Me and My Cancer Man

  • Back towards the end of Feb My friend started telling me about this Guy we will call D. D is a cancer. He is going through a divorce. She text him a pic of me and sent me a pic of him. Very attractive guy. We started talking on the phone A LOT! He was the first person I called when My pawpaw passed away. Then towards the end of April he decided to drive to Missouri and meet me. He's a truck driver and Lives in about 5 states away. He drove here. We had a fabulous weekend. The intimacy and hanging out was awesome. I have never been with a guy like this. When he left on sunday. He called me a cpl hours later and was talking about me moving to his state, I was his girl and our families combined is going to be great. Talking about him and his two girls and me and my little boy and little girl. He was so excited....He jumped in head first. Me being me and being hurt and I mean physically, mentally, financially hurt I started pushing away about a month in. I was so scared he would hurt me. After about 2 weeks he broke up with me. We have decided to stay friends but boy is this one of the hardest things I have ever done..

    We get on the phone and we end up talking about a certain situation we had or how he enjoyed doing nothing but kissing me Or how he really does want me but hes not going to give me his heart just to get broken. Anyways I have realized I really really do want him. Hes the most loving, caring, outgoing greatest guy I have ever met.

    My little girl is 19 months old dad isnt in her life. Hasnt seen her since the day she was born. Him and I had a very serious relationship living together more then a year. When he left he moved back to arkansas. got married and had a baby with someone else. Anyways D my cancer guy said that my daughter would never need him because he was going to be her daddy and thats all she needed...Wow how great is that?

    My thinking is that if we can continue to be friends and our friendship grows he'll fall in love with me and I will eventually get him back. He says no matter how much he cares for me or fell in love with me that we will never be us again. Hmmmm whats your thoughts???

  • It's hard telling. You'll just have to wait and see what happens. Cancers have trouble being direct and honest about their feelings. My dad, brother, and oldest son are cancers. I have no planets in cancer so I have trouble understanding them. My dad and brother are very nurturing about taking care of their family. My dad even looked out for one of my exes for a while. My parents relationship happened very suddenly. That's how cancers are. I wonder if your boyfriend felt overwhelmed that the relationship happened so fast. My brother always has been discreet talking about his relationships, as if he thought it was a private matter. My oldest son is 10, and like other cancers, acts moody and gets upset easily.

  • Daiseys, come over to "Cancer guy and he is confusing" thread..... we literally have a support group for woman that love cancer guys....

  • Thanks will do

  • This is a hard one. Normally, cancer natives only put their heart on the line once. When they are hurt or rebuked, they retreat into their shell and protect their hearts with fierce emotional energy. I'm not saying you do not have a chance here but you need to be careful. This cancer can come back into you life with his guard up and his shell securely in place and never a dent will you be able to put into it. You on the other hand could continue to fall deeper and deeper for him. That being said, if you set a timeframe for being with him and developing this friendship without expectations, you may be able to melt away his resolve and win his heart. This does take courage and patience on your part and as a women with children the downside could be devastating. Only you can know if the risk is worth it.

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