AstraAngel! :)

  • awww Astra! I love that picture you drew. No one has ever done that for me before. I'm definitely saving this onto my computer!

    let me know if you want another reading 🙂 my weekend is open! haha

    and take your time. You are busy, I don't want to overwhelm you with my problems 🙂

    happy friday!

    love, Dani Bo ❤

  • Hello Astra! 🙂

    Wow! what a weekend (or two days) it's been for me. Although I spent most of it studying, it was good. I hope that you are also having fun painting and doing whatever else you like to do on the weekend.

    I hope tomorrow you may consider going to church! I know I am for sure after skipping last week accidentally. I think this whole "halloween and all souls day" makes me in the mood to appreciate the lost people in our lives. I'm not too sure if other Christian denominations have the same ritual...but I think it's nice. During this entire month of November, we are asked to remember the loved ones in our lives that have passed on. I think it's a lovely thought. I always pray and think of my grandmothers, and friends who I miss dearly. Maybe you should consider doing the same? I don't know....I think it's nice to have a month dedicated to people who have gone before us.

    Anyways, sorry for the ranting about church. I hope you're motivated to go tomorrow! I'll pray for you regardless 🙂

    Besides that, Nick has come back (oh no!) into my thoughts. Thank the good Lord he hasn't yet to interfere with my cram studying for my microbiology exam on monday. whew! Hope it stays that way till after the test. and Jason...well he's backed off a bit too. Only about five weeks till the semester is over, and then I can worry about them again. Let me know when you have time to look at these situations for me. Nick is bothering me...not too sure if I should move on yet or not, or if i should wait a little bit longer and see what happens. I was considering sending him another e-mail around the end of the month. Good idea, or not? I miss him. I know tomorrow at 5 I'm going to be thinking about how close he is to me...he'll be at the dock. aww 😕

    and Jason...well, I don't see him around either. I wonder what he's thinking about me too.

    Sorry for that. I've been pushing that out of my mind for a bit. Thanks for listening.

    I really hope Allegra (or another mystery woman) hasn't caused the same effects on your mind. I hope your painting has really captivated you, and has you completely focused.

    Have a wonderful night, and sunday. I always considered sunday a "relaxing day" so I hope you do just that. Relax. Eat popcorn, and have fun!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi Danibo

    It has taken me a while to digest your reading for me, I wanted to wait for a nice, quiet time after some of the energies of the week have abated, and that is this morning. Church sunday.

    Your reading is absolutely amazing and wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time on that Danibo, it really, really blessed me. You reinforced some things I have been seeking to re-establish as a good discipline in my life (art mostly), while also causing me to re-evalluate my love life, how I see others, and how to be "diplomatic" in the midst of my present situation relationship wise (you know what I mean )... hey, what book are you referring to for some of your material? It is great... and you have such a nice style transitioning from that to your own words, you really are so gifted there. I am really learning from you now, you are the teacher, I am watching you and learning so much from you. I hope I can always be that way, whatever I am, whatever I have learned, has come from Heaven, the Lord, through people - and angels. You are imparting some great wisdom to me and I really appreciate that.

    Yes, love has certainly been a dominant theme for me over the recent past... I think I am in a kind of parallel situation with you and Nick.. and towards my "lady from the past" who was a great inspiration to me in spite of some painful outcomes, Allegra. I have tried to keep some kind of optimism about her, that there could still be something at least in art that could have worked out, it has honestly been more than I can deal with now. I wrote her a nice letter, however like you and Nick, not a peep back from her and so I can only conclude that it is more a pipe dream now than reality. Sigh. She is a lovely lady and I am sure I will always have fond thoughts her way... however I can sense that my art is becoming more the forefront now and not so much chasing love.

    Should love appear for me, then fine. I am open to it. They can come to me, I am worn out trying to sing from my heart, and court and whatever other "activities" people who are in love do. Takes two to make it work though, and so I am worn out from it all Danibo... I can't paint, and write, and do tarot stuff AND chase angel girls... I keep that up I will be making an early exit toward heaven.

    However... all that said, I am also aware that God is a god of miracles... and I was reading in Psalm 9 this morning and wrote this in my journal...

    "For you uphold my right and my cause, seated on your throne, judging rightly." v 5

    and, "it is he who judges the world (you can see judgment has been on my mind!) with JUSTICE (insert the sound of an owl here!), and judges the people with fairness. The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble... you never forsake those who seek you, Lord." -v 9-11

    So this was a very encouraging passage this morning... and it is this idea, that the Lord knows exactly what we are dealing with in life... love, relationships, school, work... and as long as we keep the faith and let HIM and the angels execute justice on our behalf, we are assured that all will ultimately work out wonderfully!

    Like you and Nick, or Jason.... you have desires of love toward them, your heart would love to have a nice, sweet, intimate, communicative, sharing, compassionate, tender, mutually beneficial - and most of all FUN! - relationship, right? Sure you would. We all want that. Is it going to happen because I bang some girl's door down and drag her out by the hair? Is it going to happen because we send emails and texts, and try try to seek the attention of another we care about? No. How is going to come about? By the actions of the Justice of God.

    For your heart and mine are in the right place... anyone who has a longing for spiritual truth and is trying to seek something "higher" in life, is in the right place. Simply keep the faith and let God do his job, arranging life for us perfectly. I know that will happen for you Danibo, you have a beautiful heart and there is only blessings and wonderful love ahead for you! You couldn't stop it from happening. So you are doing all the right things.... and you have encouraged me in my own relationship with the Lord of the bible which is my foundation in life, I can never escape that. My mom never took me to seances and tarot readings when I was a young boy, she took me to a Baptist church in Georgia. So that is my foundation. I may have issues with religion and this "system" that has evolved from such a simple message, however I can never turn my back on the faith of God, I mean I really have no where else to go Danibo.

    I am pretty empty and tired of love... at least the love between a man an woman. It has never worked for me in my life... and it has puzzled the dickens out of me! Because I always felt like I had so much love to give a lady, I mean, that is all I want to do (out side of working hard at my own talents and gifts, art and such)... and yet, in spite of all of my best intentions, the love results have been DISMAL. Ugh danibo! Ugh, ugh, double, triple, quadruple ugh. And it has finally left me dead tired from it all.

    I will continue to encourage any and everyone in their own love lives... It seem to be a lot easier for me to believe for you and Nick than me and a lady friend from my past. It is all in God's care... And I should refrain from writing here about her Danibo, as my wife read this post and saw that I had sent her a letter, and that didn't go over too well. Yipes! So I am going to drop any references to her to show honor to my wife from this point on. Let's just say "a love from the past" and not use names okay?

    I am trying to follow your advice here and show diplomatic courtesy. It doesn't matter what problems my wife and I have had, she still deserves to be honored and treated with respect, even though a divorce is pending. I hope you understand. I am still trying to learn, how to do the right thing while still being honest and sincere... that has not been easy for me - knowing where the lines are.

    OKAY! Enough about my drama... la la la... I am getting back in gear on the art and that is where my real heart is. Hey, I did a painting of Walmart (see below) and put it up for sale on my blog, so we'll see! I am happy again to be painting... its all I ever wanted to do in life. And love a girl... however I can't paint a girlfriend into existence... although I sure tried...

    So, let's see what the cards are saying about you and Nick - and uh oh, Jason!

    (Thank you Lord for giving Danibo the advice you would like to give her...)

    You asked,

    What’s going on in relation to Nick and I? The Wheel of Fortune ! Hey Danibo, this looks nice to me! Waite says "Destiny, fortune, success, luck, felicity" - I wasn't sure about 'felicity' I looked it up it means a state of being very happy! - So this has to be good news regarding him Danibo, at some level matters are turning between you and him. Is it your destiny to be with him? Wouldn't that be wonderful, that somehow the Lord saw your heart and along with the angels has been working something out there. I still can't explain his reluctance to contact you though. hmm.. could be for reasons we simply aren't aware of... and the PAGE of Pentacles - "news, messages and the bringer thereof" - so that sounds like something nice could happen in the "news" dept. Now, those are the cards, however I still feel that you are doing the right thing by keeping your mind on "things above" and not on things "on the ship" if you catch my meaning there.

    Has he been thinking about me? Seven of Pentacles - this shows a young man pausing and looking at his crop of Pentacles, and another one is at his feet. He is reflective looking to me. Remembering something. Oh, gosh Dani bo, I can't help except feel that yes he has been thinking of you! I am so sorry, I am a hopeless romantic... Danibo, were you to email me tenty years from now and ask me was he still thinking about you and I knew your heart was still connected to him... and I saw this card... I would still say YES... I can't help that... it makes me cry. Those are my "emotions" as I call them, and I feel them strong for you and Nick right now. Practical? Logical? No. Is love ever practical? No. It is a mystery is all I know. So I say YES he is has been thinking about you.

    Is it time to move on?

    Eight of Cups - uh oh Danibo... this card does show a figure moving away from a nice stack of cups, so neatly arranged. You know what this says to me? You move away from whatever "ideas" you had abou the two of you, without moving away from him as a lovely man. Do you see the difference?

    And the Seven of Cups, which is another card of "imagining things" in love. Are they real? Is it really helping to imagine these things? Probably not. It is one thing to love someone from afar and wish kind prayers their way, and another to imagine all sorts of scenarios and outcomes that may not be exactly heaven's highest best. (THis is an area I have made so many mistakes in... as a creative person with an imagination, and frustrated in relationships, it is the easiest thing to conjure up scenes and outcomes that are fiction and not practical or healthy) - so the message here is to move away from illusions of love, while keeping kind and loving thoughts for him as a person, wishing him the best in his life.

