AstraAngel! :)

  • Hey DaniBo

    Thanks for your patience.

    Wow your birthday is tomorrow, that is wonderful! And you are studying for an exam and no party or friends or anything? That does seem a little, well like it could be better for you. We should ask that Heaven turns that around for you, and brings something nice your way. Amen. I will be expecting something nice for you tomorrow. I am not near L.A. I wish I was, I would come over there and help you with the candles or something. And sing happy birthday to you. Maybe we would harmonize, who knows. 🙂

    And then we are back to Nick. This is very telling DaniBo. I saw this in our previous session, how you are really in love with the highest ideals of love. That is happening for you. That is why you refuse not to give up on the feelings you have for him. Because they are your feelings for him, something you have given birth to, a beautiful energy of unconditional love and that is such a divine expression of love. Now most would say to never allow that to happen, "fall in love with love". It is for each to decide.

    I am trying to connect the dots here, you are very drawn to him, your heart is connected to him in a very beautiful way. This place I will tell you of that I see for you, is very beautiful... so lovely, it does ask for your faith though. Right before I sat down here, I was drawing cards, I thought for myself. The FOOL and the TEN of CUPS ... and at the time I did not now know what it meant. Now I know.

    These cards are for you my Dear. The Fool and the Ten of Cups. And you know what that tells me DaniBo, is that you are either now, or soon will be, in a beautiful, true, love relationship... and that this something is very, very beautiful. More beautiful than anything I can describe. The Fool paired like this with that CUps Ten says a strong romance coming for you.

    Is it Nick? I sure hope it is! I can tell you that whatever feelings you have for him are very beautiful and should be respected. He is probably closer to you than you realize.

    I have to run out real quick, and will circle back on the rest of your post. We are going to get this working for you! Hang in there... 🙂

  • alright, thanks AstraAngel. I'll wait for your next response...I have my anatomy book to keep me occupied while I wait. 🙂 I hope you've got some more heart-lifting news about Nick and school.

    Love, DaniBo. ❤

  • DaniBo,

    I hear you. I still see something magnificent coming (or already upon you, at least the energies are strong), received similar cards while thinking about you...

    The Fool (again)

    The Nine of Cups

    The Three of Cups

    the High Priestess


    The King of Cups

    I think you need to stay ready, something very nice coming for you. i can't really give you anything specific to "do" regarding NIck, my sense is that this matter is very much in Heaven's hands now, however it is obvious to me that this situation has Heaven's blessing... at least the Tarot says that!

    I would be as patient and resolute as possible in a calm center of yourself. Relax, light some candles, put on some sensual, (is that a bad word here? 🙂 nice music, and take a nice hot bubble bath. And believe with your heart that nice things are coming for you. And they are! I see that for you.

    It has a purpose, you are NOT wasting your time, you have every reason to expect miracles to occur on your behalf. No one ever won true love giving up part way through the journey... you have made a great start, now you must finish the course! So I know matters will work out with you and him. How exactly I am not sure... Three of Swords... this matter is not open to my view. I am not allowed to look any further on that at this time.

    As for your schooling, Ten of Wands, I can see that is really weighing heavy on you.

    And the Ace of Cups.

    I'll be honest with you, I see something nice happening where your schooling might be pre-empted by this love development! That is what I see. The abrupt change from the Ten Wands immediately back to the Cups. You have something serious going on in your heart DaniBo, this Ace would not have turned up unless that were true.

    And the Page of Swords, so there is a message coming your way. I believe whatever this message is will help you relax more about your school work... I think that is a part of the issue here... your mind is wandering I see... you try to focus on the anatomy (which part? 🙂 and you think of Nick... and candlelight, and kisses, and being loved the way you deserve. I can imagine those thoughts are not helping you study for your tests. Oh well.

    Four of Pentacles and Two of Cups. So it is obvious... the material concerns of school vs. this love life you see yourself in. Any other person would probably advise you to get Nick out of your mind asap and (somehow) focus completely on school... I thought that at first. In your situation I see something different now. You need to explore these feelings you have for him... they are heavenly and very sacred.

    Two of Swords. All is quiet.

    Keep me posted.

    Love, Astra

    P.S. I will be watching tomorrow, and I will be there for your birthday extravaganza!... in spirit at least, and I will look forward to singing Happy Birthday to you. Now you go take that bubble bath.

  • AstraAngel,

    Thanks for those cards. I really appreciate it! 🙂 And also thanks for the warm birthday wishes. When I got up this morning, I was extremely happy, and I couldn't tell why...but now I can. I can feel your kind presence, and I can feel Nick right by my side. I don't know why I can feel him here, but he is. Hopefully he's out there half way across the world wondering why he's thinking about me today. I know what I'm wishing for on my birthday candles 😉

    I'm glad you see something good coming for me when I don't! haha I just wish....I just wish that I KNEW what Nick was thinking, you know? It would make me feel ten times more calm about this situation. But I guess I'll just have to wait until October to see what happens. If you say that you see something good, I believe you.

    With school too...I'm glad you see something good. It's hard balancing school with all these thoughts about Nick. But I guess thinking about Nick allows me to zone-out from the real world and have a few minutes to daydream about happy things.

    Can I ask you two more questions. I'm sorry! I know your busy, so I'll be patient. 🙂

    2- So....from your perspective, do you think i'll make it into the nursing program this year, or will I have to be there for five years?

    3- and one question about Nick...I know you mentioned you can't see anymore into this issue, but I want to see if the Heavens will give you one last peek.....What's your vibe on him contacting me when he returns? good or bad?

    Thanks AstraAngel. I already know I'm going to have a great birthday because of you! 🙂

    Thanks for all the help.


