AstraAngel! :)

  • Hello AstraAngel! how are you? I don't know if you've returned from your trip, but I sure do hope that you had (or are having) a marvelous time. 🙂

    The last thread I made kinda got a little out of control, so I wanted to start up a new one.

    I wanted to update you on what has happened.

    Basically, as you know, on sunday I went out with the cute waiter. It was really great. I enjoyed myself a lot. And well, since then, I've had a lot of questions come into my mind, and I was hoping that you would be willing to help me! You've already been such a doll, and I can never thank you enough for all the assistance!

    So here's what's been on my mind:

    1- how did he think the date went? Has his feelings for me changed in a good way or have they turned for the worst?

    2 - whats the likelihood that I'm going to get a second date with him? or even see him again?

    3- he told me that he's going back home to Serbia the week coming, and well, he told me that when he returns to the cruise two months from now that he'd like to see me again.

    Was he just saying that, or does he really mean it? I'm worried he was just saying that because he felt like he had to.

    5- what's the general vibe about this relationship? do you think we can continue to keep in contact?

    6- and finally, I sent him an e-mail last sunday after our date, and he has yet to reply! this is causing me a great deal of anxiety.

    Is he ignoring my e-mail? did he even read it? and if he did read it, does he plan on replying soon?

    if not, I was considering sending him another e-mail. Is that a bad idea?

    Again, I apologize for all the questions! you already know how anxious I get. 🙂 I just don't want to get heartbroken.

    Thank you, AstraAngel. Your time and talents are so much appreciated. I hope one day I can help you as much as you've helped me!

    Ciao 🙂

  • Hi DaniBo!

    I am still away from home so my ability to jump on the internet is limited, however I am trying to jump in here on the forum when I can, and saw your post... let's look at your questions...

    1. Queen of Pentacles - His view of the date was very nice, the pentacles tells me there is definite attraction, very strong. This queen is you in his eyes. Very elegant and accomplished. According to this card I would say his feelings are growing in a positive direction!

    2. Second date? Knight of Cups. Chance of that is 100%. Watch out for Cupid DaniBo, that little angel is hovering nearby for sure.

    3. Six of Cups. He is for real. He likes you a lot.

    5. (I guess we skipped 4! 🙂 - Ten of Wands. Tens are kind of "take it easy" cards... The vibes are strong, be watchful though that you don't let this relationship overwhelm you or carry you away too far at this point. The ten is telling me to stay calm and reserved, focus on your own personal spiritual journey, and that will cause you to be shine like a star to him. Take care of yourself first, stay relaxed in the midst of whatever emotional exhilaration comes your way. Tell Cupid to take a break once in a while.

    6. The Queen of Cups - Not to worry. Yes he read it. These things always have their own timing. Three of Pentacles, he is busy with something that is not allowing him to respond right away. Be patient, everything will work out. Two queens in this reading so far, he really likes you.

    I would not send another email, this is a good experience for you to develop your patience and let Heaven work things out in their own timing. He will get back to you.

    I am excited for you DaniBo, I will wish beautiful, loving, mutual respect energies towards you and him... love is in the air... blessings to you DaniBo.

  • YAY AstraAngel! You don’t even know how big of a smile I have on my face. Your reading totally made not only my day, but my entire week! : )

    I’m really glad that he likes me for who I am. I hope that he realizes as well how much I like him. I’m also pleased that he really meant it when he said he wanted to see me again. He seemed rather shy to me on the date, so I wasn’t so sure if I was making up signals in my head.

    Just a few more follow up questions, as usual!

    1- I’m hoping he’s been thinking about me a lot. Has he? 😉 I’m kind of curious to see if he has, since I’ve been thinking a lot about him.

    2 -Also, how long do you think it’s going be till I get that second date? I already miss him!

    3 - I’m glad he read my e-mail. However, how long do you think it’s going to take for him to get back in contact with me? I’m worried he’s going to forget to respond to my e-mail!

    I’m also very excited to think of the possibilities! However, you told me that I should try and remain composed and calm, so I will try. : ) I want this to work out more than anything!

    Thanks again, AstraAngel. Your talents never cease to amaze me. : )

  • Sorry AstraAngel ! May I ask an additional question?