    And what do the cards have to say about Jason as well?

    Page of Swords - ah! Another Page! This page can be a little sneaky like he is in the secret service or something. Pages are innocent for the most part, although this page is borderline. I think Jason would like to strike up a little something with you, is that what you want? Watch your step. And the Queen of Swords shows you somewhat apart also, so take together this shows the two of you sort of on the same page, a little cautious and distant, although you would like to see something happen. My feeling is to remain as you are, watch over your own heart and let God work something here in his own way. A door will open when it is appropriate.

    Should I forget about him too, or still try and find a way to talk to him?

    The Chariot - This doesn't sound like a "forget me" card. This looks like matters are somewhat out of your control. You have thoughts about him, and you can "try" to forget him. That can be difficult. Waite says this card means "succor" which is defined as "giving someone relief", so being quite innocent here with this card, I think this is a YES, it would't hurt to talk to him. Not sure what you mean by "find a way".. can't you just walk up to him and say

    You: "Hey Jason"

    Him: "Oh hey Dani, what's up?"

    You: "Nothing much. Say, can we talk for a little bit? Somewhere, um... private?"

    Him: "Oh yeah, sure, where do you want to go?"

    You: "Can we just walk outside for a minute? There's something I need to say to you."

    Him: "Yeah sure...."

    (a pause while we wait for you and him to walk outside of the classroom)

    You: "So Jason, I wanted to say this, and I hope you can take it the right way..."

    Him: "What is it Dani? You can talk... I don't know you that well, however I am open, what is it?"

    You: "Well... um... I am attracted to you Jason... and I have been wanting to tell you that..."

    Him: "oh, wow.... okay... um... well, I like you too. I honestly have wanted to ask you out..."

    You: "Really? No kidding? Well... hey, what about that!... so where can we, you know..."

    Him: "Go? For, like a date? I don't know, this week is busy with the brain dissection test coming up..."

    You: "How about this weekend!"

    Him: "Oh sure, that's great... what did you have in mind? Wanna see a movie?"

    You: "A movie sounds great! ... I could use a break... "

    Him: "Then a movie it is! Next Saturday, 5... how's that?"

    You: "Yes! A movie.. and then maybe could go for walk?..."

    Him: Yeah sure... it'll be fun. Hey thanks for coming and talking to me ... I am kinda shy..."

    You: "Hey, I am the same way... I have wanted to talk to you for a while now... I just wasn't sure whether it was... appropriate..."

    Him: "... to be honest... me too. I wasn't sure how you would respond... I am glad you decided to break the ice though!"

    You: "... I just decided, why not? And look, it worked out!... we'll have fun..."

    So yes, I think you should reach out to him Danibo! What harm can there be in that? Follow your heart, and your angels will arrange it all for you. The Seven of Wands tells me you have actually wanted to approach him for a while, and you have wrestled over this a little! Wait for the right moment ... and make you move! Don't feel like you have to memorize my script though, you'll come up with your own words ha ha.

    and... I was considering sending him (Nick) another e-mail around the end of the month. Good idea, or not?

    Five of Wands - No.

    Hey Danibo I hope that gives you something to consider! Its beautiful here this morning in Washington (Spokane). The sun is out... today is going to be good day.. for you... for me... for everyone! I am planning on going to church, I have been working at getting that going again, I went this past week and heard a good sermon about the saints of old. I also like your thought about remembering those who have passed on November, that is good to do. I will think about my Dad who died many years ago, a great man who I choose to see very happy now. Maybe I will get out today and paint a nice landscape somewhere.

    You have a wonderful Sunday and a great week! Let me know about any other questions you may have... and thanks again for that wonderful reading for me!

    (I added a pic of my painting of Walmart I did on Friday... "Low prices"... framed in a walmart frame too...)

    love and happiness for you,


  • Astra,

    Well it’s Tuesday, the best day of the week for me! I hope it’s the same for you : )

    I’m glad that love has somewhat taken a back seat to your life right now. I sure wish I could do the same. For some reason, at the beginning of every month, Nick reappears in my mind when I’ve been able to think I’d moved on. He appears rather strongly, and it’s too much sometimes. So I’m glad that at least one of us seems to be sane at the moment. However, I’m glad that you have maintained that feeling of love and warm wishes Allegra’s way. Sometimes I seem to waver on if Nick is deserving of those warm wishes, when he hasn’t done anything to deserve them!

    However, I know…this is a rough patch. Uncertainty certainly can be considered the death of most people, but not us! Haha I see this coming to a somewhat happy conclusion, whether it be us moving on and finding someone more…I guess you could say, appreciative of our love? That sounds about right.

    Anyways, I like your long posts. They always leave me with questions, and I always think about what you have to say for a great deal of time. So, keep on venting! I love listening 🙂

    Thanks for pulling those cards for me. I’m somewhat confused on how the cards, and apparently Heaven still see a glimmer of hope for Nick and me. I think I’m going to go back to my psychic friend in another week and see if anything’s changed. It’s already November! Surely I need to figure out whether or not it’s worth allowing Nick to string me along any longer. Ugh I’m so frustrated. But, what can I do? I just don’t understand his mind-set. Whatever. I guess I’ll never know….just like you and Allegra. Why do we need to comfort of words so much as human beings? Boo!

    I was however intrigued by what you had to say about Jason. It’s true. I don’t really see him that often. I used to see him every Tuesday…and now I just sit by the laboratory just to get a glance at him and see if he looks my way. I’m not too sure about approaching him in that manner though. I did that with Nick, and look where that got me! Haha maybe I should just let him come to me if he’s really interested. Lord knows he already has so many other girls following him around…he doesn’t need me either.

    I wish I were as eloquent as you! I bet you’re a smooth talker with the ladies! 😉

    Anyways, I want to pull some cards for you tomorrow. Anything in particular you want me to read? Maybe something about Allegra? I don’t know…you ask the questions haha.

    By the way, just a couple more questions if you don’t mind:

    1 What’s the likelihood that Nick is really out there, preparing himself for me?

    2 What’s the likelihood that Nick might contact me before New Years?

    3 And finally, Does Jason even notice me in the way I want him to? (as a potential romantic interest?)

    Thanks, Astra. I will continue to send love and warm wishes your way. May you have a lovely day!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Danibo

    Can you help me interpret a dream I had last night about Allegra? I think it is repeating, after waking up it seemed familiar, like I had dreamt it before. Are you good at dream interpretation? I tried helping Tellstar interpret a recent dream, and yet my own dreams are difficult to understand, especially when they involve someone you have feelings for.

    I will share what I wrote in my journal...

    The setting was, we are in a largish room, and we were both seated opposite each other on our own beds. Like a dorm room maybe? We are talking and she is telling me that she is a doctor, an Anthropologist, however she couldn't find work in that (profession). So she said she started writing ad copy for McDonald's on the side. She mentioned that she had her doctorate by the time she was ten years old.

    ... I remember asking her in the dream, "so while other kids were playing Tiddlywinks, you were getting your Ph.D?"

    What in the world Danibo? You mentioned once that you had dreams about Nick, what were they like? The fact that she pops up in my dreams tells me that maybe I have a stronger connection with Allegra than I realized. It's weird. Any clues?

    I'll circle back on your other questions later today, I wanted to share the dream first thing as it seemed significant.

    Hope your week is going well...



  • Hello Astra,

    Wow! How lucky are you to have received Allegra in your dream! I’m sure you remember it so vividly as if it were real, right? For me, whenever I’ve had dreams of Nick, I always remember them so well so I can replay them over again in my head. However, most of these dreams are just altered memories from the past, as if he and I were back on the ship together, and different scenarios of what would have happened if I approached him during the trip, or different moments in our date that I wish went a certain way. But I do have those amazing dreams that are completely new…and AH to feel the warmth of his skin even in a dream is so amazing. Makes me feel as if he’s actually right next to me.

    Sorry for the rant….but I totally get you! I can only hope that you had a dream just like mine, where it impacted you in a such a positive way that you can’t help but smile when you think about it! Those are the best dreams…they keep you occupied for a while. I’m happy that she’s appearing in your dreams. Have you ever heard that quote, “If you have a dream about a someone, that someone fell asleep thinking about you.”? I always wanted to find out if it had any truth to it. But I still firmly believe it, just for fun. What do you think? Haha.

    Lucky for you, my sister bought me a dream interpretation book for our birthday a few years back. Although it’s based off of a lot of Freud’s philosophies, I have found it rather interesting. I’ll also add my own insight. 🙂

    Okay, so this dream does sound pretty interesting. Well the beds, from what my book says, represents “ sleep, birth, and sex. For a dreamer, the bedroom can also be seen as a last resting place.” Interesting, right? Well from my perspective, the beds definitely are a sign here. Why were you sitting on opposite beds of the person you love most? That seems rather odd. Maybe the two beds symbolize the separation and distance that is currently between you. After all, if you two were together or closer, why would there be the need to have such a large gap between you, and why wouldn’t you be sharing your own space? The beds represent separation in location, and lack of communication.

    Her talk about work….does this reflect on you? Are you currently unemployed, or searching for a job? Dreams always kind of impose on our own wants and desires, and to have you listening to her brag about her current job ventures must have something to do with your own occupation situation. My book mentions that someone else talking about their job in your dream may “express your own lack of emotion or a frustration with the coldness you feel existing among family and friends. This also may symbolize the machinery of a world that resists your efforts to succeed with work or personal creativity.” Does that ring any bells, Astra?