    DaniBo ❤

  • DaniBo,

    Oh I see, you want the Tarot to probe his heart and see what he is feeling for you? We can do that.

    First though, let's look at question 2, about getting into the nursing program this year, vs. an extended stay on the order of 5 years.

    I received the Two of Wands, and the Sun

    So this is question #2, and there is a 2 of wands (wands connecting to life and career decisions, directions, paths, life purpose, your passion) so this says YES to me, you will get in no problem. And the Sun says happy, happy so this all sounds wonderful to me! The Two of Wands (of all the Wands) is a very sweet gentle kind of path, where it fits you nicely. You are making a choice about something else too right now... not sure what that is.

    On the deck I am using at the moment (The Mystic Dreamer deck which is really beautiful), shows a lady in the first card with a moon, and in the next she has the sun. The architecture in the first card also feels like it is on a college campus, so yes it looks like you make it in this year, no problem!

    Okay, back to your original request, which I take to mean "what is he thinking about you?"

    And this is what I drew...

    Ace of Cups, the Six of Swords, Five of Wands and the Four of Wands, Seven of Swords and the Chariot

    Okay, this looks like he is lonely, and does think about you. He's holding something right now like he's counting, counting the days to get to the US to see you... It is foggy where he is on the ocean right now. He is really looking forward to getting to land and having some fun, like in a party setting that sort of thing. He has you most assuredly in mind, the four wands in this deck shows a couple standing and smiling at each other while standing in front of a castle. this is a wonderful card to see here. And the moon shines down on all of these cards, very pretty. So there is a strong romantic, emotional energy here that is very nice, do you feel that? On his end, there is a lot of wands and sword energy, so I think he is in the midst of some significant challenges he is being prepared I think for a next life phase change or similar (we drew no major arcana so the sense is that is coming).

    The Seven of Swords tells me that while he is thinking of you he also carries a sense of guardedness in love, so you should keep that in mind as you talk with him... and why wait until he returns? You can talk to him now as I feel he is somehow near you, almost like an angel. When I say talk to Nick, I am trying to convey a beautiful communion with an angel that he reminds of you of perhaps... your guardian angel, or something of Heaven to you. Let your angel fill the place that Nick left for you... do you see? Then you can begin to communicate with him heart to heart, and those energies do go forth! So he will hear you somehow, talking to him, deep down, and you should develop a feeling as well as to what he is whispering to you. The focus though is on your Guardian Angel or a spiritual companion is another way to say it. And that will help you focus more on the spiritual aspect of the relationship and the outward manifestation of the relationship will come in the right time. The Chariot also tells me that whatever this situation is with him is apparently something that will carry you rather helplessly along, and you can only relax and let the universe move you rapidly toward your goal.

    Whew! That was a lot... let's move on to your #3 question also about him...

    I received the Three of Swords. Don't panic. We'll figure out a way to make this a happy Yes! When in doubt, always draw another card and keep going until you get the answer you want is my motto!

    The Nine of Swords... we keep going

    and, The Three of Cups!

    At last, we have the right answer! Of course he will call you! 🙂

    Do you see DaniBo?

    How bad do YOU want him to contact you, is the message? The focus here has been in the wrong place... Nick... we need to shift the focus to DaniBo. This is YOUR life you are creating DaniBo, based on your deep heart longings and desires... whatever it is what makes you special, your unique twist on life, how you see your life unfolding, and how love should work for YOU... this is your answer... focusing over Nick's absence will not place you in touch with the ocean of positive love-energy within you as you move your eyes to "things above". Which is to say, moving your eyes within... your deepest heart yearning for true love... which is where you really live.

    I know, you are probably looking for a simple yes or no, and look at me... I can never pass up the opportunity to expand on your questions 😉 -

    The Ace of Swords... I believe that will do it for now.

    And Happy Birthday to you DaniBo! That is wonderful, I can hear your heart singing....

  • AstraAngel,

    wow! thanks for another great reading! I really appreciate it! 🙂 I'm glad you see a good outcome with my schooling. that makes me very happy.

    It also excites me to hear that he apparently is counting down the days until he returns to Los Angeles. That seriously brightened up my birthday so much! I have been communicating with him today....I can't stop smiling because I feel him so close to me. It's crazy! haha. I am beyond enthused at the thought of seeing him again in person.

    I just hope that he doesn't wait too long to get back in contact with me, but I guess we'll see. It's already the end of September....and he's supposedly returning between October 7th and the keep your fingers crossed! 😉 I'm trying to send him lovely vibes so he won't hesitate to call!

    I know....I should be more focused on ME instead of him, but in my eyes, he's the one who's controlling the situation. I've already sent him two e-mails....and that was pushing it. I can't appear desperate, and he needs to make an effort if he really wants this to work. So that's why I keep bothering you about Nick's opinions because, well, right now he hasn't given me the clearest pictures on whether or not he wants to even see me again, you know?

    Ahhh AstraAngel! Why can't the Heavens be more forgiving when it comes to love? So many people suffer over it....and it seems so unnecessary!

    If you sense or see anything else that has to do with Nick, let me know! I just am somewhat annoyed that he supposedly wants to see me, yet he doesn't email me back! haha

    Have a wonderful sunday!


    DaniBo ❤ ❤ ❤

  • DaniBo,

    He has not contacted you yet? Wait a minute... you said you were communicating with him. That sounds like a "Contact" wouldn't you say? 🙂

    You are on the right path, this is nice... Here I will see about channeling something from the future for you. I wanted to leave you with something nice to dream about tonight... a little birthday gift for you... imagine you can see into the future a bit, after you are reunited with Nick. Maybe a couple of weeks or so, almost like you are watching a movie... (I drew the Two of Pentacles and it looks like this guy has like a movie reel of film he's juggling!)... so imagine.............................

