3 and 6

  • I was wondering how many people here regard 3 & 6 as friends and how many think that 3 & 6 are enemies and why?

    What system are you using to base your answer? I'm inclined to believe that 3 & 6 can be friends....and as someone knowledgeable on this board has told me. However, I have a paid expert telling me they're enemies. This 'expert' says he uses a combo. of Pyth, Chaldean and Vedic numerology. . I'm working on a name change...back to my birth name..and he doesn't want to allow it.

    I'm a 13=4 day number with life path 6. The first name I wish to use is 12 = 3.


  • Dear BBTS,

    I, too, am a 13 with a life path of 6. Your destiny is to serve others out of the goodness of your heart. Compassion is something you have plenty of and you willingly work long hours for the benefit of others. It is your soul calling.

  • Check up on numerology reports and the meaning of numbers. 3's are known to involve lots of communication and their goals may differ from yours.

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