Anyone do health readings?

  • Pooperpop I thank you for your 2 cents!

    What are beige foods? I know what white foods are.

  • You are so right about dieting which I did a lot of in my 20's. I still don't eat as healthy as I should. I'm a believer in nutrition. That's one aspect of our lives that we're more in control of. Sunlight is beneficial. Try to get 15 minutes a day as it helps your body produce Vit d, also helps w/production of some hormones.

  • Daliolite I have been getting that everyday and then some since I bought the pool to exercise in. The pool exercises have really strengthened my legs...I just wish I had done it sooner.And it is soooo much easier to exercise in water.

    Pooperpop hasn't responded you know what beige foods are?

  • Rose, I am getting a lack of love in your life is making you feel unwanted and ill. The solution is to make some new friends (although I know you must be limited in getting out and about). But you need to try to meet and make new supportive friends and even perhaps lovers.

  • I don't think my husband would go for the lovers!!!! lol...

    I believe the unwanted parts stems from my childhood but not with my children or my husband. They are the only ones that truly do love me and that I know for sure.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain I have been thinking about what you said: I must also add that I picked up a deeply buried part of you that 'enjoys' having all these illnesses - a dark aspect of your personality that is almost 'proud' in a weird way of this vast array of ailments. Could it all be a subconscious cry for attention?

    That was my grandmother...we always thought she enjoyed being sick so she would have something to talk about. I am built like her and have some of the same illnesses but I definitely do not enjoy any part of all of this. Like I said earlier...I hate anything that makes me look weak.

    Is it possible maybe you picked up her vibes?

  • ok no yucky beige foods. : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • Does that include chicken?

    Rose it is Monday, my kids are in bed in about 4 hours. with a lot of legroom for me, would you like me to send you some reiki then and can you relax to receive it? I will check around then for your answer, if not good then please tell me when is good.


  • Paddi...I have to leave to go to work in 3 hours. Anytime before then is fine or tomorrow I get home at 10pm my time so that would be way too early for you. I believe that would be 5am for you!! I am grateful for what you are doing for me so if I need to get up in the middle of the night, I will. You just left me know.

  • Pooperpop...I have been eating a lot of colorful salads the last few weeks. Adding homegrown tomatoes (the drought here has since killed everything in the garden), nuts, seeds, just a few and a tablespoon of dried cranberries. I am really liking this fat free dressing...RASPBERRY PECAN VINAIGRETTE.

  • HI Rose I have a couple of minutes now, thank heaven for the Wii (babysitter) I will send it anyway and again tomorrow morning my time which is about midnight your time so you will be asleep it should wake you up in a good mood.


  • As soon as I read your post Paddi, I closed the laptop and went straight to the bed and laid down and closed my eyes. My mind is always going but I was trying to ignore the chatter and just try to relax. And after a bit my eyes just popped open and I thought she must be done. Thank you so much.

    What exactly do you do and do you feel anything when you are doing it?

  • Well all I do is send you energy by tapping in to your energy field and joining it to mine with a ray of healing light whih I take from the universe and send on to you using symbols which carry it. That is the basic idea. I feel tingling and it is like my whole body is an electric wire and the receiver can feel anything, depends on the receiver, some people do not accept it and thus it is not received. Some people get tingles, some feel relaxed, some feel kind of like a breah of air, some feel relief in whaever part hurts. Some probably feel nothing. I sent you a second shot about 10 minutes ago as well actually, it shot itself off actually.

    I hope it has some effect on you. It does not tire me because I merely channel it. What tires me is reading an energy field, but only if I overdo it.


  • Wow....that is what I felt. My big toes started tingling, and then it moved up my body, wasn't tingling but I could just tell it was moving upwards. Then I felt my forearms tingling, then my lower abdomen jumped, then my left knee twitched, then up to my right shoulder, then up to my ears which were warm and tingling. I am in awe!!

  • Glad you felt something!

  • Rose, it is significant that you share some of the same illnesses your attention-seeking grandmother had. Subconsciously you absorbed the message that this ilness-attracting behaviour did indeed bring attention. Some deeply buried part of you is imitating this 'behaviour' in order to pacify the needy child inside you. You can lose the need for attention-attracting illness by giving yourself the care and attention you didn't get as a child. By nurturing yourself with good healthy food and exercise and self-support and encouragement - with self-love - you will lose the need to be ill because you will be able to lavish on yourself all the attention you crave.

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