    (Open on DaniBo and Nick walking down the Bali beach, the sun is setting and there are seagulls... they are walking about three feet apart, not holding hands. Camera opens on Nick full in your face with the sun bright around his head like a halo, he is whispering...)

    DaniBo, hey baby, is that you?

    (Quick cut to DaniBo she is blinking like in the sun... sunglasses to the side of your head, sand)

    "Hey Nick... yeah... hey, this is, um different."

    (Cut back to Nick, and he looks down the beach either direction...)

    Yes, it is the way of wonders DaniBo...

    (And then he looks up to the evening skies and squints... then looks slowly back to DaniBo... after a pause...)

    ...and I am your companion ...Your door.

    (Beautiful orchestral strings in the background enter now, very soft and slowly becoming louder)

    (Now we are seeing them walking down the beach together. And now they are holding hands... we are seeing them from the back and overhearing the conversation)

    "Wow, you are even cuter than when I first saw you! How was the voyage?"

    Oh, so so, you know! We had one point where there were some engine turbine issues and we had to go slow for a few hours... other than that not much else. The sea, you know DaniBo.

    (Cut to DaniBo)

    "You love the sea don't you Nick?"

    (Looking from the back from the back of them again now... We see Nick here pull away from DaniBo and make a little skip in the air and then back to her side...)

    Yeah... I guess... grew up around it and always thought it would be great and all. And you know I've met a lot of wonderful people, and very nice ladies... like you, for example.

    (Now we cut to the camera looking at the couple from the front, about waste up, wide angle...)

    "Yeah, I'm sure (you show a big smile and show a feeling like the sky is about to explode with bluebirds)..."

    (DaniBo pushes into Nick at this point, and reahes around him with a quick bear hug...)

    I don't know what this is... this feeling, it is like nothing I have ever felt before...

    (Cut to close up of DaniBo)

    "I think they call it love Nick. (pause... you look down and then back up, you can tell that you are holding back some tears...)

    (Quick jump to Nick, his eyes... You can tell Nick is feeling some emotion too.. back to close up of DB)

    I guess. I know I thought about you non stop after you left for the last cruise. I was really thinking about you a lot... kinda scared me.

    (Cut to Nick, we are looking up into his face a little. The sun is placed in the sky so that the flashes of sunlight occasionally steak and flash into the camera while he is talking and his head is moving around)

    Hey, I was thinking about you a lot too... I tend to keep my head down when on duty, and don't like to mix too much personal with the ocean, you understand?

    (Cut to DaniBo, and by this point they have stopped walking down the beach, and are standing facing each other, they are both very open to each other now. Her right hand has his jacket edge and she drops her hand away while he speaks...)

    I am really sorry, you probably emailed or something, yeah... I don't even like to look at emails when on the ship. It's a different world there...

    (Cut to a shot of Nick tying off ropes or something on deck, while a storm of salt water crashes him in the face, then fade back to Nick talking to DaniBo)

    ...What I really like is having someone... like you, to come home to! (he flashes a big smile and gives DB a big hug around her waist, and he is reaching a little lower than your waist actually... you are enjoying the attention... you are clicking now, seeing his world... camera back on you, close up)

    "You are so right! (you slap your head on the right temple, then pause)... I never thought about like that... like your life on the ship is really special to you, and you are trying to keep the sanctity of home there for you, and - "

    (Cut to Nick with an expression of like amused amazement! He is ecstatic that you get it, and are understanding him now...)


    (right back to DaniBo... and you are now looking up and down the beach too... you are tuning into his world more with every word...)

    "- yeah, and that is why I never fricking heard from you! Crossed lines... one is sending and the other is sending and never the twain shall meet (laughter and leaning into Nick more, now they are very close and things are obviously heating up a little, he kisses you in the hair...)

    (Camera cuts to the back of you again now, walking off into the sunset, arm in arm..)

    (We overhear the couple's conversation...)

    Hey DaniBoats, why don't you come over to my place for a while tonight... are you busy or anything?

    "Oh wow Nick that is really sweet of you... I have to get up early for this dumb anatomy exam, ugh (you giggle)... hey why don't you come over to my place and relax for a while... nothing happening where I am."

    Hey that sounds great... are you sure? I mean, I want you to feel comfortable and all, and - "

    "oh sure, we'll be fine..."

    (They stop walking... and we see Nick pick up DaniBo by her rear and swing her around him, with her legs around him.. and the last thing we hear is a rebel yell from Nick! Yee- Haw-w-w- in his heavy Ukranian accent)

    (DB responds...)

    "Hey, I never knew you visited the south!"

    Oh, I had a roomie once from Georgia.. the way he said it... jaw-juh... so I save that accent for very special occasions... this is one...

    (They keep walking away and the music is now a more electro-techno beat thing, louder and louder and the voice of the actors are growing fainter.... )

    (They keep walking on down the beach, more seagulls flying across the camera. sunset reds and golden hues and the soft sound of the surf.... finally we see them both fall onto the beach and roll around... and...)


    Then the Music kicks it up about twenty notches some rapper thing...

    (Hoo, ya baby. hoo ya baby, in a street on a beat, hoo ya


    Produced by DaniBo

    Directed by astraAngel and Dani Bo

    Director of Photography - DaniBo

    Art Direction - Astra Angel

    Head Gaffer - DaniBo

    Assistant Gaffer - Astra Angel

    Filmed entirely on location, Bali, Indonesia

    The film crew, production company and all associated partners would like to thank the people of Bali, Indonesia for their warm hospitality, and providing every comfort and amenity we could ever possibly have asked for, and for making the couple feel right at home.

