drawbacks. I can't help but doubt that my determination may instead be leading me to heartbreak instead of a potential relationship.

    I'm at a crossroad. I don't know what to do.....give up, or keep having faith.

    1 - So I ask you, AstraAngel. What is your perspective or vibe on this situation. Do you think that this really is worth fighting for?

    I don't want to be hurt again...

    2 - Also....I wish i could understand his point of view. Is there any way you could pull a card to see how he's feeling about this situation?

    3 -could you also pull some cards relating to this entire situation. Does it really have potential?

    4 - If he doesn't answer this e-mail, will he still try and contact me when he returns to the USA?

    I already am giving myself a headache thinking about "why hasn't he responded? he really must not want anything to do with me" and "I wish I could see him again, but I can't"

    Thank you AstraAngel. I really appreciate your assistance in this matter.

    Blessings to you.



  • DaniBo,

    I had a reply all typed up and then my battery gave out and I lost it!

    Anyway, I am going to give you a capsule summary of what I saw.

    First of all, my "vibes" are still good about this situation, even though he has not responded again. For whatever reason, I still come up with some good energies about him and you, so I am not sure what is going on. One card I pulled for his feelings about the situation was the Seven of Swords, which says to me he is occupied intellectually, dreaming, imagining some options or possibiities about something. He could simply be very busy...

    There were some other cards... Judgment for an outcome, which sounded to me like a turnaround somehow. Maybe still a ways out. And your question will he call once he arrives USA sounded like a good sign, like he would take the time to contact you (twos are saying YES to something).

    And I wanted to mention to not let yourself get a headache over this! He is not the only fish in the sea for you. You should take this time to get out with others now... do you have others you can hang with while you wait for nick to get off his rear and reply. In other words, DO NOT let your life go into some sort of holding pattern waiting on the waiter. YOU keep moving forward with the rest of your life, keep developing yourself, find someone else to date while you mark time, you have so many options. Things could still work out with Nick, wouldn't be a great situation to be in where you have several to choose from? You could find another that is even more impressive than this guy! Then, Nick emails, something like "Hey DaniBo, let's go out again..." and you are like, "Oh, sorry Nick I will have to check, I am pretty busy... with other guys!" LOL, you see my point. Don't let your life be sidetracked by waiting on someone that you have no direct control of the outcome, focus on the outcomes you can control, like advancing your own spiritual fortitude, education, career, exercise, whatever. You focus on yourself, and let the Universe arrange the Nicks of the world to show up in due season. This approach will save you a lot of anxiousness.

    Does that make sense? I know this discussion has centered around "him", however the real topic here is YOU and what can you do to grow and develop and become more the person that Heaven has for you to be. Then, relationships, love, all the rest will fall into place and it should not be an ordeal. You need to relax and put this on the back burner, and rest (Four of Swords). Life is still working on your behalf, DaniBo has better things to do than dwell on what Nick will or won't do.

    I hope that didn't sound too preachy. I am still your biggest fan DaniBo. Keep the faith.

  • AstraAngel,

    Awwww I’m so sorry you had to re-type everything!

    I’m very glad that you still seem to have good vibes about this whole situation, regardless of his lack of communication. I do really hope that he’s been occupied with something else, because otherwise I don’t really see an excuse for him to ignore my e-mails.

    I’m also happy that you mentioned that there is a high possibility that he will call me when he returns….that does somewhat lift my spirits.

    Ahhhh AstraAngel….that is much easier said than done! I have also been told by other people that I need to consider my options, but, I don’t have any options! I haven’t really met any guys over the course of the past month, and I’m not exactly the flirtatious girl who gets guys within seconds. That’s definitely not me.

    But besides that, I haven’t really had any opportunity to meet different people…I go to an all woman’s college (or university or whatever) so meeting men is definitely hard.

