Livingonaprayer would you do a reading for me please?

  • Thanks for the input, Rukargi. All comments are welcome. I wonder if the pink roses refer to my husband and I then.

  • Hi Rukargi ,

    How are you ? long time no see ,seeing as i look upon you as my mentor how do you think im doing here with this reading? Do you think its a good spread for a relationship ? The pink roses funny enough i keep seeing a bunch being handed to me everytime i click on this thread so its got me wondering if it is coming form spirit and as im only seeing them on this thread thats why i felt strongly it was for Confucap.

    Hi Confu Cap,

    I will get on to the reading as soon as i can for your hubby , i also have relationship cards if you would like me to do them they are different from tarot its not me reading them personally i will be typing the meanings from a book .. This is a weird question but has anyone youve had a relationship with in the past crossed over to spirit at all? This might explain the pink roses .

    Hope all is well love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi LoaP,

    I'm good thanks. I hope you are well also, as you know I have been busy adding information onto my website, which is why I haven't been in here as much. Though I have finished loading up the Wands information, at last! I'll be starting on Cups today.

    I thought your choice of spread was excellent and good reading by the way. I completely agree that this guy is not interested in a relationship and possibly never has been. The Page of Wands does suggest the beginning of friendship rather than of love, and messages between friends rather than lovers. Though I can also understand why his intentions could be misunderstood as he is a Cancer and they do tend to approach things at an angle (crab-like).

    Hi Confu Cap,

    As LoaP says it could be someone giving you roses from spirit. It could also indicate that your reaction to this guy isn't real. Pink is the colour of 'glamour', romantic love isn't real love, it is like 'being in love with love'. It's a phase that will go away. The origins of the word romancing was to create a fanciful story. To romance was to create an illusion. If you think of romantic fiction it doesn't reflect reality but is an illusion of how we wish things were.

    A couple of month's after the white knight has rescued the princess, she discovers that he picks his nose, likes to go out drinking with his buddy's every night and ignores her when she needs to talk with him! In other words the romantic illusion wears off and she is faced with the reality.

    Romantic love is never a good reason to ruin a marriage, as when the 'rose coloured glasses' come off you can be left with nothing. Always remember that romantic love is great as a fantasy, but it wont stand up to the tests of time.

  • Thanks Rukargi for your input i did feel however that he would like to pursue a relationship with ConfuCap but he is very reluctant as he doesnt want to hurt anyone , i do feel he will be happy settling to be friends this is what feelings i got ''

    1. Recent Past - Page of wands

    There has been new relationship opportunities for him in the recent past , we are talking 3 back 3 months or so he has been keeping in touch via messages of all kinds email, text and so on i feel this is with yourself ,he defentley wants to pursue a relationship with but but knows there is to much at stake with you and your husband so he is trying real hard just to be a friend to you but that's not where his true feelings lie .So do you feel we are picking up on this it along these same lines? as i have felt alot of confusion around this situation.

    Im glad that you are getting your site off the ground im not seeing the pink roses while i am typing this to you .at the moment im still at a loss as to what it means . I hope all is well .and you are safe from all the rioting that is going on over there .

    Love and Light Loap:0)

  • LoaP, As you know I believe the reader should always trust their instincts, I am sure that Confu Cap will be able to relate to some of the detail in your reading as things develop over the next month or so.

    I am well. The UK as a whole is ruled by cautious Capricorn so it is highly unlikely that all of the UK would get involved in riots.England is ruled by the militant sign of Aries and the youth of England have had a little uprising. Luckily Wales (where I live) is ruled by community conscious Gemini, although the Welsh youth are in touch with the social media communities very few would become militant, 😉

  • Hi Rukargi,

    Thanks once again for your insight .Can you please tell me what sign rules Australia ?i never knew countries were ruled by them .