    Soundtrack available on Sony Music

    A Dani Bo - Astra Angel Production

    Happy Birthday to you.

  • AstraAngel,

    Again, you have made me smile! Your cute little movie that you scripted out was just so lovely. I couldn’t help but blush, and yet hope that this is actually going to be my future! (Although I did send him the second e-mail when he had already arrived home for several weeks! The first e-mail…well he was still on the ship, so that made sense…. but the second one? No excuse)

    However, I get the point of this. I like your attempts at raising my spirits. Towards the end of my birthday, I started to get a little down…when I was sitting alone on my bed, wondering how different the day would have turned out if Nick were here. But then, I read your movie script, and somehow I became so very happy again! : ) so thank you for that!

    AstraAngel, as the days get closer and closer, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve fallen in love with an imaginary guy. I can only hope that it does turn out beautifully in the end, and that he really does intend to call me when he returns.

    If may ask one more question…does it appear that Nick will take a couple of weeks, or within hours of his return try and contact me?

    Sorry AstraAngel. I know it’s the beginning of the workweek, so I’ll be patient. This week is midterms anyways, so I’m sure I won’t be constantly checking this forum.

    I just want to know….your readings and advice are the only things keeping my hopes up as the days get closer to Nick’s return.


    DaniBo ❤

  • AstraAngel,

    I am terribly confused regarding a situation on my job. There was a time when I thought my supervisor was showing an interest in me. He is married, and although I am attracted to him I have not pursued the relationship. However, I do find myself getting jealous, especially towards a new colleague he needed to work on a large project. I know men and women are primal creatures so I can't help but sense something intimate took place between these two people. Can you help me to shed light on this situation? I know he is going through a rocky marriage, which may be why I suspect him.

  • How soon will he call you?

    The Sun, within a day is what I am getting...


    Eight of Wands, something quick coming your way.

    Knight of Swords - you have someone chasing you, could be the other guy in anatomy lab. Why don't you hit him up for some help on your class midterms? I'll bet he would be more than happy to give involved, in whatever area you need the most assistance with. He could help you get your mind off Nick and back on the books where they belong. Do you like him?

    Two of Swords - I see you closing your eyes soon, and feeling something deep down you haven't felt in a while. Is it love? Could be. A Knight, and a lady in distress sounds like something nice and innocent developing.

    Two of disks - whatever this "something" is that is coming, really has you moving you around. Maybe it is a message that after the ordeal of the mid terms you should take a break, maybe a trip somewhere? You need a change of scenery. Feel the wind in your hair again.

    And the Queen of Wands - A happy conclusion to this situation. You seem relaxed and at peace here. Wands tend to be hot headed and so you can expect something to cool you off soon.

    And Strength - the primal animal nature has at last been subdued in your life.

    This spread is a nice example of "life transitions" as you begin in the Wands, a fast change occurs... and ends in a Major Arcana card, Strength, which is very balanced and composed. Between there we see a lot of activity and passion (the Knights and Twos are very passionate indicators). Queen and Strength marry up nicely to show a very strong finish in whatever this is pertaining to. I am not sure how much of this is connected with Nick, it could be the energy of that guy in your class.

    Hopefully you can make some sense of it DaniBo, a reader's place is not to interpret too much, I simply lay the cards and provide the seed of thought, from which you must receive and develop in your own private way, in order to release an appropriate massege. Maybe that will give you something to meditate on.

    I want to start working with you on interpreting the cards for yourself. You should be getting your own answers by now. Good luck with this tests! I will say a prayer for you to stay focused and not let yourself drift off into love land... amen.

  • AstraAngel,

    Was this reading for DanielBo? It sounds similar to my situation which is why I asked.


  • AstraAngel,

    YAY! I'm so happy you see that he'll call me as soon as he returns. I really do hope I'll hear from him soon. If you see anything else about Nick and I, let me know! The suspense of waiting is killing me right now 🙂 mentioned that guy I brought up a while back who's in my anatomy laboratory. I'm surprised to hear that he might be trying to pursue me. I do like him a bit. He does tend to make me quite flustered very easily, but I try not to get too in depth about it. After all, he is a flirt, so I find it hard to take him seriously, you know? You've got me thinking about him...I'm somewhat confused now! haha

    He’s just another guy with an unnecessarily big ego who loves the attention from the girls...and in a mostly all-girls school, I can tell he's really loving that!

    But I guess if you feel that energy, something must be going on here! I just don't want to overanalyze the situation for what it may or may not be. I did that with Nick...and it just wasn't healthy for me!

    But still….I’m curious about the possibilities with this anatomy guy. I can’t help but wonder now that maybe later on down the road I’ll have to choose between him, and Nick. But maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself…as usual.

    I've tried interpreting....but for some reason, I feel like I don't have the abilities to do that! I feel as if the talented people (such as yourself!) are the only ones who can truly understand the tarot for what it is, and for people like me, it just seems so complicated. I don't feel that I'm spiritually in tune with the cards. Does that make sense? Although I would love to try interpreting them! I would love some help in doing that AstraAngel 😉

    But anyways, first anatomy exam tomorrow in the lab. Hope it goes well. That guy's in that class. We'll see if I can get any vibes from him....

    and one day closer till Nick returns! 🙂

    Have a great week! Let me know if you see anything else in the cards.

    Lots of love,

    DaniBo ❤

  • Good Morning, AstraAngel! 🙂

    Well, it's already thursday! only three more midterms to go, and somehow I'm surviving. I hope your also having a wonderful week.