    Can you pull a card to see where this relationship is headed? Like to see whether or not this is a fling, or if it’s something else?

    Thanks : ) I just don’t want to get involved in something that’s going to end up crushing my heart.

    I really appreciate it!

  • I'm so sorry I ask so many questions. I see that other users are also asking you for help, so you don't have to answer the last question if you don't have time. You're such a doll, AstraAngel! 🙂

  • Hi again DaniBo!

    Sorry, as you know I am on the road and my internet access is off and on so thanks for being patient...

    Let's see what I can do on your last question... and it is a good one, you certainly don't want a broken heart...

    I am doing a FIVE CARD spread on this matter...

    1. Where the relationship is headed - TEMPERANCE - Hey DaniBo, this is a great sign! My card shows an angel pouring something between two cups... and Two Cups are the cups of love in the Tarot. So this looks sweet to me. Temperance is also suggesting that you and the waiter both remain temperate in the relationship. That seems to be a key here. Don't let things get too hot too fast if you catch my drift. TAKE YOUR TIME with him, get to know him slowly, let this evolve naturally and with a lot of patience and intuition and I see something really sweet developing. There must be a nice connection between the two of you, otherwise there wouldn't have been the sparks to begin with. So the outlook is very positive for you two as long as you exercise some restraint and wisdom between the two of you. Pray, talk about spiritual things together would be a good idea.... maybe write back and forth some letters... that could be really good for you. Enjoy yourself with him however don't hesitate to put the brakes on as needed. Watch over your own heart. You do not want to be put into a situation where you are heartbroken, by listening to your inner voice you can avoid any "complications" that would take the fun out of the wonderful thing that is happening here.

    2. What DaniBo will learn from this relationship - FOUR OF CUPS - you are learning to enjoy love/relationship that appears like magic from Heaven, while at the same time not letting yourself be too carried away emotionally. I can tell you are such a romantic at heart (I can relate I am the same way, hopelessly in love with love!) and that this relationship can teach you some wonderful lessons about staying balanced and reserved as needed to keep this - or any - relationship on a positive level.

    3. What the Waiter will learn from this relationship - Queen of Wands - A queen came up before in a reading regarding his view of you. This is his view of you, and this tells me is learning a lot about how to properly show respect to a lady like you. He knows a good thing when he has found it, and he is still learning how to show a lot of respect to a lady, so you can help him there know where the lines are in the sand. He needs to understand that. and it sounds like you are helping him, don't hesitate to let him know when he is a little "overboard" on his communications with you. You mentioned an email from him where he was a little "rude" or something... he probably simply has some maturing to do in that area, and you are a mirror for him.

    4. Advice for you in the relationship - Seven of Swords - This Seven usually shows a guy running away with a bunch of swords in his hand with a big grin on his face, like he got away with something. I think 'playfulness' is the advice here DaniBo. Keep things light and breezy with him and it should help things stay nice. Since you have that deep, romantic heart in you, it can mean that at times you are easily hurt as things get "serious". Romantics can have a very serious side to contend with... The advice here is to not let it get serious... at least not anytime soon! Have fun and see if the waiter can get you some free passes to go on a cruise with him or something! WORK THE ANGLES DANIBO! You could be sailing to Italy before long, all expenses paid courtesy of the Waiter, who knows! I am having some fun with you here, the key point is keep that pretty smile on your face and all will go well for you. Have fun, keep it light.

    5. Your Secret WISH card (this is a special card just for you, a surprise treat) - ACE OF SWORDS - wow wow wow, how cool is this! This portends a fantastic new beginning for you, this Ace is the Seed from which come many new and exciting beginnings. This tells me that deep inside you wish for such a vibrant, exciting, love-filled life, where things are REAL and not phony-baloney. You have had some real disappointments in the past and at times you have wondered "when is my life going to enter the exciting love fulfillment I long for?" - this ACE reveals that secret wish in you DaniBo, and this also confirms that you WILL find that life, soon enough! Keep your heart balanced, do your spiritual work, whatever you like to do, prayer, take walks by yourself in the woods, whisper to your angels and the fairies, they are all around you, all of the time... I see such a bright future for you, the world needs more DaniBo's who are willing to do anything ... as U2 said it so well... IN THE NAME OF LOVE.