    L&L Loap:)

  • Australia is ruled by Sagittarius, a very sporty and expansive sign

  • Hella all,

    Rukargi, I agree with both you and LoaP on the interpretation of the cancer man’s intentions. I know all about the behaviour of cancers, but this one expressed verbally (at great personal expense) his attraction, and essentially what LoaP said. But he also said that he does not want to disrespect my husband. But this was all months ago. My doubts regarded whether he still feels the same way. We have both been trying the friendship thing. I agree that he does not want to enter into a relationship with anyone right now (we discussed this at length, while I tried to encourage him to return to his ex). My sadness lies in the fact that we can’t even seem to have a friendship because, I feel, there is too much energy between us. I don’t view him as a potentially perfect partner (for me) as my rose coloured glasses are cracked. But he is definitely a kindred spirit…and I feel I need him in my life…even just as friends. I think intellectually we both just want friendship, but the fact that we gravitate so strongly towards each other makes for a very confusing and complicated situation.

    LoaP, please use your Tarot cards; I would prefer your reading rather than the book’s. No one I have had an intimate relationship with has passed over (that I am aware of).

    Thank you. XX

  • LoaP are you asking about Australia because you too are Australian, or is it related to the reading? I live in Italy. Rukargi, what is Italy’s ruling sign please?

  • ConfuCap - Italy is confident, charismatic Leo. Always magnanimous, loving applause but a tendency towards pride and can be over dramatic.

    ConfuCap, does this refer to your birth sign? Capricorn by any chance? If so, I am not surprised by you being drawn to a Cancer, it happens a great deal amongst opposite signs. There is an almost irresistible pull. Unfortunately as strong as the magnetic attraction is there can also be just as strong a repellent. You can both love and hate people of the opposite sun sign, sometimes at the same time!

    I know from personal experience how strong that pull is, sometimes it can work out, but all too often it ends in a lot of pain.

  • Yes, Rukargi, I am a Capricorn...Confused Capricorn. What you said pretty much describes our relationship. To be honest, I always thought that it was Cancer man doing all of the hiding, but re-reading a few of my comments, and thinking about my behaviour (things that I haven’t written here), I have been the one who has been pushing him away lately. So now he is hiding too. I wish I could fix this. I am sincere when I say that I would love to have in my life, even if it means just friendship. Yes, there really is an irresistible pull. I really appreciate all your insights. Thank you.

  • Hi All,

    ConfuCap i am an aussie ,and i just wanted to know what sign ruled Australia . ok no worrys i will use my tarot . I will get back to you soon .

    Love and Light LOap:)

  • Hi LoaP,

    I am from Perth. Thanks a lot!


  • Hi ConfuCap,

    Wow Fairdinkum a fellow Aussie Good day mate im from Melbourne , are you living in Aus at the moment ? I thought you were in Italy ?

    I have done the relationship reading for your husband here are the cards that came out ,

    1. 2 of Swords - Distant Past

    There is something in the distant past that your husband as not faced up to , he refuses to listen to reason and he is blocking whatever this is as its very hurtful to him .

    I feel it could be to do with his health and it has affected your relationship in some way .

    1. Ace of Pentacles reversed- Recent Past

    I feel in the recent past there was lots of money worries that were affecting your relationship i see alot of arguing over money , i feel money was being spent like water and this was totally frustrating and put a alot of pressure on your relationship .

    1. Ace of Swords - Now

    He has a new way of thinking and looking at things in your relationship , he feels he lost you for a bit as your heart wasn't truly with him , now he is trying to rectify this by being totally dedicated to you 100% . He will be keeping in touch more while he is away working .

    4)The High Priestess - Future Influence

    He will be guided to do things by following his heart in the future , he will be opening up on a whole new level . I feel even though you are together as a couple , you both haven't actually taken time out to spend with each other properly , you two are like ships passing in the night . He feels that this is all his fault and wants to show you how sorry he is by letting you know how he is really feeling by actually communicating with you . He is going to be there for you more even if it is not in person . (skype is coming to mind )

    1. Four of Pentacles - External influences

    I feel he is a very serious person who thinks of the future alot, and he would like to retire young . I also feel he wants a change of career i feel he will apply for a different job where he doesn't have to be away from you so long, as he longs to have a normal relationship ,, he is putting these plans into action and i see him putting alot of money away for a rainy day by doing this if this makes sense.

