Would a scoripo....

  • crazy question but we are talking about scoripos....would he let me drive 11 hours just to break up with me or would he just tell me on the phone???

  • Hi Librared

    I really dont think he would tell you at all if he wanted to finish it ,he would probably try and get you to dump him by being complete ( a hole ) to you .As i told you on the other thread they often turn things around to their adavantage . Why do you say this has he given off some vibes to make you feel this way ?

  • Well we broke up once for 3 months and he did tell me then....I don't know what vibes hes giving they are just distant vibes. I will see him saturday and I would hate to think he could be so mean to let me drive over night after work for 11 hours just to break it off.... 😞

  • No i dont think he would do that to you .i mean i know they can be heartless but im pretty sure if he wouldnt want you coming all that way if he was going to end it it doesnt make sense.