Lost love back

  • im really upset since i was in love with a boy. and he just walked away from my life without no reason someone can please help me reading my tarot and let me know if i can get my lost love back into my life or not and what is there in my future

  • jenalon,

    I am a clairvoyant reader and will give you what I receive in answer to your questions.

    There is always a reason for someone walking away from someone else, in your case I feel it is because your expectations were a bit to high for this young man. You want a love from the heart and soul given to you and he could not be even a donor in that department dear. He is not a bad fellow, just not ready for where you are going.

    Hold on because you will meet a man that meets your requirements soon. I feel him around classes of schooling of some sort for you? He will have a wonderful laugh and be a pretty stright up guy. You will first like him and than it will grow into an affair of the heart in which you and he can take anywhere you feel like.


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