    And well, my book doesn’t say anything about the education aspect of this dream, in which Allegra is telling you about how she became a Ph.D at the age of ten. However, I feel that her telling you this in your dream is your own unconscious thoughts urging you to go back to school. I know you’ve thought about it, but, as I mentioned earlier, my own research with psychological studies on dreams had lead me to believe that dreams usually express our deepest thoughts or desires, and in my opinion, also involve divine intervention. This is a sign, Astra. I feel as if not only your unconscious thoughts, but as well as Allegra and even God are trying to push you to go back to school. Why else would she be shoving her accomplishment in your face? Don’t tell me in your dream you didn’t get even the slightest bit envious. 😉

    Sorry. I think I ranted too much. But anyways, I think I’ve given you some things to think about, hopefully good things. This dream to me not only shows your undying love for this woman, but that you might not feel adequate enough to be with her when she’s telling you that she’s doing great in her career and such. Do you really feel that way, Astra? Do you feel as if you’re not up to par? I sure hope not. That’s an awful feeling. I know I feel that a lot.

    Anyways, I wanted to pull some cards for you for fun. I said I would, and I sure am! 😄

    TWO OF WANDS. Well you know the scene of this card. A tall man looks over the sea on a rooftop of a castle of some sort, holding the globe in his hands, contemplating. What does this card mean to you at this time? My book says that now is the time for fortune, magnificence, and riches. Has life turned around for you Astra? Are you still pensive in your current life situation, but opening yourself up more to the world and what it has to offer? I see you as this man; you’re really spending time with yourself thinking over life’s recent events, and how to better yourself. I hope that’s true, because if it is, It’s only going to get better from here on out!

    TEN OF WANDS. Another wand, wow! Well this is a picture of you, a dude, who’s holding up so much right now that he can’t handle anymore stress! You are being oppressed by this impeccable amount of weight, that you’re having a hard time keeping those arms up. My book says this shows “good faith and honor” and I truly believe this about you. You have recently started thinking about religion once again, God is really becoming an active presence in your life, and that faith is really helping you hold up all those stresses and daily struggles you see yourself in. You are also honorable, by knowing how to deal with your situations with poise, and I know you are able to keep calm about most anything (at least, that’s how I see you!). Athough you have a lot on your plate right now, your renewed faith in God, and your honor is allowing you to keep pushing, and to keep holding those wands up forever!

    SIX OF WANDS. Holy cow! What is it with you and these wands? I prayed to Jesus before I pulled these cards….and man! He sure is trying to send you a signal here! These six wands obviously represent joy, happiness, success, and the bearer of great news. So see, Astra! You better be on the look out for some well-deserved victory headed your way. This is a great sign for the future, because you’ll be in the driver’s seat (or the horse’s seat!) on your upcoming situations, whether they be good or bad. I hope this reaffirms your faith that things are looking up.

    THE HANGED MAN. This is the last card I’m pulling for you, and I should say you should be happy. The hanged man represents “wisdom, divination, and prophecy” hum……that’s interesting. Maybe all the good things that were in the Lord’s plan for you are finally coming your way? Who knows. I think this card is up for some interpretation on your part. I think you are (or have been) sacrificed and hung by other people against your will. It’s now time to claim your proper rights, and follow out the path that has been your destiny! (sounds super cheesy…)

    I think you got some positive messages in these four cards, don’t you? Let me know if you want another reading : )

    I apologize for such the long post. I think I got carried away here. But it’s okay. Haha. I hope you are having a great week. I think I somewhat am. I’m registering for classes tomorrow…it gets so crazy trying to get the professors you want and competing with other students. At least it’s a private school….I know I’ll get the classes I need, but maybe not the professors I want. 🙂 I saw Jason a bit yesterday. No dialog. Just a few glances in my direction. He ignored me otherwise. Oh well…only three/four more weeks of this semester and he’ll be gone forever (he’s graduating in December!) So I hope that if he does plan on making his move, it’ll be sooner than later! As for Nick, well, I can’t say I haven’t not thought about him. Wonder what he’s doing right now. Hope he hasn’t found another cute girl to replace me. So any insight you see here with Jason (and especially Nick) is MUCH appreciated. Thanks Astra. You’re the best.

    I wish you a happy Thursday, and end of the week! Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

    I’m off to update myself on Pan Am. Do you know that show? I’m in LOVE with it! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era…I wish I could dress and act as those women do! (if I can’t be a nurse, screw it, I’m going to be a flight attendant!)

    Love and happy faces,

    Dani Bo ❤

  • Danibo!

    Your dream interpretation is amazing! Wow, I got so much good energy and insights through everything you said! I like your thought also about how our dreams show some kind of connection, like some shared thoughts going back and forth about one another. I think that is such a lovely vision. it WAS a very vivid dream, I woke and it was very real, like I could easily walk right back into that room. There was old wood in there, like old wood floors too - holy smokes I am seeing it right now, like writing about it puts me right back in there. I see Her sitting there still, smiling at me, and talking...

    Yes there is certainly the isolation and separation aspect between us, just like you and Nick. And that is as it should be, I have come to see that. That has been a real hurdle for me, I simply couldn't understand why the sort of split that came in was needed. Now I see that it is serving a very beautiful purpose, although that little insight did not come overnight.

    We were working on a book together... and there was a setting in that book, of a cottage. I almost wonder if we are back in that setting somehow? That is wild to think about that. It was a lovely children's book we were working at, her story, and I was illustrating. And its funny, I am typing this in B&N and they are having a children's book drive today. That is a little side note.

    Yeah, her work and the schooling... when I was in contact with her I was aware that she was taking college classes and that impressed me. My college experience was a disaster, and to this day it is a annoyance that I fell out of college, drifting and aimless. SO yes, I think that is certainly an area where I do NOT measure up to whatever she is pursuing. I would love to get a degree - in something! I am painting now, however my experience with art has been pretty dismal financially. So a "real" career would still be great. Not sure what a "real" career is, I guess one that requires a degree to get in the door. So you feel the school thing strong for me, that is interesting. The only path that feels like it has substance would be some sort of counseling, psychology, that sort of thing. I have been in touch with some colleges and think (with your input) that is still a strong direction for me, in addition to the art and whatever else. Cool! I am envious of her in a good way. Allegra really impressed me, she is such a determined lady, and was fighting to become who she needed to be, she was such an inspiration to me. One reason I was painting her as I felt her energy of ambition and drive and I am like, "I want to capture her beautiful and tenacious spirit".

    The feeling of inadequacy with her, well that is a matter for heaven to deal with as I have no clue that I will ever see her again, so it is a mute point. I would be honest with her though, and say "Hey Allegra, I feel inadequate around you... and then we could work on ways to help me overcome that!" ha ha.

    And yes, there is the sense of the world resisting my efforts, and I know that is for my own betterment. Ugh though! That has been the thorn in my side it is like I take a step and the Universe is right there blocking me, resisting me. I guess that is part of how I learn. It does seem to be a pattern.

    Your reading with all the wands, yes, that fire is really been lit under my rear lately, painting and even more things seem to be opening up related to Tarot and offering some counsel. I am not sure how all of that will play out, a degree in it would be great. In psych not tarot reading. As my painting efforts increase I am finding my time for tarot to be more stretched, so I am watching all this to see how it resolves.

    THe Hanged man, yes I have become pretty used to seeing what the world looks like upside down... and you know? it ain't so bad! One nice thing about it, you get to easily find out how much change you had in your pocket, you just look on the ground under your head! And... when a pretty girl happens to walk by, you have sort of a "snail's eye" view of her... you remember in school when a guy would put a mirror on top of his shoe... something like that. Just kidding. The Hanged Man has to find ways to entertain himself, as he is sorta stuck in one place. Can have its advantages though.

    Okay, let;s look at your situation with Jason and see what is happening there.

    1 What’s the likelihood that Nick is really out there, preparing himself for me?

    Four of Swords - This is a very quiet card Danibo. In this deck the man is in a tent, on his knees, looking up to heaven. Maybe he's praying? The sense I have in the four swords is reflection and contemplation, so I can see this as a sign that he is still in a reflective mind about you. Still... it HAS been a while Danibo... do you still feel strongly connected to him? It sounds like that comes in waves for you now?

    Eight of Swords - Hmm... I want to reshuffle and redeal ! This sounds like he is in a place of isolation sort of a self-imprisomed situation. Two swords in a row, so he is under some mental energy, weighing, pondering, imagining his life. Hopefully with you!

    One more card... Ooooh! The Ace of Swords! Hey, that is nice for you! It feels like he is certainly under some strain of intellectual effort, mind over matter. This little deck says "deep emotional feeling... love". This does feel like a breakthrough on some level where he has worked through something that has bothered him and he comes out into the clear light of victory in this matter.

    I still sense a positive thrust here with him, the Ace Swords is a very powerful sign of conquest and victory. And that can be in love.

    2. What’s the likelihood that Nick might contact me before New Years?

    Three of Coins - looks good according to this card. Threes are affirming after the choices of the two. This is a card of artistic ability and "skill in trade in work". So I am getting that Nick could be considering presenting you with something he has made? Could be a gift or a nice letter. Something poetic and sweet. That must certainly be an option as he is (I guess) by now, back on the ship and heading out to sea again? So I say the possibilities are still good for some sort of contact through creative means.