    I just wanted to ask you for your perspective, or rather, the cards perspective.

    Remember you brought up that guy in my anatomy lab? well I've been thinking about him quite a bit. I do like him a little, but he confuses me. He's one of those guys who loves girl's attention, so obviously he is a big hit with all the ladies at my school!

    Well I just wanted to know what he's thinking about me. I'm just curious. I obviously do not flirt with him, so I'm sensing that he's wondering why I don't....and he keeps trying to get me to do so!

    I just want to know why he keeps probing me to flirt with him....that's all.

    thanks, AstraAngel! I hope you continue to have a wonderful week! 🙂


    DaniBo ❤ ❤

  • by the way, I sincerely apologize for bothering you about my anatomy buddy's advances. You have SO many requests, so please! don't rush....take more time for yourself AstraAngel! I feel as if you are over worked 🙂

    Love, Danibo.

  • Hi DaniBo!

    Six of Wands is what I get on Nick, still looks great to me D! This feels like whatever you have for him you keep that strong and don't give up. Too many give up too soon, and miss the magic and mystery of a transcendent love. That is the ultimate yearning of all of creation. We are all in that pull.

    Five of Wands describes the energies in your anatomy class with this "guy" who is the flirt. This card tells me there is a lot of pretending going on, this group are playing and seeing who can be the best with a wand! The approach here is to play it cool. You need to come across like a mystery pharaoh's daughter or something like that. Wear a snake headpiece one in a while. Let Anatomy Guy (AG) see you as a mystery, something unattainable, almost alien, give him a "look" once in a while, kind of a "how dare you look at me" look :). ...he will wonder why he is pacing the floor thinking, obsessing over you. SO the word here is play it Mystery Cool, and let him know you are interested, however don't give him much. Ignore him most of the time. This guy could factor into something nice for you. You need to keep him guessing though is the guidance I an getting for you.

    He's in a mostly all girl's school? That explains it. He is used to the cute blondes, and the come-ons and fake "what will you give me if I am nice to you" girls. This is even more reason to dig into your exotic side Dani Bo. I have heard about these all girl schools, sometimes they can be more of a "handful" than their coed counterparts.

    Yes, we will be exploring your deeper self. We will be probing what has happened to you to cause love to run away from you like a scared pussy cat. DaniBo I want you to go to the library and check out some books on Egypt. You are going to get a new lesson in anatomy... from King Tut!

    There is definitely something going on with the anatomy gentleman. He has come up too many times and you struggle to keep Nick firm in your field of view. So anatomy guy comes along and gives you... some possibilities. Some alternatives. Every girl needs some options. It will be the best thing for you and NIck, for you to land AG. Get some kind of mystery thing going with him. Give him something, a token, a feather, even a key. You are looking for a connection with him in the etheric realms. That is where we all live and love DaniBo.

    You see Nick and AG as choices for your life? DaniBo, you know that sometimes the Universe chooses for you don't you? IT could very well be that matters are being arranged to bring you closer to AG in order to help you discover how lovely and desirable you really are... and then, Nick will be the recipient of your new found Confidence and it will drive him wild. So now you can have a mystery "I'll speak to you when I am good and ready" love-sensual energy going with AG... and a confidence with Nick as a result that will have him chucking his navy life and staying put in your area, even if it means being the morning open guy at Burger King.

    As for the cards, we all have the gift. Some choose to use it and then it grows. So it is all a matter of how much you are playing with them. PLay with them a lot and don't feel like you always have to have a meaning pop up. Sometimes you are looking for hidden mysteries i the cards...

    You should sleep with them, put them under your pillow, anything to connect you to them. Too bad I am not near your area, it would be fun to share about it. Giving readings to each other is nice.o!

    Oh, I forgot to see what the new guy is thinking about you... Ace of Pentacles. The feeling I get is he says to himself, "man if I could ever get a date with her, that would be so fantastic!" So he has feeling that are "beginnings" of love, the seeds. And the Seven of Swords, so he is looking for his window with you in that class.

    I hope that helps DaniBo... you are dealing with a lot... I see little bluebirdies in the air over you and "anatomy guy"... I am amazed you can even focus for a minute on your classes.

    Love, astra

  • Dearest AstraAngel.

    Wow! Thank you for another amazing reading. This week is FINALLY over (thank the Lord!) but while I’m happy my midterms have passed…I took my anatomy lecture exam, and right now, I’m not feeling to good about it :’( What do you think? Do you think I passed? I’m worried I really messed up.

    Too bad I don’t get to relax: I’m already sitting here at a coffee shop making flash cards to learn all the intricate muscles! YAY! : )

    Anyways, I’m glad that you see something good with Nick still. Last night, I had a dream with him in it. And while it was lovely….in the dream he was ignoring me. I couldn’t help but wonder if this dream might be telling me something that I still haven’t thought about: if he’s ignoring me intentionally. But still…it was nice to have in my dream. He hasn’t been there in a while. Maybe that’s another sign. Who knows?

    Anyways, thanks again for the reading about AG (his name is Jason) I could tell that it bothers him that I don’t flirt…but I’m already used to the dynamic at an all girls school… when there’s one cute guy, EVERY girl goes after him. But I think that’s silly. I’m glad he’s keeping me occupied until Nick returns (He’s coming back to LA between the 7th and 14th! AHHH how scary!) Next class, I’ll try and ignore him even more. I’m glad that Jason “likes” me. He doesn’t really know me that well…but I hope that eventually he will, and maybe ask to see me out of class. 🙂

    And AstraAngel, you brought up something that I wanted to share with you! For my birthday, my sister actually got me my own deck of tarot cards! They are so lovely, and ever since I’ve got them, I’ve been researching how to use them properly, and how to interpret them. But I’m struggling so much! How should I begin to even learn this intricate skill? I would LOVE to be able to trade readings with you! You’ve already done so much for me, that I would love to be able to repay you. But anyways, do you have any recommendations for me as a beginner? I would appreciate it : )

    I hope you had a far stressful week! I’m glad midterms are over: one step closer into getting into the nursing program (and I’m used to the bluebirds around all the time, so I know how to balance them! Lucky me!)