    6)Strength- The Querants Attitude

    He has a good attitude towards your relationship but he still has some doubts and fears for the future , i feel he is very insecure and needs to face up to his fears so you can both move forward together he is in constant fear of losing you no matter how much you try to assure him that this is never going to happen.

    7)Queen of Wands - Helpful Energies

    Well he couldn't have asked for a more beautiful helpful energy than the Queen of Wands , I feel she is a very sincere friend who gives your husband sound advice . She is reliable and trustworthy . I don't know if he has told you about her , but like i said their relationship is purely on a friendship basis only .

    1. 2 of Wands - Obstacles to overcome

    The Main obstacle for your husband is to overcome will be with his work commitments . I feel that this has been an on going problem that has put extreme pressure on your relationship ..

    1. Knight of Swords - Hopes and Fears

    Your husband hopes that these currant issues that you both are having can be resolved quickly , but he fears that there is conflict on the horizon . I feel he is a peacemaker and will do anything to avoid an argument ,its is not very good for him to do this as it causes pent up energy and anger which later down the track leads to resentment for not having a more straightforward .approach in expressing himself .

    1. Ten of Pentacles - The Final Result

    I could be wrong i don't feel that you and your husband have children together ,if not you will have very soon within the next year .If you do already expect an addition to your family . . I see you and your husband will have an abundance of good health ,love , happiness and prosperity as a family unit as this is the card that repersents family generations .

    I hope his helps ConfuCap i read form my heart and followed my intuiton. Thanks once again for letting me read for you .

    Love , Light and Hugs LOAp:)

  • Hi LoaP,

    Yes, I’m an Aussie living in Italy. Thanks so much for doing the reading! Sorry for not replying immediately…I am emotionally exhausted.

    There is an issue that my husband wasn’t facing up to and which is hurtful to him, but it isn’t health-related. We have argued a lot over money in the past, except the money worries aren’t over yet. I think most points of the reading were pretty accurate. We also don’t have any children, but were going to start trying again next month. The last time we tried, I fell pregnant after only two months (but had a miscarriage). I am curious to see whether my husband really is called to work away from home again, because at this stage it definitely isn’t in their plans. I truly hope the “final result” is accurate, because in the first reading it looked as though I was heading for a lot of pain. I will remain ever curious about the meaning of the pink roses…

    Thank you so much again. I will let you know if there are any developments! XX

  • Hi CC,

    Your very welcome ,Im so glad that you could relate to most of the reading and its nice to chat with a fellow aussie as there are not many on . Italy sounds lovely How long have you been living there and is your husband an Aussie as well ?

    Take care Love, Light and Hugs Loap:)

  • Hi Loap!

    It’s nice for me to communicate with another Aussie as well! I assumed you were American, until you asked about which zodiac sign rules Australia.

    My husband is Italian, and I have been living in Italy for 10 years (apart from 10 months spent back in Australia when my father passed away). Italy has its good points, obviously, but the Italy that everybody knows or thinks about in terms of holidays, is very different from the Italy you experience when you live here. Out of the ten years here, I am just starting to feel settled now. You (almost) get used to all the bureaucracy, but the worst thing is the exploitation in the workforce. Plus Italian employers are loath to employ women, because they can fall pregnant. Italy is also an extremely ageist society. Essentially, after 28 years of age you are already too old for most things. In the ten years here, I have been unemployed more often than employed. I finally landed a decent job before my father died, but then I decided to return to Australia to look after my mother. That job just wasn’t meant to be. Despite all my complaints, though, there are so many beautiful and interesting things to see and experience in Italy and Europe; when I get settled with a new job, I hope we can start travelling a bit more.

    I’ve never been to Melbourne…actually I’ve hardly travelled at all in Australia. When I started travelling, airfares to the Eastern States were almost the same as to go to Europe, so I chose Europe. My friends tell me that Melbourne is the most beautiful city in Australia to live in. That it’s very European and the cultural capital. If I were ever to return to Oz to live, that’s where I think I’d settle.