    3 And finally, Does Jason even notice me in the way I want him to? (as a potential romantic interest?)

    Ah yes, Jason.

    I drew the Nine of Swords. Danibo, it is not looking good. This card tells me he has other concerns that have his mind occupied. Not that he doesn't find you very attractive, I am certain he does. It simply looks like school must have ahold of most of his mind at this time, and a possible emotional relationship with you is not happening.

    And the Hanged man. Hmm.. he could be dealing with similar issues as I have. Hopefully the Lord's plans are working out for Jason too. I would keep your eye on his shoes, ha ha.

    And the Three of Coins for Jason also.. something can still happen. Maybe you can reach out to him before he leaves after the semester? And offer to stay in touch with him? Does that sound too forward? You care about him I know. Page of Wands, he would like to stay in touch with you. From what I can tell, he is a rather bashful boy.

    Hey, I finished this first large panel, I should post a pic here for you. Would you be interested in seeing it? I like how it turned out! It went pretty quick too which is a good sign. I have a concept started for the next painting, so the energies are feeling great for production. It has been a bit of a road to get back to this place in art Danibo... maybe you face similar emotions with your school efforts I know some of your classes have been a challenge.

    Let me know about any followup questions about Nick, Jason, anything. I may have some more questions about Allegra... I still think about her, its just that my work seems to be occupying more of the focus. Maybe that's a good thing though!

    And I am also finding a renewed love of the Lord, although some days I have a few "words" with him. Maybe you could pull a card to see how he feels about me. I have not exactly been a great man of faith, although I like to think I try. Thanks Danibo.

    Here's a little verse for you... I hope your Friday and weekend is really nice.

    "Beloved, I hope you are prospering in every respect and are in good health, just as your soul is prospering." -3 John 2

    Love and peace 🙂


  • Astra,

    I’m glad that I was able to give you some of my insight on your dream. I hope that you’ll always remember it, because whether or not Allegra does return to you, you’ll always have those fond dreams to look back on to make you smile. However, you mentioned something about this separation giving a “beautiful purpose” that took you time to realize. I would like to hear about this more…I seem to be searching for answers too, and well, I want to know you’re secret! How did you make the beauty come out of and ugly situation.

    And this book….did it get published? I would be curious to see if I could read it myself! : )

    I’m happy you’ve been looking into some colleges. I think it would be good for you to have something to keep you occupied off of life’s problems. Lord knows that school consumes me in every aspect that sometimes thinking of Nick isn’t even and option. One of my best friends is and art major at Loyola Marymount University down here….(have you heard of that school? Maybe you’ve heard of my school, Mount St. Mary’s College?) and she LOVES their art program. I always love seeing her work. Anyways, she also sees art as somewhat of an escape, and I think she relates to you. I think she’s a good example of how you SHOULD go to school, and maybe even for an art degree!

    You amaze me at your skills of remaining positive and honest. I wish I could, if I ever saw Nick again, be as straight forward as you wish you could be with Allegra, and your eternal positivity about life just really strikes me. Teach me your secrets, Astra!

    Anyways, go ahead and ask some follow up questions about Allegra. I really wish to offer you as much consolation and insight as I possibly can. You have already done so much for me…I need to repay you somehow!

    Those cards…wow. They lifted my spirits a bit about Nick. I still think about him daily, but it tends to go away when I’m distracted with studying of some sort. I can never not worry about him though. It depends on the day, most of the time, I’m either thinking “Gosh darn it I miss him” or “Daniela…it’ll be okay. Stop worrying so much” and no other thoughts in between. I feel as if my patience is being tested in such a way that I’m not sure how much longer I can put myself through this. However, I know deep down I will never loose the faith or give up on poor Nick. I love him too much, just as much as you love Allegra. Oh well….

    And Jason…oh lordy. He’s another thing I’m worried about. We’ll see what happens when this semester is over. I’m not going to push anything. He already has enough girls to keep him busy. I might as well just enjoy the time I have left of seeing him around campus and forget about any romantic possibilities. Although I would like just one kiss…is that too much to ask for? 😉

    But thanks for the cards. They are much appreciated. I guess I just have more questions about Nick over Jason at this point. I think asking more about Jason is going to bring up more emotions that I don’t want…and Nick, well, he’s safe territory for now. I just….I don’t know! Astra, what do you think is going on here? Am I waiting around for a guy who isn’t even going to return? 😕 I wish God would just send me a sign…maybe you can ask God if this is really meant to be? Haha that’s too much to ask for!

    I would love to see a picture of that panel! Be sure to post it.

    And yes! Let’s see what the Lord “feels” about you, or what he thinks about you….or whatever!

    KNIGHT OF CUPS. Well, he obviously thinks well of you! Haha. I see this as a lovely card. The cup represents love, right? Well the Lord obviously thinks that you are a loving person, and that love ultimately is such an important factor in your life. However, the knight is always known for bearing messages. I think what God is trying to tell you here is that “hey! Astra! Stop worrying so much. Something great is headed your way!” he wants you to keep the faith, and stop stressing. He has something wonderful planned for you, and you have yet to realize it. A knight to me also represents a loyal servant. I think the Lord thinks of yout his way, as His good-doing servant. So don’t underestimate his love for you! He sees you as a good man, who is loyal to Him, no matter if you’ve maybe strayed away for a little while. He knew you would come back!

    Hope I gave you something to think about here. Let me know if you need any cards about Allegra. I would be glad to do that for you.

    Anyways, it’s raining down here in good ole Los Angeles. I really dislike rain sometimes. Makes me sad, and makes me even more depressed at the fact that it’s “cuddle weather” and I have no one to cuddle with…except for my kitty cats.

    Does it rain a lot in Washington? I always think of Seattle and the rain there.

    I hope you’re Saturday is going great…I’m stuck doing an essay about “the streetcar named desire” interesting play….have you read it?


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi Danibo,

    Yes, these dreams. I don't have them often however they really stick with me. You're so right, they will always be a nice memory no matter what happens to our love interest.

    The “beautiful purpose” to me is arriving at a spiritual relationship with another in spite of apparent endings and separation otherwise. It is a difficult concept to place into words, however it is the whole secret of peace and happiness in love I believe. I think this is something that our Maker is trying to get over to us, and it requires some “out of the box” thinking and a willingness to be broken so that something “new” can come forth in our understanding about relationships.

    So many of the questions raised on this forum... what happened to my boyfriend! Where is my lover! Is he still interested? Those kinds of questions really point out how focused we all are on the physical and obvious connections, materially, and yet… we are spiritual beings. We share connections with one another that aren't obvious. Like a nice dream. Or a really sweet memory of a moment together. Or perhaps you can even hear a whisper from them to you in your day to day life… and you might even feel them in the air around you… you know we talked a little about this with you and Nick. You still have love feelings for him even though he isn't around (and hasn't responded). Same with me and Allegra. I still feel some connection with her, even though there is nothing "going on" you can point to. As far as I am concerned I will never see or contact her ever. Doesn't matter. That is in God's hands. I still think of her fondly and pray for her… and so, it is like she is still a spiritual presence or energy in my life.

    She has a wonderful sense of humor and so I still kinda pick up on that, in some of my other writings. Does that make any sense Danibo? That "purpose" seems to be emotional and spiritual connections with one another even though the actual physical connections don't exist. That in turn releases some unusual and positive energies for creative purposes, painting, art, books and so forth, it can be anything.

    I mean, Nick is very close to you right now, even though he is on a ship somewhere a thousand miles or more out to sea. He shows up in your dreams perhaps, once in a while? Maybe you can feel him encouraging you in your school work, or some other creative activity. Then… a relationship is still vibrant and healthy, it is simply a spiritual one and very lovely in a heavenward sense. We are all connected in various ways… we come from one vast love "up there". In the bible Paul was always alluding to this "body of Christ" which was his way of framing out the Universe of love, connecting us all. Then, in a spiritual relationship, we are enjoying one another as manifestations from that 'higher realm" where it is the best possible expression of us. Our "Highest self" perhaps.

    It is something you have to experience for yourself… when you do, it is heavenly… and it sets you free. Then heaven feels like one little step and you are there. I could so easily drift up there now. She is there, and I would love to see her…

    I am trying not to write too much! I could go on about that spiritual relationship stuff it is very close to my heart. That would answer every question on this forum about a relationship. Simply let it go (physically) and embrace one another in the spiritual aspect and enjoy that… pray for one another… then you can stay creative and productive and that spiritual presence is a benefit, instead of a worry like "when will he return?" - he doesn't have to return, he is still there. She is still there. That was how Christ was appearing… after his ascension. "I will never leave you" is what we say to one another, someone we love so deeply, I will never leave you, in that spiritual part. You will always be so real and present and lovely to me, no matter what, throughout the ages of ages. That is true love, and it is what we all long for…. like that word art piece you posted in this thread, about love never leaving even though we are apart… that is exactly it.

    Oh, the book we were working on didn't get published. It was a children's story and I was illustrating it. I was heartbroken over that being abandoned, that seemed so unfortunate. It was a wonderful story she had started and I was hoping to at least help her get it finished. I hope she can finish it one day, somehow. I pray that she finds an illustrator and gets it published, she deserves that.

