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  • Just wondering if anyone can help. For the past year, year and a half, i have been having these dreams where i am watching or taking care of a baby, and most of the time in my dream,i know the baby isnt mine; it's usually someone elses child. I have had dreams where i was taking care of a baby and in the dream, it was my own (or at least i thought it was). Sometimes the baby is a boy or girl, most of the time a boy. Now, i have no kids, am not married. I do plan on getting married and having a child or two in the future, but not right now. I'm just wondering what this means, it's really weird becuase i dream at least once a week about taking care of a baby,or watching it. I've also had dreams about being pregnant in the past, but i don't get those dreams anymore. Really weird! -_-

  • Hi saf86,

    my first thoughts after reading your post was to nurture apart of you that needs work:)

    then i found this online


    Dreams of a baby or babies can be triggered when you are trying to have one. The dream can also be about influences you picked up as a baby.

    To dream of a baby or babies, particularly when given one or asked to mind one, means there is something in your life for which you have responsibility. Just as a baby needs nurturing and care, you are obliged to do what it takes to look after or develop whatever it is. Once the attention is given the outcome is always positive.

    To dream of you or someone else giving birth means a new aspect of yourself is about to be born. As above, it is your responsibility to develop this side of yourself. This is always a positive dream, as to allow a new aspect of yourself to flourish you must let go of whatever kept it suppressed. This dream usually comes after doing some developmental work on yourself.

    love and light


  • I think i understand. Thank you sheila 🙂

  • no, problem...ibelieve that usually helps with dream interpertations is on vacation..but she had given me some great incite on my dreams, i will pass it on to you. now its not word for word, so ,she said try and look at your dreams and see whats going on in your life and try to see if there is a meaning for you in them. something like that anyways lol...sorry slow brain today...

    love and light


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