    I did start school again this week, so I’ve been a little distracted with worrying about Nick, because well….I’m nervous about doing well in school. REALLY nervous. This year is so critical for me, and it’s hard for me to spend so much time stressing about school and THEN freaking out about Nick at the same time. Not good for me mentally, but those are the only two things that occupy my thoughts.

    So until I KNOW that I’m going to do well in school, AND get back in contact with Nick, I’m going to be getting headaches.

    I just….AHHH ASTRANGEL! I seriously need some help. It’s frustrating for me to not be able to understand what’s going on. That’s why I rely so much on your readings and advice because I know that I can really trust you, and you can ease my anxiety.

    So, if I may ask….could you do maybe a celtic cross spread or something about this situation? I’m sick of getting hurt and frustrated over not knowing if this really is worth all this stress. Any advice you could possibly offer me at this point is BEYOND beneficial to me, AstraAngel.

    And, (ugh I know. I ask for too many favors) could you maybe pull some cards to see how this whole school thing is going to work out? As I mentioned above, this year is critical (I’m trying to get into Nursing school!) so if you could see if I’m going to succeed or do well, l I would really appreciate it. It would definitely cut down on my anxiety and headaches!

    Thank you AstraAngel. I apologize for my long and drawn out responses.

    I hope you have a wonderful evening and Monday!


    DaniBo 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Hello AstraAngel. Just bumping this post back up to the first page. I hope all is well. I know I asked for a lot. I just....ugh I'm so uncertain.

    You don't have to do all that for me...just maybe pull some cards about:

    1- has Nick really forgotten about me?

    2- Is Nick still attracted to me? If he doesn't like me...that would be REAL bad.

    3- So...I should be expecting an email within the next two weeks, right?

    4- and...will I definitely see him again when he returns to USA?

    5- do you see another girl that's occupying him instead of me?

    6- does this thing seem like a "fling" or "the real thing"?

    and then...

    7- is this whole nursing school thing going to work out for me? am I going to get into the nursing program this year?

    8- and will I be a successful nurse?

    Thanks AstraAngel! have a great week. Blessings.

    Love, Danibo.

  • DaniBo,

    You have done what you can do, physically reaching out to Nick. I would allow that love to mature into something nicer for you, something a little more heavenly and 'spiritual' in tone.

    Imagine he is with you now, in a spiritual way, that sort of thing. Have you tried that? Sometimes we can sense the presence of others in our lives, have you felt that before? You could be wanting to connect to him heart to heart, even though he seems to be ignoring you in a material way. Light some candles some evening and reach up into higher dimensions, and find him there, connect in new ways.

    That may or may not make sense to you, I wanted to mention it though. As you are shifting gears to get going with your schooling, you should really try to let the situation with Nick resolve somehow so you are not bogged down with any unnecessary emotional baggage wondering about him while you are trying to focus on school.

    1. Has he forgotten about you?

    King of Cups (rev) seems to say that he is in a place of emotional completion somehow. And reversed, so there is something changing, turning around this state of affairs. I am curious.... is there someone else he is involved with? It never occurred to me to ask that before... (you ask it later on your list though)

    Queen of Cups (rev) - According to this, it looks like he has a companion, in some way. I hope that didn't knock the wind out of your sails, hang in there let's see what else... in any case it appears that he's dealing with a completed emotional situation that could have him blocked from responding to you.

    So my sense is he has not forgotten, however he is involved right now with something emotional that has him hindered from contacting you.

    1. Is he still attracted to you? Ace of Wands - Yes.

    2. Email outlook? The Hierophant - This ties back to the more spiritual possibilities of this union, apart from the physical. Which could mean no email for a while. I am not sure about this DaniBo, there are issues going on there that has him unable to respond. For whatever emotional reason. You have a choice to step into something "different" with him, or wait it our while now ignoring other options.

    3. See him again when he returns to USA? ( Prospects for this? ) Knight of Pentacles, a focusing on material, security issues home... this sounds like he (or you) are focused on something tangible in front of you, so this could be a good sign. I would say yes a physical reunion looks good.