    I am looking into going back to college starting Winter semester. I wish I had a clear cut goal there, like what do I really want a degree in? It is really weird Danibo, like I am just getting out of high school again, trying to figure out a career path! I have so many, maybe too many directions I "could" go in, between art, writing.. psychology keeps coming back as a repeating path. What do you think? I could see myself in that field, maybe a counselor. Lots of folks need help there it seems… I could get an art degree. Art seems so much more like something you just "do" though, not something you have to learn to do. I took some art in college. It does expose you to a lot of influence and I guess that alone is helpful. Theology is also something else. I have pondered spiritual things a lot… and written a lot along those lines. Argh Danibo, come over here and screw my head on straight so I know what to do with my life! ha ha…

    I try to stay positive, not always successful. I know that the Lord is faithful, or somehow everything always works out in a lovely way. I really believe that. Sometimes I get a little angry with God, He frustrates me… the answers I long for he seems quiet about… so I simply have to keep trusting that somehow I get only what I need and the rest I trust about. Still learning this one.

    I don't think I need to ask any questions about Allegra. I trust that Heaven has her safely being cared for. I simply keep a positive mind about her and wish her nice things in her life, and that is all. Maybe I will get to see her in heaven one day.

    Yeah, you can't really let yourself worry about Nick. He is safely being cared for and all is working out in his life. I still want to see you two somehow connect, I can feel your heart toward him. Love, yes even when you are apart, how sweet is that. I know Nick senses that. And who knows, maybe he is like an angel to you, helping you to discover this more transcendent love relationship that is not dependent on what he says/doesn't say .. all the physical and mental stuff. You ask, "is he ever going to return?". Maybe he never left. Just a thought. I would say that as long as you are able to keep a positive mind about Nick, and can love him even though he is not around, without it becoming a worry in any way, then yes - it is meant to be.

    Jason is another story. You are still "seeing" him so those energies are pulling you to him as you have a connection in the ways that are obvious. Do you still think he is flirting with you? I would keep a positive outlook there and maybe something can happen. As long as you aren't flunking out because you are longing for him. I am not picking up that your love interests are impacting your schooling now, so you must be handing these guy situations with great wisdom and restraint. "Say unto wisdom you are my sister." that is in proverbs somewhere. You sound like you are doing that. Wise.

    Below is a pic of this painting. It's kinda weird. It started out to be a painting of Glenda, the good witch of the North from the Wizard of Oz… then I went a little overboard on her eye shadow, and decided to call her "Splenda, the good witch of the South" since we never were shown her in the movie. ha ha. I think she has a little naughty streak as compared to her sister up north. It is 44" square. Acrylic on masonite. I am starting the next panel although I am still looking for my next subject…

    Thank you for that wonderful word from the Lord, that really blessed me. I have certainly strayed so far and wide, I don't know that I will ever find my way back to whatever spiritual home i left. He is the "good shepherd" though and is apparently in charge of rounding us all up so I'm sure he'll figure it out.

    Here is a word for you, how He sees you…

    I drew the Knight of Swords which tells me that the Lord sees you as quite the go-getter, very strong willed and decisive, and he is very impressed with how determined you are chasing your dreams. You have a sharp mind and a quick wit when you need to laugh, and he is proud of you in how well you have applied your intellect in your schooling. He says you have much to look forward to and he will bless all the work of your hands, your mind and your heart. You are the apple of His eye.

    I hope that said something to you, Danibo. I do get that God is very fond of you and has a wonderful life path for you, that you will love.

    Weather is turning colder here. We got some snow over the weekend, so I am looking out at some white. I think i would rather be looking out a warm tropical beach somewhere. The snow can be really pretty though so maybe will get out and look for some little snow scene landscapes and work on those. I always loved to paint outside.

    It doesn't rain here a whole lot. Not anything like Seattle. Winters can see a lot of cloudy days and snow though.

    As always a real treat to hear from you Danibo, I hope your week is great. I will be painting, maybe some tarot readings - and trying to decide on a career!

    Love and light,


  • Oh, you asked about "a Streetcar named desire", no I have not read that, however you have piqued my interest. I am currently reading a collection of short stories by Cordwainer Smith.

  • Hello Astra,

    I hope I find you well on this very early Sunday morning. It’s gloomy down here in LA. But at least thanksgiving is coming quick! 🙂

    Anyways, I feel as if we haven’t talked in ages. How are you? I see that you are very busy here, which I think can be a lovely thing, but also a burden! I hope you are not overwhelmed.

    My week was interesting. I’ve started chatting and exchanging readings with Jamie3. I’m sure you’ve seen the post. I think it’s good that we can practice on each other. So far, so good! 🙂 I also went to go see the psychic man on Friday. He told me that I will see Nick in person before Christmas, which sounds lovely! He told me though that I should send him an e-mail to see if I can start the communication back up. He says that Nick is scared to express himself to me, that’s why he’s holding back. I’m sure other girls have approached him in the manner I did, and he’s worried I’m going to hurt him like those other girls did. Well, time to prove him wrong! I do hope I hear from him soon though. I’m already trying to compose an e-mail that sounds suitable. I want to ask him out for coffee. We’ll see!

    I also had a job interview today with Banana Republic. Not sure if I got the job. Keep your fingers crossed!

    As November starts to wind up, and the holiday season kicks in, I hope you find yourself in a happy place. I know that I am somehow finding my way there. I’m sure you’ve already have! Any news you’d like to share? I’m sure you have some! By the way, how’s that possible university thing working out for you?

    Anyway, I hope you’ll consider going to church today. I know I need to! I have so many things to be thankful for this year that I think I should start early.

    I wish you a happy Sunday, and a happy week. Let me know if I can do any readings for you. I’ll be more than honored. (and maybe you could check on Nick just for fun? Haha)


    Dani Bo ❤

    (by the way, BEAUTIFUL painting! Have you seen Wicked? that's a spectacular show!)

  • Hi Danibo

    Thanks for your nice message. Your thoughts always make me reflect and so I ponder what you say for a time. Yes it does seem like a long passage of time, for some reason. I see you on the other threads and I don't poke around on those that much, I did read through some of that in the 'Exchange' thread with you and Jamie. I have to say Danibo you so have such a sweet gentle way with your words and the way you share is so lovely to me. I know your life will always be so kind and wise in your way of blessing others with your words and wisdom. And your Tarot interpretations are very wonderful.

    I am doing okay, weather is turned windery with some snow, although that is now melting off... I am busy, a little too busy maybe with the readings, that is my Capricorn nature to go charging up the mountain and not stop until I reach the summit - wherever that is!

    It sounds like you are getting good advice from your psychic as regards Nick. I think that is wonderful that you are still reaching out to him, and I know that email will be warmly received by him. I think you're right about him, some pain there from the past (Judgment) over something, like he felt really judged in previous relationships and is afraid that you may start judging him too. Your wise restraint has already show to him that you are sincere in your affections for him, and I just know the next time you reach out, you will be so pleasantly surprised with a message back! (The Magician) says that there is magic in the air, and anything's possible.

    I saw some billboards around town here, promoting something about St. Nick coming with a big sale or something! And every time I see that I think of you and Nick. One thing is for sure, there is one Nick you WILL see by Christmas, and as long as you are willing to stay up Christmas eve, you may even see him tip toe into your home, bearing some gifts ha ha!

    i hope you get the job! Banana Republic is cool... Eight of Wands looks like something fast happening there, good news I am sure!

    I share your wishes for a nice place to be in this holiday. I pray you will be so happy in whatever setting you are in, with family and friends. And Nick, let's pray! I am not sure what exactly will be going on with me, my head is kinda spinning as regards my own personal life, there is this situation with my wife that is now approaching a final decision, and so I am letting heaven work all that out. Not exactly the happiest place to be however I try hard to see a rainbow out there above and beyond everything.

    I am struggling (again) to paint, ugh.. I did that one painting and now I am right back to not feeling much for it again. I have been doing some photography though and have been sharing that online, in some ways that seems nicer to me right now than painting.

    I am trying to get back to church, have been going a few Sundays yet I already faced some 'issues' that make it more painful than helpful. You piqued my interest in the Catholic church so I started attending a parish near here and I have been enjoying it. Much different than the kinds of churches i used to go to. I even picked up a little catholic bible with a cool little charm or something on the zipper that says "Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." That sounds lovely, although I am not 100% sure I have recourse to her. I like to think I do. In the services I leave when they offer the communion as I am not a catholic and can't partake, and that sort of hurts as I have been baptized, not once, but Twice in my life! I wanted to make sure! I do love the mass though at least the part I have stayed for. I even did a sketch one Sunday of the interior while sitting there.

    I asked about you and Nick and drew the Four of Wands, so that is a wonderful encouragement for you Danibo, only happy and sweet things for you! Nice things ahead there.

    Wishing you a wonderful week Danibo, and please let me know about any reading requests you might have. Maybe I'll jump into that Exchange thread you are on, I should avail myself more of the great counsel from all of you here. I could use it 🙂

    Love and light, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope yours is very, very special.


  • Hello dear Astra! 🙂

    I hope I find you in a good state. I can’t believe it’s already going to be Christmas! This year has passed by very fast. Not too sure if that’s a good thing though. I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving 🙂 You seem to be over-booked with tarot reading requests! Hope you aren’t too overwhelmed.

    (I have final exams this week and the next, so I spent my holidays cramming! Haha)

    Anyways, I don’t want to bore you too much with my own woes. I’ve been pondering this situation again and again since I went to the psychic. I’ve come to a decision on when I finish school on the 8th, I’m going to send that last and final e-mail. I’m not too sure if I sound mean or too eager. I’m considering putting a tracker on it, just to see if he deletes it, or whatever. I don’t know…seems a bit unethical, but I feel that if I see that he actually did delete the message, then I have enough evidence for me to say “you know what Daniela, it’s time to just give up”. What do you think? Sound a bit too insaine? Haha I can’t make up my mind! (maybe you could pull a card about that? Haha).