    WIshing you all positive, bright and 'temperate' energies to help you in your path DaniBo!

    Love, AstraAngel

  • You have yet again blown me away with your fantastic reading! 😄 it was amazing!

    One more question darling? haha I'm so sorry.

    I know I shouldn’t be asking but…when do you think I should expect a e-mail from him?

    I know you told me to be patient, but this waiting around is causing me to create insane reasons for him not responding…like thinking he has another girl. 😕

    Thanks AstraAngel. You truly are a God-send. 😄

    I hope your are enjoying your trip!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi DaniBo

    Sitting here in Minneapolis airport... a nice place to do readings!

    I drew the PAGE OF WANDS (reversed)... this looks like you shouldn't have long to wait, although in a reversed position timings are somewhat unpredictable. The message for DaniBo here is to remain patient, the Universe has both of you in their sights. This is a great time for you to focus your energies in positive wishes for you, and for him. When I first saw this card I knew it represented him... the wands say to me fiery quick. However you have a little work to do... here is your homework assignment....

    Spend some time by yourself in a nice quiet place, and send positive, friendly, intimate love energies to your new friend. See him in your mind and heart, see him typing a response to you. Before you know it you will have a reply. Do you see? Heaven often arranges these circumstances on our lives that test our patience a little so that we GROW in spirit, and settle into a nice, assured, confident place in our life. This is your opportunity to do that, and build up your faith and trust. Rely on Spirit to work on your behalf, stay centered in yourself, go for that walk in the woods and spend some time wishing good vibes to your friend in the Spirit. He will pick up on that in his heart. You are on the right track. Keep your eyes on Heaven right now... the Waiter could be busy serving one banquet after another or something... Or maybe her wants you to sweat a little .... Not sure how the guys are in the country he is from! 🙂

  • AstraAngel! thanks for pulling that card for me. I am a bit surprised that the card says he will respond quickly...yet it's already been two weeks since we've last spoken! it makes me extremely nervous. I have been praying quite a lot, but I'm so worried the Heavens aren't listening!

    I have been trying to keep my imagination in I sit in bed I think a lot about what I want from this. 🙂 I hope it will help.

    I'm just worried now that he won't answer for another month or so, and he'll forget about me. That's all.

    Has he been thinking about me, AstraAngel?

    That would certainly calm my nerves to know if he was.

    Thanks for helping me. It means the world to me AstraAngel 🙂 ❤

  • DaniBo,

    Two weeks? Hmm... that does seem a little long and he has not replied. I would still give it some more time though. He could be pondering matters a little. Two weeks is a blink of an eye in angel land.

    Here is a suggestion for you...

    You remember I suggested you write? "maybe write back and forth some letters... "

    That would be very good for you here, do you have his address? A letter would be a nice way to reach out in a fun way and would give something to focus on... put your heart into your words...

    You should let matters rest now for a while. You have seen him. You have emailed him. Now you are waiting and now you have a wonderful opportunity to deepen your own personal spiritual walk. I wrote a series a while back on "Finding your Soul Mate"... the bottom line is that our relationships are spiritual in essence, and when we are hindered in some way from being with the person, (or perhaps they are not communicating at the moment) is a growth opportunity to deepen your spiritual connection with the person, even though they are not present. I know it sounds a little "floaty-floaty" however that is what I have seen in life. WHen we are faced with someone not responding, it could be the will of Heaven so that we grow up more inside ourselves... develop patience (I know, ouch!) and learn how to keep smiling and believing an hoping for the best. Ultimately, everything will work out beautifully for you and him DaniBo, as long as you keep the faith.

    Don't start worrying though, that will only manifest in things you don't want. Sing! Dance! Go chase some butterflies out in your front yard. Pretend you are dancing with him on top deck with an orchestra playing in the background! The Stars will all come out for you I promise. Stay centered and grounded in your life, pray, read the book of JOHN in the bible. I know you want the Waiter and not JOHN, however, John is the Apostle of Love and if anyone can help in matters of the heart, John can!

    You asked, has he been thinking about you? I don't need a Tarot deck for that, I know he has, however, here is a card too...



    ...and a message too! 🙂

  • And.. a full moon today DaniBo! A wonderful time to go outside tonight and whisper your heart's desires to the Moon Goddess... Heaven always listens!