    DaniBo ❤ ❤

  • Hey DaniBo...

    Let's see where you are at.. I can tell you are relieved about the tests being over! As for your questions...

    1. How did you do on the Anatomy Lecture? King of Pentacles says you did well. I have the feeling you don't give yourself the credit you deserve. You might be hard on yourself when it comes to how you speak perhaps.

    That flash card work sounds like fun... that is a great idea. You might also consider working on your speaking skills, in front of a mirror at home. Imagine you are addressing a large crowd and telling them all about Intricate Muscles... see them clapping and applauding... your confidence will increase for sure!

    As for the dream with Nick... and he is ignoring you? ... The Chariot says that he is still in the running, and that you should not let any feelings that he is "ignoring you" become a thought form that you contend with. It could be the dream is telling you to let him rest, and not to let yourself become fretful over his absence. He is still out there, and your feelings for him are still out there. Always think beautiful and loving thoughts his way, and let the Universe take care of the rest.

    The fact that you ARE dreaming of him is a wonderful sign though, that tells me you do have a connection with him... dreams are in the air right now, I even had one last night myself with someone I care about deeply in it. So I see that as a wonderful and hopeful sign for you!

    As for Jason...

    Queen of Wands says he is really interested in you. You are doing the right thing, play it cool and let nature take her course on this matter. Six of Pentacles say he will eventually ask you out, he is weighing this out even now.

    Hey, you have your Tarot cards, that is fantastic DaniBo! You should have no problems at all in learning the craft. Which deck did you happen to receive? The Universe will guide you in learning it. You will find your own personal and unique way to work with the energies of the cards. Your deck should have come with its own little book as a guide to the meanings? I would start there and then let your questions become searches on the web, and also treat yourself to a trip very soon to a Barnes and Noble or whatever good bookstore is near you... and browse through the collection of books on the Tarot. I would buy any and everything you like! You will find your heart drawn to certain books... I have a bunch of them. Sometimes I think "too many" however I don't think you can have too many on psychic things! I would love to trade readings with you! We can figure that out, feel free to give me a reading on this thread... I have a love in my life that I would like you to see how that is going? We are at present apart and I am wondering what the future looks like for us? There, you have a question from me... you could flip over the cards and tell me what you see developing there (should there be anything developing!) I have not seen this person in quite a while.. and this person is so beautiful to me... there, that should give you something to start with should you choose to try a reading. 🙂

    Any questions you have I will answer the best I can, I am no expert by any means.. all of this comes from Heaven for all of us... I am a little empty pipe that tries to conduct the love above down to our lives down here. I am thrilled that you are learning... soon you will know instinctively about the cards meanings, it will come out of the blue, a flash of insight... easy! I am so thrilled you have your own cards!

    Glad those mid terms are over for you too... my week has been a little stressful however that seems to be diminishing thank goodness... those Bluebirds are used to flocking around you... anyone with a heart as open to love as yours, is sure to attract the attention of every bluebird in a hundred mile radius... advice?

    Wal mart has some great deals on bird seed. 🙂

    Love, astra

  • Dear AstraAngel,

    Well, I did a reading for you (I’ll have it posted at the end of my thread so that way I won’t confuse you!)

    I am beyond relieved that you see a good grade for me on that exam. I felt a little taken off by it. Tomorrow I’ll see my score! Hope it’s as great as it sounds. : )

    For some reason, this weekend has brought Nick very strongly back into my heart and mind. I’m not too sure if it has to do with the fact that he’s coming back to Los Angeles between this Friday and the next, but I hope it’s a good sign. May I ask you a few redundant questions about Nick? I already feel myself freaking out about him not calling me when he returns….just to calm my nerves.

    1. how does he feel about me? A while back, he apparently thought well of me, but it’s been a few months…I’m curious to see if that’s changed at all.

    2. Is he excited to come back to LA and see me again? I hope so!

    3. And (gosh I keep asking this question) is he going to contact me when he returns?

    4. And finally, do you see (or rather, do the cards see) something nice developing here?

    Thanks Astra : )

    I am also pretty shocked about what the cards had to say about Jason! I would have never expected in a million years that he would be interested in me that way! Although he attempts to flirt with me, he doesn’t give me that “I’m so interested” vibe at all. And a date?! Wow! That’s twice as shocking! Hummmm I wonder when he plans on asking me out now! Haha ; ) I look forward to lab on Tuesday. Let me know if you see anything else here as well!

    So I’ve been practicing some three card spreads for fun, and they’ve been great! So for you I wanted to try out this new spread I found on the internet called “another heart spread” that is dedicated to potential relationships such as yours! Here’s what I got: ( I have the Rider Waite deck…and I’m not using reversed cards.)

    1. Him – THE LOVERS. Wow! What a powerful card to see in this position. It’s obvious that there is a lot of love here, especially on his part. The book I have tells me that this means attraction, love and beauty. What a wonderful thing for him to see in her.

    2. 2. Her – TEN OF SWORDS. Uh-oh. Looks like this girl is running on empty with life right now. But it appears to me that this dark patch in her life will be passing very soon…my book says there may be treason on that side of her friends. I’m sensing some drama with something in here life. I have no idea what, but I’m sure she’s ready to move on to a happier part of her life…whatever is happening here.