    I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles right now, but I’m sure that the holiday spirit will make you cheerful once again! I hope that your art is keeping you happy right now. I’m glad to hear you are going back to church. Haha the Catholic Church…I’m surprised that I sparked some interest! I love the art and the structure of catholic churches…don’t you? I don’t know, I always find myself staring at the stain glass windows at least once during the mass. The art I think makes the church friendlier and gives it personality. I love that aspect so very much. Without the art, I don’t know if I would be happy to be going to church every Sunday! Haha. I understand you’re pain about communion. I personally think there is too much separation from all the different branches of Christianity. But whatever…I’ve met individuals who say that Catholics are cannibals! I don’t understand why each branch is so judgmental of the other. It makes no sense. You’re baptized in one, you should be baptized in them all, right?

    By the way, I’ve been experimenting will telling time with tarot cards and I found these videos (3 parts) that are really great! Take a look and let me know what you think about them. I’ve been trying to use it on Nick and when I should send the e-mail, but I hate doing readings for myself. They always come out weird! But anyways, take a look:

    (the guy does ramble a bit, but it’s worth listening to, in my opinion)

    I feel as if I should pull some cards for you. I prayed before, and asked the Lord what He feels like you should know. Let’s see..


    Oh good Lord, Astra! It’s evident from these cards that you are going through a tough time. The four of wands reversed indicates a lack of harmony in communication particularly in your family our household. Sound familiar? You are feeling uncertain about who and what you can and cannot depend on. You are going through a rough time of transition that’s causing unnecessary tension. The strength card here tells us that you have recently faced a setback that is making you question whether or not you yourself are on the right track to happiness. Your inner strength and courage is lacking right now and you are feeling rather inadequate and vulnerable. Now is the time to look to your willpower to lift you back up, and bring the positivity back into your life. The eight of swords reinforces these cards, expressing that you feel trapped and powerless to what’s going on around you.

    I also asked the Lord about your future, here is what He wants you to know:


    Okay Astra, this is the positive reinforcement that we need right now! The Lord wants YOU to know that THERE IS SOMEONE SPECIAL COMING FOR YOU VERY SOON! Why else would He have guided me to choose this card? There is a lucky lady who doesn’t even know shes going to meet an amazing guy who’s going to sweep her off her feet. This woman is going to be such a faith-booster for you, I can already see it. The ace of swords shows that your power that you feel you’ve lost in this sticky situation with return full blast. You will soon again be strong in mind, heart, body, and soul. You will breakthrough into the new Astra!

    So please keep your head up. The good Lord has some great things planned out for you, all you gotta do is fight this fight, and make it through the smoke. There’s a rainbow at the end, I promise!

    AND with my newfound “time telling tarot” skills from this video, I want to see WHEN this woman is going to enter you’re life. Are you ready? Haha let’s see…

    1. Will Astra be meeting this woman by the end of the year? – TWO OF CUPS, yes you are Astra!

    2. Will Astra be meeting her towards the end of December? – NINE OF PENTACLES, yes you will!

    3. Which day of the week will Astra be meeting this woman on the last week of December? – QUEEN OF CUPS, you will be meeting this woman most likely on December 29th, the last Thursday of December!

    Isn’t this time telling thing so cool! Watch the video and you’ll understand. The cards all made perfect sense for you, so I feel as if this is correct! Let’s see the outcome of this, shall we?

    Anyways, I hope I’ve given you something to think about. Let me know how the time telling thing goes for you. I might ask you the date I might see Nick 😉 haha.

    Have a wonderful week. Keep those spirits up! You’ll be in my prayers.


    Dani Bo ❤

  • ugh stupid link doesn't work! here, type this into youtube:

    Telling time with Tarot cards, Part 1

    The username for the guy is john ballantrae001. Enjoy! ❤

  • Hi Danibo

    Your message was really nice, as always. I appreciate the reading, thank you so much for taking the time to do that.

    Yeah Thanksgiving was nice, we ate out. I got to look out the window overlooking a beautiful river and at the office building where I used to work. It brought back many wonderful memories. I miss a lot of the people from there. A lot of friends i left behind there I guess.

    I hope your finals and all that are going well, I guess you are wrapping that up now. I know you will do really well. In spite of being a little distracted by boy interests ha ha. So it sounds like you want to send Nick another email and I think you should - follow your heart! A "tracker" sounds like fun too! I am sure he will read your email though! What guy wouldn't?

    The Catholic services have been... interesting. You are right. The church is beautiful and they have a lot of nice art. The church has always been (or used to be) a supporter of the arts. Of course not too much of that any more, or I guess as long as I was painting art of Mary and Jesus and Paul I might have a shot at being supported by the church, I should talk to the Priest at the Catholic church I have been going to and see if they would like to show support for an artist and buy my painting of Splenda the good witch. I didn't see too many paintings of good witches and fairies and unicorns in the church. I guess that isn't part of their religion? SIgh... maybe one day the Catholic church will be more open to other forms of art than art of Jesus and the cross and Mary the virgin. Until then I guess I will look elsewhere for patrons. LIke ebay. ha ha.

    I do enjoy the atmosphere and the nice monologues by the father (pastor? Priest? Vicar? Bishop? not sure what they call him), and I like that fountain of water as you walk in, that is cool. Although one day I put my finger in it to then make a cross (is that what you are supposed to do)? And I got shocked! Static electricity I guess. Either that or I have some sin in me that God wanted to deal with.

    Your reading was great thank you so much. A lady by the end of the year huh? Sounds good to me. Maybe she'll be under the Christmas tree for me, with a bow on her head ha ha. I would like that. I would love to unwrap her. Your reading gives me hope.

    I watched that timing video it was indeed very interesting, although I still am not too keen with the timing thing in tarot.

    I think the good Lord would rather have trust and not be too concerned with time. It does seem to be constant question though... when... when... when... hey, maybe we could use the Tarot to nail down when Jesus Christ is going to return? ha ha... of course the Catholic bible says that no man knoweth the day nor the hour when he will come back. Maybe the week though?

    Thanks Danibo for the links and your reading, it did bless me.

    Wishing you well with your school, your studies, your finals, your dreams and your chasing (and having a relationship) with Nick. I do hope he comes for you soon.

    Here is a reading for you Danibo....

    Three of Cups - you will be celebrating something soon, it is emotional in nature.

    The Lovers - well, now we know what the celebration is about.

    Nine of Pentacles - you are secure and materially secure.

    Seven of Cups - Dreams of love...

    Six of Cups - a love from the past, memories of love.

    Knight of Cups - is this Nick? You are getting a lot of Cups Daniboi this is good.

    Knight of Pentacles - another knight! So there are two guys after you.

    Seven of Cups again - who will it be ? Maybe Jason is one of them!

    Four of pentacles - now another pentacle... this is a pattern with you... love, love, material... then back to love, love, love.... material...

    Chariot - something coming for you really soon, sweeping you away!

    Ace of Wands - WOW! A very hot start in something, life, love, spirit, a new venture, a new path opens for you, and it is exciting.

    Six of Swords - this leads you away to new lands you hadn't dreamed of before, a far shore that you have longed to go to. Travel is indicated.

    Four of cups - another cup - this one is a little sad.. you have pinned so much hope in relationship, you know how intimacy should work, you know what love is supposed to be like and yet the results, well they haven't always lived up to your expectations. Look at that though Danibo... from the heavens... a hand extending down to you, a love you have longed for since you were a little girl... innocent... caring and trustworthy... holding you in highest regard and tenderness.

    And every cup you have ever seen in your life, and every card of love, and ever rose you have ever seen... leads you to this man of your dreams... and I know he will soon be at your side Danibo...

    I can't think of a more deserving lady than you to receive the most beautiful, the kindest, the deepest, the sweetest relationship that has ever been upon this earth

    than you.

    I pray it's Nick.

    Or Jason, ha ha

    My love and light,

    dear Danibo

  • Hello dear Astra! : )

    As Christmas draws near, I hope you are doing well, and are feeling the Christmas spirit! I always love this time of year. It’s so joyful, don’t you agree? I don’t know…I always think the end of the year is the happiest time of all.

    Anyways, I’m finally done with school. And of course, I came down with a cold because I’ve been so stressed out. I guess all those long study sessions got the best of me, but it’s all good. I’m glad it’s over. I also decided to send Nick one last e-mail this past Thursday. Here’s hoping he’ll respond. So far, no response, but I’m trying my best not to dwell on it. I didn’t put a tracker just because I was worried he might be able to see it! Haha. Keep your fingers crossed. Let’s hope this all works out. I want just one more meeting with him, and I think that will be enough to show me if all this worry was worth it.

    I thought those timing videos were interesting. I’ve attempted to use it several times, but I have yet to see if they are accurate. I hope the reading I did for you was correct. I really want you to find someone, Astra. I think that would be a lovely Christmas present for you! How has everything been going for you, Astra? I feel as if we haven’t talked in a while. I hope everything’s going smoothly for you!

    Thanks for the reading, I really appreciate it! Here’s hoping Nick will answer this e-mail, and here’s hoping you’ll run into a lovely lady by the end of the year. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

    (I’m trying to keep this message short and sweet. I see you are swamped here with readings!)