    4. Another girl? (Ten of Wands) Whatever it is, he has his hands full. I think the emotional situation he is in has him weighed down. The Queen of Cups (above) may have his attention for some reason.

    5. Fling or real thing? Six of Pentacles - I am not getting anything one way or the other.

    and now, on to school...

    1. Prospects for your nursing school year, getting in, how will it go? The Magician (rev) and The Wheel of Fortune (rev) - these together sound like positive signs to me. Sounds like there are still steps you will need to take. The Magician is very focused on his actions, his processes, and can be a student of higher learning, so this is a nice sign, and the Wheel says things will "turn out" well for you, so I see this going well, you do have some steps to take.

    DaniBo, I hope you got something you can use from that. The King-Queen of Cups has added a twist I didn't foresee, maybe we should have asked that question earlier. We don't want to be too nosy into his life though, I would leave that lay for now.

    love and peace to you.

  • AstraAngel,

    Wow. I am somewhat shocked. I am rather put off that he asked me out on a date when he’s had someone else all along. Why didn’t he tell me that before?

    I’m hoping though that this “companion” isn’t his wife or long-term girlfriend. That would really suck. Although….I understand. We aren’t really a couple, so he can really do whatever he wants with other girls. It just would bother me if they were together BEFORE we went out on a date.

    1- So, were they? Are they serious?

    I don’t want to be noisy but that seems messed up to me for him to go out with me if he had another girl this whole time!

    And, what do you mean by “You have a choice to step into something "different" with him, or wait it our while now ignoring other options.” ?????

    I think it is rather interesting though that I still might see him again in person if he’s with this other girl. I guess we’ll see.

    2 -. If he never answers my e-mail, which may be a possibility, then why would he try and see me again? That’s rather confusing.

    I’m really concerned about this whole “emotional situation” that he’s going through. I hope that he doesn’t find me annoying for sending him two e-mails when he’s obviously going through something.

    3- is he annoyed that I have been bothering him when he’s going through a tough time?

    I am worried about Nick, but there’s nothing I can do if he doesn’t reach out to me. I feel like this situation is stuck in the mud and won’t move forward or backward. I don’t want to keep hurting myself over him if he really wants nothing to do with me, you know?

    And now about school.

    I’m glad that you see this ahead of me. I’m worried that I haven’t been putting enough effort into studying.

    4- should I try and study more, or is what I’m doing good enough?

    And finally, there is this really cute guy at school (I’m trying to explore my options!) and well, I think he’s really great, but I don’t want to initiate anything if he doesn’t think anything of me.

    5- so, what does this guy think of me? I’m curious.

    Now that I hear this news about Nick, maybe I should see what could happen with this guy just to keep me occupied. I hope that doesn't sound bad, but, I don't want to get too obsessed with this situation with Nick. It's bad for me.

    Thanks AstraAngel. Have a wonderful day. Thanks so much for all your support and honesty. I appreciate it.



  • gentle bump back up to the first page! 🙂

    I know I wrote ALOT so I hope it's not overwhelming. At least I only asked 5 questions this time.

    But still, take your time reading it. Have a lovely end of the week/weekend!

  • bump back up to the first page!

  • Hello DaniBo,

    Before I answer your last series of questions, Heaven is guiding me to ask you some followup questions to help tune into this waiter situation in more depth.

    Talk to me about the last date you had with the waiter.

    1. What did you talk about?

    2. Where did you go?

    3. What did you do exactly with him?

    4. When he said bye bye to you after the date, what were your feelings? And what was your impression about his feelings toward you?

    5. Did he say anything that has stuck in your mind? What was that?


    1. Imagine you are the last person on earth. You can select anyone to be your partner, it will be the two of you, like you are back in the Garden of Eden. WHO would that person be? The waiter?

    Peace and love DaniBo 🙂

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