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. Were you born in Melbourne? Are you married? I’m curious to know about your gift, when you became aware of it, but I understand if you don’t want to discuss that.

    XX Confu.

  • Hi CC,

    You are so lucky to experience what its like to live in another counrty , i would love to go to italy for a holiday , i have never traveled much outside Melbourne as well i have been to Queensland and Adelaide . I would love to go on aroad trip to WA , ive heard its beautiful there .Melbourne is very multicultural , and the weather is so bizzarre we have four seasons in one day and it can drive you nuts at times .I am married with 3 kids and i have been learning tarot for the past 7 years ,and i do say learning as there is so much of it that i havent mastered yet . Ive heard it can take many years to get the knack of it and with bringing up babies in the meantime i couldnt focus on it properly only here and there when i got some free time . Thats terrible about women not being able to get jobs in Italy Do you think they are still old school and think a womens place is in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant ? How is the food ? Ive heard its wonderful. I was born in Melbourne , lived here all my life .I had a friend who moved from Perth to Melbourne and hated it as she said there is no summer here she came from Margaret River have you been there before ? Ive heard its beautiful . Its been really great to chat with another aussie as there are only a couple of us on this site ,the only other one i know is The Captain and shes from Queensland . So what brings you to tarot .com are you into anything spiritual?

    Love , Light and Hugs LOap:)

  • Hi Loap,

    I have lived in a few countries, but I can tell you with absolute sincerity, I think Australia is the best. Italy is a gorgeous country to visit, and yes, the food is wonderful. WA is beautiful, but I think Perth is a bit boring in terms of the lifestyle, plus it has become extremely expensive. Margaret River is a stunning area, full of vineyards, forests and beaches. I can understand your friend being frustrated by Melbourne’s weather!

    No one would openly admit it, but yes, I think that in reality the general mentality in Italy is that the woman’s place is in the home. In southern Italy (where are they are more traditional), often women leave their jobs once they get married. A friend of mine was an Export Manager (that was her role, although she didn’t officially have this title, because that would have meant a decent salary), and when she took a day off work to look after her sick child (but regularly calling the office for updates) her boss said “You can’t be a mother AND work!” In our area, I’d say that almost the only time a woman (officially) has a managerial position with adequate salary is when it’s a family business.

    To be honest, I stumbled onto because of my “obsession” with the cancer guy, and was looking up more info on Cancerians. When I was about 20 I used to dabble a bit with the tarot (but just reading from a book) and I was really into astrology. I have a strong belief in the conventional Christian God (although I’m not religious), but have an open mind to all things spiritual. I also believe in some people’s psychic abilities and the ability to communicate with the deceased. My brother, during deep, meditative prayer, has received clear messages from my father. Shortly after his death he told my brother that he could hear our prayers while he was in a coma, but was so weary of his old body that he needed to cross over. He was told that he could visit us whenever he wanted. In life he was an artist, and he said that in Heaven he continues to paint, but there are so many more beautiful colours that we can’t even begin to imagine. Unfortunately, I can’t perceive and communication from my father, and the only time he appeared to me in a dream and was about to say something, my husband woke me up!

    I’m so pleased to have “met” you. Things get a bit lonely here for me sometimes.

    Take care. XO


  • Hi CC,

    Wow what other countries have you lived in you are so lucky to experience that ive only ever travelled to New Zealand and thats just next door ,but, im not a good travellor i get nervouse on planes especially when turbulance hits it freaks me out . Thats amazing what your brother can do , i have made contact with a few spirits but not on a level like the ghost whisperer or anything like that , and its never been anyone i know or am relatated to . My dad passed 7 years ago as well and i had a dream that seen him in the mirror and he looked so young around 30 . One of his favourite songs was Michael Jacksons man in the mirror as well , so i though that was very bizzarre . I am so pleased to have met you as well , i am enjoying our chats

    Love , Light and hugs Loap:)

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