Controlling Scorpio mom

  • I'm a teenage Cancer, and my mom's a Scorpio. She tries to control every aspect of my life, and says really cruel things. I try to understand her, and we should get along since we're both water signs, but we don't. How can I get along with her?

  • In order to have peace with your mother you have to totally allow her into your heart. Make her understand that you love her and want a better relationship with her. I don't know a mother on the face of the planet that does not want to hear those words. You have to be sincere though, you can't just say it and not mean it. So if you already know you can't say those words honestly, chuck the idea.

    You can also ask her why she has to be so cruel to get her point accross. Tell her you will get the same message she is trying to get across to you if she speaks lovingly, versus cruely. Say this to her lovingly and respectfully. Whenever you want to get a point across to your mom, you must always be careful to not sound like that know it all teenager. Let her know you are willing, and want to learn from her, again you have to mean it.

    Finally, in this world the only thing we have control over is ourselves. If you can not get the response from you mom that you want, then you must change yourself when these situations arise. The next time she is cruel, stop reacting negatively and be loving to her. Accept what she is saying with an open heart and mind. She might be coming accross aggressive because she does not feel like she is being heard.

    I hope this helps, always remember there is nothing better in this world than a mothers love.

  • i grew up in a home where my mom was mean w her words and she tried to control me and critisize me all the time. it made me feel very unloved and unstable. i had serious depression problems as a result. it took me years to recover from the way she treated me. i finnally have a grip on my own life and made so many mistakes to get here. i am in a place where i have good self esteem and my contact w her is very seldom as a way to protect myself. it is not your job as the child to make everything ok with your mom. im sure she loves you but treating you this way is not okay and its not your fault. i moved out the minute i turned 18 and never looked back. i hope its not this extreme for you but the moments i spent w my mom were not warm fuzzy memories. it was painful and damaging. work on building your self esteem and stay away from drugs and alchohol that will not fix your problems only make them worse. if you want to forgive your mom than thats good. but dont blame yourself for her actions.

  • I'm a scorpio mom too. So I kinda get what your mom is like. Sorry about how she makes you feel. We are very passionate creatures( it's hard to deal with so much emotion) but not all of us can control our emotions, hence the cruel things she says to you. That may well be the only way she thinks that will make you understand and though that doesn't make it right, it can be that she never learned to control her anger which can be totally overwhelming to those around her. I try to be calmer myself and am going to counseling (marriage) to help control some of the crazy feelings I get over my husband (aquarius). I am a yeller and even though it doesn't mean I always have to yell, I get caught up in the emotions and let anger rule me... so pls don't blame yourself about your mom. I don't want you to think that it is you who makes her that way, it could be things from her past, not knowing how to control that anger, or just because she doesn't know exactly how it makes you feel in the end. You can be strong and succeed in your life. I'm sure you don't need people telling you what is wrong or right. obviously from asking for help you are mature enough to know. Hope that helps and God bless. God gives us only what we He knows we can deal with. You''ll be ok. 😉

  • Wow, thank you so much ibscorpio(and lovinmylife and Myviewpoint). Your replies really helped me.

    My dad (a Leo) and my mom split up when I was 2. She always said it it was mutual, but I feel like there was something she didn't say (and I'll probably never find out) and he never visits. I do love her, but I would understand if he left if she said the things she says to me, like "I wish you were dead".

    Also, I've heard I look just like him, maybe that has something to do with it. I try not to hate her, but some of what she says makes me feel worthless, but your replies helped me understand her better. Thank you.

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