    3. The relationship – SIX OF SWORDS. It seems to me that either both of you or one of you is either going through or about to go through a separation from a troubled relationship to enter into a better one. Maybe a relationship with each other? I also get a sense of travel or relocation. I know you mentioned relocation on your part. Did this bring you physically closer to this person? That would be a good sign. Anyways, once you (or the other person) separate from this troubling relationship, I see this as a moving forward card for the both of you…in a good direction!

    4. How she sees him – TEN OF CUPS. Awww how cute! She obviously sees so much happiness and joy within him. This definitely appears to be a “happily ever after” card, so I can definitely picture her thinking in the future about having a happy ending with this guy. My book says “For a male Querent, a good marriage and beyond his expectations” ooooh cool! 🙂

    5. How he sees her – SEVEN OF SWORDS. Hummmmm this card interests me in this position. What is the guy in this picture trying to sneak away from? What is he trying to steal? Someone’s heart maybe? You know the answer to this one, AstraAngel. Maybe he’s trying to outweigh his options with her. My book says “Dark girl; a good card; it promises a country life after a competence has been secured” hummm this card seems tricky to me. I’m sure you have your own opinion about this card. I’m sensing just a time of analyzing the situation with her.

    6. Pysical aspects of the relationship – PAGE OF PENTACLES. Well I definitely get a sense of a forever youthful love…seems to me like no matter how much time passes, the love her never seemed or seems to diminish. The young man appears to be enamored with the lovely pentacle in his hand…I could see this pentacle as a woman perhaps? I get the sense that this kid needs motivation to make his dream reality. But, what does this have to do with the psychical relationship here? I’m sensing that you both need something tangible…you need to see each other. How long has it been since you’ve last spoken face to face? I’m getting the feeling that this page is trying to tell you both that maybe it’s time to hash it all out. I don’t know….you know better than me!

    7. Where the relationship came from – SIX OF PENTACLES. Another interesting card to be pulled in this position. Maybe you both met in a time of abundance. The man in the picture obviously has worldly means….how did you both meet? Were you doing charity work, or sharing knowledge? That what I get. Also you get a nice combination with the lovers card, “Like The Lovers card, the Six of Pentacles features a central union with another as its theme, also manifesting as a surrender of part of your destiny to this person.” Very interesting, no?

    8. Where the relationship is going- THE SUN. What a great card to pull in the future position, right? The sun is such a positive card, you know that better than I do! It also has a nice combination with the lovers card I pulled earlier, “If your reading features The Sun and The Lovers card, your current relationship or one that will soon arrive will be the central force of good feelings in your world.” This card in the aspects of your future relationship with this person definitely looks like a big win. You both will make good choices to bring each other closer together.

    PHEWWWW that was harder than I thought! Let me know how I did, Astra. I would appreciate the feedback. I hope I did a good job. Let me know if I got the major points down. I also hoped I brightened your day. This relationship seems like a green-light from the Heavens!


    DaniBo ❤

  • a gentle bump up to the top. Hope all is well. take a look at my questions when you can, and give me your feedback on my reading! -- Dani Bo ❤

    (ps...I got a 56% on my anatomy exam....definitely not a good day! 😢

  • DaniBo

    I am so sri you didn't do as well as we had predicted on that exam. Let me tell you, were I the one grading you, I would have given you 100%. I know you will keep going though and make it up on the next test, on which you will do well on! 🙂

    I see your reading for me, I'll circle back on that!

    I am happy to draw some cards for you as regards Nick...

    1. how does he feel about me? (I am using the "Lovers Tarot" by Jane Lyle, which is really lovely, the hues in this deck really combine so nicely to say 'love'....)

    The Ace of Swords - popped out while I was shuffling... according to her, "the ace of swords signifies thought, clarity, logic and and intellectual brilliance... linked to fate, karma and destiny, and thus can denote strange experiences and love at first sight..." The Ace of Swords always says to me "approval from above, from the Ascended Masters", it is the calling card of affirmation. So I can only say that Nick must still have something profound for you... I am going off the cards, I know he has not contacted you, and that I can't explain.

    1. Is he excited to come back to LA and see me again? I hope so!

    The Six of Wands - "Achievement. Standing for success, achievement and artistic inspiration, this creative card represents a turning point, good news and rewards. It suggests that your work is closely linked to your personal life.Perhaps you work with your partner, or a promotion will improve your relationship." The Six of Wands is one of the most wonderful cards to ever see in a reading, suggests victory and a place of rest... I see this is about a strong sign of YES as you could have to your question.

    1. And (gosh I keep asking this question) is he going to contact me when he returns?

    The Empress...

    Lyle says "fertility, creativity, sensual lovers!" "Golden and glorious she stands amid the ripening corn in a landscape vibrant with life.Queenly and yet infintely loving and approachable, the Empress guides all who seek to create and celebrate beauty.... (she is) ruled by Venus planet of love and harmony, she often signifies fulfillment."

    What can I say DaniBo, this sounds like a beautiful YES to me! This card has so much tender nurturing love and care, I think it is wonderful sign of affirmation to your question.

    1. And finally, do you see (or rather, do the cards see) something nice developing here?

    Eight of Wands - "Traditionally called the arrows of love, this card brings vibrant energy and expansion. Your social circle, romantic prospects and creative inspiration are all opening up now. New relationships will widen your horizons, or you will have an opportunity to travel and expand your horizons"

    Again, this sounds like such a beautiful yes to your question.