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Hope the weather up there is tolerable. It’s been rainy down here in LA! I don’t know how much longer I can bear it!


    Dani Bo ❤

  • Hi Danibo

    Congrats on getting through your school and now a well-deserved break for you as Christmas is here! I am sri to hear you came down with something that is a bummer. Yes, Christmas is beautiful and very joyful. I am looking at a little tree with lights here in the living room and it is very pretty.

    I am glad you reached out to Nick, good for you. I still have the highest hopes for you and he to get together! I have my fingers crossed for you and I am wishing hard that something could still happen with the two of you. I will agree with you to have this next meeting with him. I am praying praying that this can happen somehow!

    Okay on the timing videos, I know my efforts at timing are not something I depend on. I tend to favor a "the less I know the better" approach. I loved your reading for me, it is wonderful and I am in total agreement that something wonderful happen for Christmas in the love dept. Who could turn that gift down?

    As for my own life, I am feeling a little spread thin lately... too many readings maybe and I have also been doing more painting, so all together it has me a little worn out. And then relationship concerns on top of it... and finances... sigh, someday all of this will be figured out and I can be at peace with my life. How about you? Do you have any special plans for the holidays?

    Okay well I hope you get all your shopping done and time with your family and friends is very nice for you this season. I'll be sure to let you know if I need anything... and anything I can do for you as well... blessings and Christmas love to you...


  • Dear Astra! : )

    First off, 2012! How are you? I hope you’ve had a wonderful and happy holiday season! Anything new that’s been happening with you? I hope very much that your quality of life has gotten much better. Maybe you’ve found some love? Please say you have!

    As for me…yes, I go back to school next week. Boo! Haha. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing tarot readings on another website that’s really great. It’s called aeclectic tarot. It’s really wonderful. I haven’t heard from Nick yet. I sent him an e-mail about a month ago. But it’s okay. I think I’ve successfully put him in the back of my mind. And just like you do with your sweetheart from the past, I wish him well every single day, and pray that maybe we will see each other again one day.

    I have however found myself involved in a love triangle! Haha. From what I’ve heard, two guys at my church have little crushes on me. Oy vey! I find it hard to tell if they are really sincere. One’s name is David, and the other is Ivan. I can’t seem to tell which one is the best option for me (if I decide to pursue one of them). Maybe you could pull some cards here to tell me a whether Ivan or David actually does “like” me, or which one is the better choice? ; ) You’re the best!

    Anyways, I pray that your painting and everything is going smoothly, and I hope you’ve had a great start to 2012.

    I want to do a little reading for you, if you don’t mind. I found this clever new years love spread on the other tarot forum I’m on, and I found that it’s really great when I’ve used it. Let’s see…

    1. Court Card - Who will be most influential to your love life in 2012? – THE QUEEN OF SWORDS.

    Seems like a very independent and logical woman is going to enter your life this year. The Queen of Swords represents the sternness of a mature intellect, which is devoid of emotion. In mythology, the feminine is associated with emotion, yet in this card the woman is stern and composed, and without much feeling. This card therefore represents the intellect’s ability to judge and discern impartially, without the influence of emotion or sentimentality. She likes to know the how, what, why, where, when and who of everything to help her make sense of her environment and to better understand others. It is not that she does not care about others but she connects to other people through an intellectual understanding rather than an emotional understanding. She will probably not be a woman you would expect to attract, for I consider you Astra as a very emotional and intuitive person (as the king of cups!). However, I think her personality will compliment yours. She will be the yin to your yang, so to speak. I hope she comes sooner than later into your life! (Unless she already has! Know anyone like this who you are interested in?).

    2. Major - What major lesson will you learn this year in regards to love? – THE EMPRESS, REVERSED.

    Reversed, the Empress suggests a loss of personal power through placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting your own. The reversed position of this card deals with indecisiveness concerning others and confusion about the direction a relationship may be taking. You may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. The reason for this lack of harmony is likely to be within you and therefore introspection is required. The Empress reversed suggests that you are feeling very challenged because you do not have an avenue to express your true thoughts and feelings and you are obliged to bottle a lot of it up inside. Have you got a close friend in whom you can confide? You need to share your feelings with someone so that you can understand them and get in touch with your inner self. This card can also suggest a dependence on other people’s feelings. I think the advice to be taken from this card is that this year, you will learn how to take more care and consideration in your own feelings than always focusing on other’s. This year is about you, and your personal growth.

    3. Ace - What new beginning, opportunity and potential is there for your love life in 2012? – THE ACE OF PENTACLES.

    The Ace of Pentacles, like the Aces of the other suits, is representative of new beginnings, fresh energy, and inspiration. In this case, the Pentacles are equivalent to the alchemical element of Earth, and therefore symbolise the material world and things associated with matter and the body. Pentacles also represent money and the financial concerns that you may have at the time of your reading. Thus, the Ace of Pentacles indicates the beginning of new energy and revitalized interest in the material or financial areas of your life. This card may represent the beginning of new investments or the willingness to undertake a new business venture. There is also the possible indication of a legacy or influx of money from an unexpected source. The Ace of Pentacles heralds a feeling of prosperity and abundance and should be accepted joyfully. It is a very positive card in general. The Ace of Pentacles is symbolic of wealth, not just in the financial sense but also in a more holistic sense. You may see new opportunities come your way to generate a new source of income, or you may be lucky enough to receive a financial gift or windfall. On a broader level, this Ace indicates abundance in all areas of your life and a general feeling that you are indeed blessed and deserving of everything that comes your way. Operate by the Law of Attraction, and send out positive energy into the Universe so that you may receive abundance in return. The Ace of Pentacles is about manifestation of your goals, and that you are moving into a more positive state of mind about what you are capable of achieving. Your ideas are ready to be turned into something tangible. Figure out what will work and make it a reality. Thus, the Ace of Pentacles sees you starting to map out how exactly you will achieve your goals, by creating targeted action plans and getting those actions underway. There are opportunities that are becoming available to you that will help you to manifest your goals and realize your inner potential, whilst at the same time generate some level of income and financial support. You are beginning to see that the world is indeed your oyster and that through careful planning, you can manifest your true goals and desires. Sounds like a great year for finances and new beginnings! YAY!

    4. Suited card - What advice does the tarot have for you about your love life in 2012? – TEN OF PENTACLES.

    As a Ten, the Ten of Pentacles is such a great sign that despite challenges and setbacks along the way, you will finally reach a point of completion and accomplishment in your journey. This sense of accomplishment is likely to be as a result of an improved career path, more solid financial reserves, a stable home environment and a possible committed and long-term relationship. This is one of those cards that shows that everything will eventually come together in a wonderful way and you will feel highly successful and proud of everything you have achieved. You will also feel compelled to share this success with others to ensure that they are also well cared for. From what this card is sharing with us, it is easy to say that this year, all those heartaches will come to make sense to you, for you will find someone who will make you feel wonderful, and truly loved. Isn’t this great?

    I hope this reading gave you some hope : ) You have a wonderful 2012 ahead of you Astra, and I hope that as the year continues we will both find a lot of joy and contentment to come.

    Lots of love,

    Dani Bo ❤

    (this thread is getting mighty long! haha)

  • just wanted to bump it up so you will see my reading for you on the last post. I thought you had missed it! 🙂

  • Hi DaniBo!

    Happy New year to you!!!!!

    I am sri I have dragged my feet responding to your reading, I have been busy (too much maybe!) And I just had a tooth pulled couple days ago so that had me sort of out of it there for a while ugh..., and I have delayed responding to your amazing reading until I felt more calm, settled and physically at peace. So, now I feel so much better and THANK YOU so very much for this reading it is absolutely wonderful!

    Your reading echoed everything I have been feeling for quite some time. While all of the pieces are not completely revealed to me yet, I am beginning to see signs of how the 'pain' of the past has played a part in moving my into my next phase which I finally feel is now getting under way in a deep and profound way. Your reading really captured that!~

    1. This influential Queen of Swords? Yeah, I know who that is. At least I am about 98.6% certain 😉 I could be wrong however she has always been that to me, with a profound intellect and very wise from what I could gather. Should providence bring her across my path this year (or in the next hour ha ha!) again I know I would be greatly blessed in so many positive ways, as she does have such a insightful and keen mind and heart. So I am praying that can happen, and will be as patient as I can be awaiting this Queen's presence.

    I just did another reading for myself, a love relationship outlook, using a different deck called the Cartouche, and it also pointed to this same Queen (although she is signified by the NEPHTHYS card in the Cartouche. A very psychic and transcendent female is how this card expresses her, very mysterious and almost living in a higher realm. Sort of like the High Priestess of the Tarot!

    So I can only say YAY! to this potential of her showing - Oh Lord, make it so!

    2. Major lesson - yes, Empress reversed says it all DaniBo. You really captured some painful lessons that I have had to learn the hard way. I always see the Empress as Mother Earth as well, taking care of our planet and focusing on adopting wise stewardship of resources. Wow, have I neglected that so much which I am very sad over due to some personal connections that have not exactly made that an easy energy to adopt.

    Yes, getting more in touch with my own feelings. You are so right I have kept so much bottled up for so many years that I am at the bursting point! I have journaled so much in my life and I guess that sort of took the place of personal interaction with others, as my efforts to connect with people on an emotional level simply never worked, and I kind of gave up... and went within, bottling it all up. So I am really looking forward to this year being a time of discovery as I find I can safely open up to others without expecting to be hurt in the process... that is my inner journey now. SO you really caught that focus really well for me!

