Should I start seeing this Scorpio?.. What about my Leo?

  • I met a Scorpio while I was walking home from my leos house after he left me standing in the rain outside his house apologizing trying to get him to forgive me and work things out. I hung out with him all night. He saw me walking and picked me up. Anyway Talked to leo last night turns out hes been seeing his ex or someone not sure who it is for the past 6 months we were seeing eacheother for 9 months. Anyway he sat there on the phone saying I havent messed with you in 8 months. etc. Then when I called she answered the phone. They were both acting really nasty talking really nasty to me treating me terrible. I told her I was with him just last week. She seemed hesitant. Point is Im extremely upset. I havent done to well myself stooping to her level talking that way with him. Anyway he says he doesnt want me or likes me and cant stand me. Hes threatened me many times with getting a restraining order.

    I am so upset I care a lot about him.

    Anyway meeting this Scorpio Im heading out tonight with him again. His birthday is October 26, 1979. Not sure what to expect. Mine March 8 1983.

  • If your Leo is calling you names, getting some girl to make you feel bad about yourself and threatening to put a restraining order against you, you basically need to never speak to him again EVER. I can't imagine why you would even consider it. He's treating you like dirt....don't even dignify him with a single thought. It's a waste of brain cells.

    Also, don't take things too fast with this scorpio, you just met him AND you were probably rebounding on him. Don't let yourself get sucked into the same situation twice.

  • Thanks Maria. I went from a Libra to the Leo right after. Seems like leo was already the rebound though. Scorpio seems really good. I went to his house last night no sex. I feel so trapped with Leo like I have no room to change or grow. It was terrible what he did. Im tired of the run around. So much mess in the wake of all the mess with Leo. Family is so mad at me.

    Seems like I could really talk with Scorpio. He travels a lot and is really comfortable to open up to. I feel like I could go anywhere with this guy. However we started talking today about certain ares of a relationship and he said its an obligation to the kind of relationship he wants to involve other people. Like pick someone up from a bar. I felt kinda weird with that. Hes talking about possibly picking someone up he barely knows and involving it into his relationship. Not my cup of tea.

    Point is Scorpio had some messed up back and forth with ex who liked to drink a lot shes back and forth in the picture.

    Leo is 37 and an idiot. Seems to me hes only after a young girl. Im just completely a mess from that. That dumb girl sat there on the phone then when I shared information she didnt want to hear she said well can you leave us alone so we could talk?!? What do I care if your feelings are hurt, what do I care if you need to talk. What about my feelings? this is so disrespectful I cant begin to trust not one human being anymore. im so damn tired of it. Now this idiot wasted 9 months of my life. Then I sit here and beat myself up for not being the kind of person he wants. I do it every time I have some kind of break up.

    What a loser. The whole time I blamed myself for the mess it was in. I need to go to the doctor and checked up. Thank God I didnt become pregnant by this guy. Men are sissys they can never be honest.

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