  • Unfortunately, I don’t have his address. 😕 I hope in the near future I will be able to write him a letter!

    I will try and remain patient. It's just been really hard trying to give up control of the situation, because now all I can really do is try and be patient. I just want this to work out more than anything because, well, I (as well as the Heavens) had to work very hard to bring us in contact, and I don’t want this to the end already! That would be devastating.

    Your advice will really help me out, because I know you of all people will know what to do. 🙂 I will definitely take a look at that part of the bible…maybe even ask him for help.

    I am pleased that you said he's been thinking about me! and a message? hummmm what does that mean?

    I just hope that the message comes soon. Being patient is definitely not one of my attributes.

    In the end, I just want this to work out!

    If you can help me out in any other way, I would sure appreciate it! I know your probably either bored on a airplane flight right now, or your waiting in an airport…but I hope your having a safe flight home AstraAngel!!!! 😄

    I think now besides trying to be patient, I’m just worried that he’s focused on another girl, or that we won’t have the opportunity to be together.

  • I'm preparing to go sit outside to speak to the Heavens AstraAngel, But I have another question, along with that other one above about that message you mentioned in your last post. 🙂

    Could you pull a card just to see if the Heavens and some energies are working hard to bring this to a successful conclusion, and get me that e-mail that I desire?

    I am curious to see if this is really meant to be!

    Again, I hope you are having a safe journey home AstraAngel 🙂 ❤

  • Danibo,

    Pondering your last responses a little... and the WORLD card popped out. Danibo, I can only tell you what I am seeing. This is another very good sign about this situation. I know, it is hard for you right now. You want that response so very badly. And you wait... and wait... and it seems like it is taking forever. ANd the questions are swirling through your heart and mind... what is going on with him? Does he care? Well, the WORLD card says to me that you are in control of this situation. Believe it or not, the fact that there is some delay right now is playing to YOUR ADVANTAGE in this relationship.

    It works like this. The Waiter likes you. However, he has been hurt before. Something tells me that in his world travels he has met others... and something sparked up... and he has learned the HARD WAY that he can't just let himself fall in love or get serious when someone shows up. He meets you, and while he is turned on by you, he is also protecting his heart. He has experienced some pain. He wants whatever is developing between the two of you to be FOR REAL and not another heartbreak hotel. He is hoping you understand... he is hoping you can read between the lines... you had a very nice date right? And you responded afterwards. He MUST take his time to respond. It is actually in your favor that he is taking his time. YOU HAVE TO TRUST HIM and let Heaven work this out in the divine right timing. That is the world card for you DaniBo.

    Your heart is very sweet and so open to love, romance, adventure. You want to see the world of love, you want that deep, intimate love relationship so badly, I understand. Boy, do I understand... you want that, with all of your heart. And that waiter wants that too Danibo. He just needs your PATIENCE though... that is the signal to him that you are strong... that you are ABOUT HIM and not just your own happiness...

    Every day that passes now, where you don't hear from him is actually DEEPENING the connection between the two of you. I know that may not be what you want to hear, it is the truth as I see it. Your relationship must be founded on mutual respect. And he is waiting for the right time to respond... when he know in his heart that you are that strong and patient person that he can trust. If he didn't care about your he would have simply responded right away and said "no thanks, I am busy or something". His silence tells me he was relly struck by you, and is hoping hoping hoping that you are different than the rest. He meets a lot of girls in his travels... and you are probably not the first to show an interest... he is wanting this to be different. The DOOR to that potential is this present silence between the two of you. Your being patient and not doing anything more toward him is a sign of maturity and character. He knows you like him, a lot. He is now testing the waters. To see if you are willing to be quiet with him... let him lead the relationship a little... stay patient and yielding. You continue being patient and something wonderful will happen I know.

    And, guess what wonderful thing is already happening IN YOU Danibo... YOU are growing my dear... growing in your trust in Heaven, deepening your confidence in the Universe to WORK THINGS OUT WHILE YOU SIMPLY wait and trust.