    3. New beginnings and potential in love... Ace of Pentacles - well, there again that seems to be the mounting energy with my life now. I am realizing a new start in some material ways, work related I guess you could say, creative and expressive as I establish what I believe amounts to a new business venture. Although it is starting out small, I hope it can grow over time into something that will really help others. Also have been taking some steps toward going back to school and obtaining a degree, perhaps in psychology, although that seems like such a long process. But I know in my heart I would love to help people in their lives, understand themselves and their relationships... I know that has been the hardest path for me... simply understanding ME... so maybe this is all working together into this new start in practical and financial blessings that will move me forward.

    I do see this somehow all connected with love as well, as my heart would LOVE to share whatever success comes my way with a companion who is a part of all that in some beautiful way. She would be my inspiration and I would be expressing her as much as me in these new beginnings in material and practical work and service.

    4. And the TEN of Pentacles - wow! That is a fantastic card and seems to echo what you just pointed out in the Ace... so the Ace and then the Ten seems to say that whatever gets started in the Ace takes on speed quick (although nothing usually happens fast with Pentacles), however it seems to say beginnings and fulfillment within one year, so that sounds like a lot of pieces fall into place QUICK and bring to a conclusion something in material, love and perhaps even a new family that IU can be very excited and proud about!

    What a fantastic reading DaniBo you really lifted my heart and I think you have such a gift there, I am truly in awe! You GO!

    I am still working through some personal relationship issues, as one phase has/is now ending. I may be moving soon back east to spend some time with my mom and sister(s), and hope that will be a time for me to readjust to life in a more singular way... regain my bearings, and also gives some others a chance to adapt as well. This past few months especially have been extremely trying as these relationship issues are resolved. The good news is that the Universe has smoothed it all out in some amazing (dare I say miraculous!) ways, and tempers are not flaring as they once did, but we are remaining quite peaceful and supportive and sweet as much as possible. Which is saying a lot in relationship. A testimony to the grace of God and the Universe.

    I do feel that for now my art making efforts are not the focus. I do some occasional drawing however the energies associated with that feel "old" if you catch that meaning? A lot of "past issues" all connected with art and me, and not all of that is positive, so I have a careful sort of walking on eggshells feeling anytime I start in with art. Not so with the occult world! I love these energies and always come away so lifted up and at peace. It could very well be that the art for me will come back in some way, perhaps as this Ace of Pentacle energy comes in stronger and with the right setting. Could be good! However for now it is more of a back burner thing as the focus still continues to be more in the cards and more of a counseling/service energy rather than a "what can I make" energy. I have been sewing some tarot cloths from silk though, and who knows maybe that can be my "tent making" activity (like Paul had in the book of Acts)

    Okay! Let me take a look at you and see what we can discover in your situation!

    I guess you back in school now? I hope all of your holiday experience was wonderful and you feel a renewed and vibrant energy in your life with your educational/career pursuit. I know this year will be VERY fulfilling for you in so many ways, I get that you will find a new balance between your love life and your schooling so that all will harmonize and be sweet for you.

    So, Nick. Well, you have followed your heart with that gentleman and he is at the mercy of Heaven now. How do you feel about him? Is the 'connection' beginning to mellow a little with him? It sounds like you are finding some new love interest in the air - and two suitors! Wow, you are certainly in the radar screen there at your church! So, let's see what the Tarot has for you there.

    You will be the Queen of Cups in this reading how does that sound? I will always think of you in that way I am sure, your heart is really singing for love to come your way, and all the other creatures in the forest are well aware of your song! And so is the Universe, so there is great preparation underway to bring your chosen companion, perfect for you, into your life! You will be thrilled I know as that falls into place. Who will it be! Oh my! I don't know! Nick seems to be too busy doing cruise ship work for now! So we will let him simmer on the ship's galley back burner... while you continue being very open to whatever brightest and best new developments are in store for you! You are on path for sure, keeping yourself open to others, and that will really work for you this year!

    Let's look at your love triangle...

    "...two guys at my church have little crushes on me. I find it hard to tell if they are really sincere. One’s name is David, and the other is Ivan. I can’t seem to tell which one is the best option for me (if I decide to pursue one of them). Maybe you could pull some cards here to tell me a whether Ivan or David actually does “like” me, or which one is the better choice?"

    We'll first address the sincerity question.

    1. What are the energies telling us about David's sincerity?

    Page of Swords - Well, pages are generally very innocent so I want to say Yes, he us sincere. This page can be a little mischievous though. A talker, thinker and very, very curious about you. This tells me David is thinking about you a lot, and would really like to get something going with you. He wants to know more about you. I could easily see an invite for a date very soon. Swords though... watch yourself. Not that he is up to anything, I would simply be patient and firm, and let the Universe guide this relationship as is best, take it slow and easy, Swords need to be reigned in once in a while, so don't hesitate to do that and keep him on his toes. You could be a good influence on him to develop his emotional life more.

    2. What are the energies telling us about Ivan's sincerity? Seven of Cups. This is nice! I see Ivan's heart is certainly in the right place, he is simply dreaming of something with you and imagining many things, possibilities with you. He appears to be a more emotional person than David, so you might be able to connect with him easier emotionally. However, as emotional guys can be a handful (I speak from first hand experience as I am one!) you could find that you really have to reign him in some... he could be one of those guys that has one date and then "hears God" and tells you that the Lord wants you two be married. Ha ha... hey it happens! I see his "sincerity quotient" way up there though... he is certainly a dreamer and you may find some pleasant times sharing back and forth about your goals and wishes for life.

    Now let's ask, which one would be the better option for DaniBo?

    1. David - Eight of Swords - Uh oh. This is not a real pretty card to see with David in answer to this question. I think Heaven is telling you to keep shopping, however this may not be all bad. Who knows, you might be put into a position to help this swordsman abandon some of his reliance on his brilliant mind, and follow his heart more. Of course, you didn't ask me, "which guy am I called to minister to", so I can only say that so far we want to move on and take a look at Ivan - pretty quick.

    2. Ivan - Knight of Cups (reversed) - Now, I will tell you up front DaniBo that I tend not to read reversed cards, however I will signify that it did come up reversed and see if that actually means anything.

    The Knight of Cups, is all charm and romance so I can tell you right now that this man looks to be a much better option for you DaniBo! He must really be a very romantic guy and I'll bet you will really get some wonderful lovely attention from him. My book with this deck (Mystic dreamer Tarot) says when the knight is reversed that he can be prove to moodiness or depression, so take that as you will. Regardless he is all about LOVE so if you pursue something with him, expect the emotional energies to ramp up pretty quick... He sounds like a really sweet guy. What do you think of him?

    Next, we'll ask do these guys really "like" you?

    1. David - The Devil (reversed) Uh oh again DaniBo... and in church! Oh my... I think I would ask to see some ID or something. Ha ha, I tell you what, I think this is simply saying he not only "likes" you, he really, really would like to like you more - if you catch my drift. So according to this card there is definitely some "primal" energy associated with this Christian gentleman, and I am sure... in the right context... it could be fun. However I am thinking when you ask does he really "like" me, you are looking for what is heart feels for you, instead of what his hands feel for you ;). So yes, he likes you however I think you are looking for a higher kind of like.

    So... let's see now does Ivan really like you...

    2. Nine of Wands - and the Two of Wands - Hmm... a sign that he is perhaps a wounded soul and may be seeing you as an angel of comfort or something. He has love on his mind though as we have seen in the seven and knight of cups, however this feels like he wants to get with you for A) comfort and B) just to see what happens. Could be fun.

    I drew the Seven of Cups again and the Ace of Pentacles, so I am getting that he really wants to get with you to try and stir up the "really like me" by hanging out more, and that Ace tells me he sees you as someone he could see developing something with. I think he is pretty wrapped up in an emotional kind of fairy tale land and may like just about every girl he sees. However I do sense that he sees you as someone very special and would like to soend time with to explore some connections.

    I don't want to give up on David though! Just because we drew the Devil card in church... maybe that is okay, I mean the Devil IS in the bible! So let me draw another card or two to see what all is happening with David.

    King of Cups, and the Temperance card for David. So yes, I see he does have some strong feelings, however they are sort of swirling around in some more passionate primal energies that could be a hot potato for you... I guess it is up to you... keep a fire extinguisher handy when you go out with him. Temperance is a card of an angel flowing something back and forth, so I do get that he sees you as someone with wings and very attractive, and no doubt he would love to ask you out.

    I would be expecting both of these great guys to be chasing you asking you out, I think very soon you will have your hands full... could be a nice 'problem' to have, although you have your school work to stay focused on too! You'll do the right thing I know... how wonderful to have these guys after you though! That has to feel really nice after Nicholas and his inability to type one simple message to you, like "Hey DaniBo, thanks for the nice note! Love, Nick!"

    I mean, how hard would that have been? Sheesh... Oh well, I see very soon you are probably going to gave most of the eligible bachelors at church dropping love notes in the offering plate for you to pick up... you certainly deserve that, to be desired and loved. This will be YOUR YEAR for love DaniBo I see that for you...

    I drew one more card for you, and that is the FIve of Cups - which says expect some nice CHANGES in your love life DaniBo!!!! I am sure wishing that for you and know you will find that which your heart longs for...

    love and light ...and I wish you the loveliest year in your relationships and school and spiritual journey!


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