Anyone do health readings?

  • Hi...wondering if there are any medical intuitives on this site. Sure could use a reading on my health.

  • Rose, I am getting a problem in the throat are for you (a swelling?), connected to not expressing what you really feel. Also the lungs feel congested.

  • Captain after I posted this I read a long thread with readings you had given to other people back in 2010. They were more elaborate than mine. : (

    I don't have anything wrong with my throat. And you said my lungs were congested. Is that in a bad way? I don't feel congested. I am really surprised you didn't pick up on all my other ailments!!

  • I pick up on what needs your attention the most. I feel a lot of stress and ill health in your life comes from unexpressed feelings and needs, from not asking for or going after what you want..

  • I can check your energy fields though if you already know what your ailments are why are you asking for help? What exactly do you want to know? And please remember that psychics don't always give you what you want but it is usually spot on.


  • Okay so I had a look. First off I am sorry to say to you that I get the same as Captain, a lot of frustration, bitterness, energy which is negative and needs release. Your head felt hot, I put this down to the anger but maybe you get migraines a lot, the eyes were dark holes.I did not feel anything around the throat except for constriction, not being able to breathe through to your stomach, stress or tension whether you are aware of it or not. Your solar plexus area was okay. I ran in to problems under your bellybutton and I could not source them so I will just tell you what Zi felt. I thought there was an ovarian cyst or something with the ovaries or womb, maybe a miscarriage or maybe even pregnancy anyway something not quite right. I was not getting good vibes from your hip area/pelvis and was amazed that the feeling went down your (left) leg. Are you disabled at all or do you have hip problems? The same for your back round the hip area, I thought also of catether for your bladder.

    Now I will send you some reiki and hope that none of this applies to you. If it does then what do you want done? This is only an analysis which you asked for and I feel like you are testing peoples abilities, at least if your reply to Captain is anything to go by.



  • PS try to breathe to your stomach to release the stress and tension, it will at least help the headaches.

  • Thank you Paddifluff (cute name).

    Lol...I was not trying to test anyone's abilities for I know The Captain is the Bomb!! I just assumed that she might have picked up more on me. I worry about my first pregnancy I ended up with Toxemia and my blood pressure went thru the roof. I ended up with an emergency c-section at 32 weeks but the baby had severe brain damage and only lived 18 days. One of the hardest times of my life I might add. Anyway, since then I have always had high protein in my urine and a CAT scan revealed small, scarred kidneys. Assuming from the high blood pressure. Might have had a problem with my kidneys before but the blood pressure exacerbated it. I have decreased kidney function and I don't ever want to be on dialysis. I have developed severe arthritis in a relatively young age in my ankles, knees, spine and neck and I wouldn't doubt the hip area. Sometimes my hip will bother me but my chiropractor takes care of that. And I have a knee problem on the left side...torn meniscus and stage 4 arthritis. Both my ankles do not have any cartilage. I don't have migraines thank goodness but I have been having irritating headaches of recent. And what you said about the breathing could be right on...I have been feeling like my breath gets suck in my chest if that makes any sense to you. So I will practice better breathing. I have tried to release anything that is/was bothering me. I feel pretty good about life and my future...I didn't think I was holding on to anything but I guess I still am.

    Any healing energy you can send my way would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. If I doubted anyone's abilities I would not be on this site! I am sorry if I came across that way. Things that you and others do here amazes me and I wish I had such gifts.


  • Forgot to mention that I am very tired recently also. I wake up and think I can't wait for my nap. How sad is that!? I do have thyroid issues and I am on medication for that. I take medication for my arthritis and I produce too much stomach acid so am on medication for that. I hate having to take medication. And also, my orthopedic doctor told me that I will have to have knee replacements in 10-15 years but if I don't loose weight it will be in 5 years. That scared me!! I have been trying to loose weight but it is not easy. I bought a pool so I can exercise in-since it is easier on the joints.

    I have been doing pool walking and leg exercises and it has helped with the knees. But haven't lost any weight.

  • Hi Rose, gosh you poor thing, what a sick body you have! I rather felt the frustration was towards yourself for not being able to do things with your body, more than towards a happening in your life. Maybe Captain or someone else can give you alternatives for your pain. I can send you reiki if you like, it might be an idea to set a time so that you are relaxing when I do it so it has some effect for you. What time zone are you in? I am in central european time.

    Hugs Paddi

  • I am in Central Time in the states...right now would be good if you can. Just hanging out watching the kitten sleep.

  • Hi Rose will do it in the next half hour


  • oh paddi I am sorry, I have to leave to go grocery shopping. Hubby is ready to go and I have to go when I will have help. Can we do this on Monday? That way I wont be disturbed. xxxxxx

  • "I have been feeling like my breath gets suck in my chest" - that's why I was sensing a congestion or tightness in the lung area.

    All these ailments come from not being able to live the life you want to live. The body is only following the spirit's frustration.

    I may have misunderstood you Rose, but I thought you wanted to know something about your health that you weren't aware of (not those things you already knew about) , which is why I mentioned the throat and lung areas.

    I must also add that I picked up a deeply buried part of you that 'enjoys' having all these illnesses - a dark aspect of your personality that is almost 'proud' in a weird way of this vast array of ailments. Could it all be a subconscious cry for attention?

  • Thanks Captain...I just really wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something or maybe not aware something was getting worse that I should have checked. I don't know...guess I don't know what to ask for or how to ask. As for the congestion in the chest I think I was thinking too literal....I just thought congestion like with a cold or bronchitis.

    I am not proud of my ailments at I am too young to be this old I have too much to do and don't like not being able to do things. And funny thing is I really don't like attention and especially if I am being shown as weak. Paddifluff said you might be able to help me with alternatives for my pain. Any suggestions? I am anxious for the Reiki..I have never had that before and I am reading up on it.

  • Thyroid problems are common among women--esp. as we get older. Friday, I had a thyroidectomy. My thyroid wasn't under or over producing--just growing. My thinking is that the thyroid gland is more exposed than some of our other glands making it more susceptible to radiation etc. All these different parts of our bodies need the proper nutrition. Thyroid needs iodine, seafood. Calcium is needed in abundance. Calcium for bones, even our hearing uses calcium salts.

    RoseisaRose, look at your diet and add supplements to it.

  • Thank you Daliolite. Sorry to hear about your thyroid problems. I am hypothyroid. My thought on that is that I burned my thyroid out from all the dieting in years past. I wish that the condition was reversible but from everything I have read it is not.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rose I sent it anyway, we can get in touch Monday if you like.


  • Paddi...I wondered why I woke up so early this morning and did not feel so tired!!!

    Yes, I would like to get together with you again on Monday. You are 7 hours ahead of me so tell me when is a good time for you. I will be available anytime up till your time of 9pm.

    Thank you Paddi!!

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