    HANG IN THERE DaniBo. Something wonderful here happening, but you must be patient. Take some time to yourself. Go to the beach, a lake, skip some stones across the water. Go see that new Planet of the Apes movie... don't forget to be kind to yourself while you are waiting for this magical love to arrive that you want so bad with all of your heart. THAT will only make you more beautiful in the waiter's eyes. That you are a strong lady, who knows how to take care of herself. He does not want to be saddled with the emotional responsibility to take care of another. To have a beautiful lady he met to be someone who needs his support. He needs a real partner, someone to experience LIFE with, to have fun together. He does not want to be responsible though for your happiness. So he waits to reply... he takes his time... to make sure you are strong. That he can trust you.

    Every day now that passes without a reply is a wonderful sign... his interest in you is deepening. He is saying to himself, "Wow. This woman is different. She cool as a cucumber. Willing to wait on me."

    That's it Danibo!

    He is waiter. and HE IS WANTING YOU TO WAIT ON HIM! 🙂

    I just saw that, amazing, how wonderful Heaven is. You are a dream to him by WAITING ON HIM!

    I am wishing patience energies to you right now... quiet calm collected energies... you are on the right path, I know its hard.... you are doing great though. Read John, go for that walk and whisper to the Waiter like he was right by your side, see him with you IN SPIRIT. Connect with him in the Spirit, and he will feel that in his heart.

    And WAIT.... ON.... HIM... 🙂

  • AstraAngel,

    I’m surprised to hear that this situation is completely in my hands! Wow!

    Your also right on the money….I am having such a difficult time trying to grasp with the idea that I might have to wait longer than I anticipated for a response.

    It’s just that, well, I feel like I might be waiting around for MONTHS and MONTHS with no response. I don’t want to give up on him, but the idea of spending months waiting for him makes me think he doesn’t want anything to do with me.

    I mean…I understand if he waits maybe a month (which will be soon!) but more than a month? That seems more like “I don’t want to see you again” than “I’m trying to trust you” vibe. Right?

    I’m happy that he cares, and that he wants our possible relationship to be legitimate, but doesn’t he see that the more he waits for the right moment to send me an e-mail, I’m sitting here anxiously thinking he’s forgotten about me?

    I do see that he will think of my patience as a good thing. That’s understandable, and well, I understand that he’s probably been hurt quite a lot. I want him to trust me so badly that I am willing to wait….he seems totally worth it to me!

    But still, AstraAngel! The idea of waiting months is stressful.

    I just am going to have a hard time grasping the idea that he likes me and thinks about me if he waits months and months to respond. Most people when they are interested in someone don’t take THAT long, do they?

    What do you think? Are you seeing me possibly sitting around for months waiting for a response, or do you think within the next couple of weeks he’ll get the “right feeling” to send me an e-mail?

    I spent so much time and effort trying to find him, I don’t want to lose him this quick.

    -- DaniBo 😄

  • Hi Astra angel 🙂

    nice to meet you and you too DaniBo! I hate to interupt or anything but I was wodering if you could help me AstraAngel

    I was wondering if you could do a general love reading for me (it can include past present and future but hey Im only 19 love isn't my main focus lol)-Ita just my last breakup was realy painful yet eyeopening to me-I dated him for about a year and after the brutal breakup haven't spoken to him since December but Im finally over it completely without wanting to go back in any way yayyyy!!!!!

    Will I be able to go to Miami for film school this coming fall (October or November) or this coming Winter?

  • Any advice or anything you feel is fine with me-I won't be offence I might lean something new whether it's from the past present or future lol!

    Not trying to sound cliche I have a great feeling Im going to be famous or be extremely sucessful in film. I've seen or heard it all in my readings before but now I feel it. I'm starting to have dreams of me interviewing or visions of it and it's becoming overwhelming lol. I also see mused on magazine covers and winning diffrent awards. The feeling is becoming very strong but I do wonder if you see it?

  • Hi Asia118X! nice to meet you too 🙂

    I'm sure this was an accident, but I believe your questions would be better answered in your own thread. That's where you post this question in the tarot board and AstraAngel can answer it just for you there. Does that make sense?

    if you make your own thread, you can post all those questions just like I did, except it will be just for you! 😄

    I wish you all the best! Good luck 🙂

    and AstraAngel...I hope you still read my comments above! thanks 😄 😄 😄 ❤

  • Thanks DaniBo 🙂 I definetly will start my own thread Astraangel look out lol! Te new thread is called AstraAngel Please Help.

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