    DaniBo, I don't have a crystal ball really... I only draw some little cards... and these are all very nice cards to see in regards to your desire to see something beautiful develop with him! I would keep believing, why not! Hope is such a wonderful energy, and gives us all such a bounce to our step, and adds spice to life. You still have such strong feelings for him, I would let that energy continue to radiate his way, I am certain he must be picking that up!

    As for Jason, I saw the Ten of Pentacles and the King of Pentacles ... trying to combine meanings from these two cards in Lyle's book, I would say Jason is very security conscious and protective of his feelings, even thought they could be quite strong in him. He could feel something for you and be holding that in, "His feelings are deep and enduring and his love is not easily won". So there is a sense to me that his security-consciousness is overshadowing his response and "vibes" toward you right now. I would let matters simmer with him, let him be the one to relax and you could be in for a nice response from him soon.

    Wow DaniBo, I am floored by your beautiful reading for me! You obviously have a rapport with the cards and sound like a seasoned veteran Tarot reader to me!

    You really read my life right now... and yes, there is someone. I was amazed at each of your cards and the way you interpreted, it really spoke to my heart! Yes, there was someone and I still care deeply for this person, and (like you with Nick) circumstances seemed to come between us and next thing you know I am sailing off in a different direction from her and my heart was really broken.

    My heart is concerned for her, that Ten of Swords does not look so nice! Ouch! I can only conclude though, knowing what I know about this person that she is a very, very strong person, and whatever adversity she has encountered has only served to make her that much stronger in the long run.

    That six of Swords, you nailed that. I am going through a split up right now, painful however it is for the best. Life has been telling me that for quite a while, and it has taken time for the both of us to agree, "you know, it is time for both of us to move on, and I wish you the best". So this card you drew really amplified that message for me right now, across the waters to something very sweet and nice which is where my heart draws me now.

    The Ten of Cups, wow! You really don't see more love in one card than that one! Your interpretation was so nice... and marriage fort a male. I would like to believe the marriage has a lot of beautiful places for two people, my past situation that I am leaving has had me questioning marriage a lot. Is it really for the best for us? Commitment... the couple must really trust each other, and become completely one, united so deeply that another person could not tell where the one spouse ended and the other began. Marriage should be something very mystical and so profound in the merging of the two into one, that is my view. I have seen the painful side of marriage, and yet I know in my heart that it can be so sweet and intimate and wonderful! Anyway, that card touched a nerve in me DaniBo, I see a card like that and sometimes I don't know whether to smile or cry... i am smiling though right now. 🙂

    The Seven of Swords - I see that card a lot in my own personal readings, and had never considered that it could indicate trying to "steal" another's heart. I like that though! And maybe I have been that way... it is a delicate line there DaniBo, I have tried so hard to hold on to something happening it can be a challenge though to also keep the other person's world in mind and not steal so much that it impacts their life in ways that are not so nice. That seemed to be the situation here. I am hopeful that I have not crossed too many lines... I guess only time will tell! ANd yes, a lot of analysis... like you and Nick, when you are physically apart and you are still wanting to see something develop and you can't help except to ponder the matter! I guess that is the nature of the swords.

    That page of pentacles... yes, I would love to see her. It has been over a year since we last spoke. We left in the midst of a little bumpy spot in my life, so the door seemed to close with her and I was left crying out to Heaven and a lot of tears and all... that was about the time I really started researching the Tarot and was exploring psychic things, I was looking for answers in my life, I could simply not comprehend why matters were going so badly in my life. I started doing readings simply trying to gain insight... and that process continues and I gradually made a shift away from being so overly concerned about my own predicament and realized, "Hey, I can give other folks readings and try to apply what little wisdom I had discovered to encourage others..." and that has always been my heart to lift up others and let everyone know that everything will turn out nice!... I wish I could shout that from the rooftops! That was what I kept feeling as regards you and Nick, I will always encourage you there! As long as you still care for him, anything is possible!

    The interpretation of the Six of Pentacles is lovely... that part about surrender hits home for me. This was an aspect of the relationship that really turned me on, I saw that we were both willing to bend and flow with the other, although at the time I was very headstrong and was not one to give up as an artist. We both worked at the same company. It is a long story... I was trying to do art, and she was my beautiful muse perhaps... and then, well, it is a long story. I still hope so much that one day the story could have a happy ending! Like that Ten of CUps!

    the Sun is beautiful, a card of a new dawn and maybe a new life, and love in every direction! I like that you said "the central force of good feelings in your world!" - that is a beautiful thought and outlook! Love does that for us, everything in the world becomes brighter and so beautiful!

    I hope you are right about us both making good choices to bring us closer together. I must trust the universe there, all I know is my heart is open to love. 🙂

    DaniBo, your reading was so wonderful! Really brightened my day, thank you so much. I don't seem to have a lot of friends or anyone to talk to about things like this, so it felt so nice to hear a wonderful reading from you, it really gave me hope in this situation! You should be doing this a lot DaniBo! Giving readings. Your heart really picks up on things, and I can tell you enjoy it.

    Have a beautiful day... I may come to you with some other questions as long as you are open to that? We can practice on each other. 🙂 I am only beginning with the Tarot really, I mean my goodness I have really only been using it for actually less than a year, i received a Caselli deck last Christmas and it has been non stop Tarot ever since. Before that I was using playing cards to do readings, and reading angel numbers. Thank you SO MUCH DaniBo for taking the time to read for me, you are wonderful! I will be praying for you and Nick, for things to work out there... I still feel some really nice things there for you two, even though I know you have not heard from him. I believe in love, and I believe that when we really care about another person, that one way or the other, life will help bring us together.

    Love and light ...and smooth seas for Nick 🙂


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