Livingonaprayer would you do a reading for me please?

  • Livingonaprayer, if you have time, would you please do me a reading? Paddifluff said you were wonderful. The link to my issue is below:

    Thank you,


  • Hi Confu Cap,

    Sure no worries but it might take me a couple of days .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Take your time. Thank you so much. XX

  • Hi ConfuCap

    First off i just want to say that the vibes that i am picking up on are is that there is alot of confusion about this whole situation , so Ive pulled cards for all that are involved and i started off with your hubby the cards that came out were,

    Judgement ,

    I feel that your husband has received a wake up call of some sort regarding your relationship , i feel he knows that your heart is not totally with him , i feel maybe that he has been denying these feelings for a while but now he is realising his worst fears of losing you could be a strong possibility of actually happening ,

    3of wands

    Something that your hubby has been talking about doing , which i feel involves the both of you will be happening in the next few months i feel whatever this is you used to roll your eyes about as he only ever used to talk about it and never actually done anything about it, i feel it could be a holiday or something along those lines. I feel he wants to put a spark back into your marriage , he loves you dearly i feel that he is a sweet kind soul who will do anything to make you happy.

    5 of cups -

    There is a huge feeling of loss and regret , i feel that i strongly feel that whatever your hubby does he cant make you happy.I'm sorry but i do see a separation between you both i don't feel it will be permanent but it will give you a chance to clear your head so you can honestly decide which direction your life is going in .

    These are the cards that came out for the cancer man now i have to say i feel alot of confusion around him his energy is powerful and i feel that he can have mood swings running hot and cold .

    3 of wands reversed -

    I feel that he is a wishful thinker , he doesn't follow on with things he says he is going to do , i would be very careful with believing what he says when it comes to putting plans into action .He is a talker not a doer .

    2 of Cups -

    I'm so sorry but i feel that he is already committed in a relationship with someone else like you are with your husband i feel that is very unhappy as well , but i don't see him leaving his partner i don't feel that the has told you of this relationship,i feel that you will hear of this through someone else i feel it could be someone that he works with .

    8 of cups--

    I feel that he is totally dissatisfied with the direction in which his life is going I'm sorry but i feel he will soon leaving to broaden his horizons ,i actually feel he could be travelling or is getting a job transfer which will be a fair distance a way , i feel that he is a traveller at heart and has had moved around alot .

    The cards that came out for yourself are

    7of cups -

    Like i mentioned before there is alot of confusion around you at the moment your energy is scattered , i feel you need to really think things through before jumping into any situation ,This is not a good time to be hasty .

    The lovers -

    You will need to make a decision regarding your relationship with your husband , again i still feel confusion, a choice must be made i feel even though at first it is very upsetting it will work out for the best in the future..

    The Tower Reversed-

    An extremely upsetting change is going to be enforced upon which will at first be an extreme shock ,i feel its coming from the lovers card regarding a decision or choice in your relationship ,don't try to resist theses changes as no matter how much you try it wont work , it is for the best even though at the time you certainly wont think so . In time you will see that it was fated to happen .

    I hope this helps and it all works out for you ConfuCappy

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thanks very much LivingonaPrayer!

    I was quite alarmed by your reading, specifically by the separation. Firstly, is the reading’s timeframe about 12 months?

    It’s true that my husband is afraid of losing me. I asked him. Is it possible that the separation you speak of is work related? My husband sometimes is away for 6 months or more at a time.

    Regarding the cancer man, he was in a relationship for 19 years, which he ended about 2 years ago. Is it possible that what you are reading refers to the past? The last time we discussed these matters (about 4 months ago) I suggested he consider trying again with this woman, but he said he was afraid of making the same mistakes, and that they were better as friends. After being in such a long relationship, he is now sewing his oats and has several female “friends with benefits.” I told him that I understand his behaviour and the need to cut loose, but even if I weren’t married, I would never put myself into that category of “friend”. We always maintained our relationship on a friendship basis, but the strong affinity was clear. What I feel is that as much as we try to resist, we gravitate towards each other. I suppose what I really wanted to know is whether it was in my imagination, or whether he really does feel it too. I think I would be happy even just being friends, as long as he was in my life, but we both play hide and seek and it is very tiring.

    Your reading was a wake up call to me. Thank you. XX

  • Hi Confucap,

    This reading is withing 6 months to a year , im sorry im not sure if it is work related or not but i see you being a part for a lengthy time and i felt extreme sadness from your husbands cards .

    With the cancerman i feel that he still keeps on touch with his ex patrner on a regular basis i feel she still has a some sort of hold over him does he have kids with her ? but again im going to go with my gut and stand by what i said about him being committed in a relationship already , just becareful something is not ringing true about him .

    Can i ask does your husband work 2 jobs?

  • My God, I do not want to hurt my husband like that! My husband has one job: Army.

    The cancer man does see his ex on a regular basis. I wonder if they got back together after all.

  • Sorry, the cancer man doesn't have any children.

  • Yes i do feel its his ex then i mean i could understand her having ties to him they children that would make sense. Did he ever tell you she was dominering ? i feel she has a bossy pushy energy. I have to tell you i feel that your husband could be getting another job as i pulled another card or clarification asking was it work related why you would be seperated, and the 2 of penacles came out ,and the first impression i got is that he will be working 2 jobs i feel its only going to be for a while and it is in a different location ,im sorry for causing you any undue upset but i do feel that he will be going away for a while and he is not very happy,i also see pink roses around you does this mean anything to you ?

    Wishing you all the best for the future

    Thankyou for letting me do your cards

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Sorry confu,

    What i meant to say was if they had kids yes that would totally make sense as to why he would still be in her life , but since there are no kids involved i strongly felt she has a hold over him in some way its i feel she is manipulative and pushy.

  • No, thank YOU for doing my cards! I’m not upset, I just see that I’ve been a fool and must try to remedy the situation…whatever I can control, anyway.

    I don’t know if the cancer’s ex is domineering.

    I can’t think of the relevance of the pink roses.

    Thank you again.

  • Hi confucap ,

    I feel that you will be reciveing a bunch of pink roses soon im not sure who they are from.Im glad that you are not upset i have been learning tarot for 7 years now and i know that i still havent completley mastered it yet but i have to be true to myself and go with my gut even if i feel it is upsetting for the person im reading for , and this is very difficult for me ., as i couldnt stand the thought of anyone being hurt by anyone or anything .

    Anyway thankyou once again for asking me to do a reading .

    Many blessings Love and Light LOap:)

  • Hi LivingonaPrayer,

    Thanks for this additional information. I’ll let you know if the roses materialise (I hope so!). I always prefer the truth, no matter what. My attitude is, if you don’t want to hear bad news, don’t ask.

    If you don’t mind, I’ve been reflecting on the cards you drew and have some further comments, especially regarding the cancer guy. You are free to not answer, as I don’t want to take advantage or take up any more of your time. I am just thinking out loud, and it might just be wishful thinking anyway, so please bear with me.

    Judging by cancer man’s behaviour, I know that he has feelings for me (but probably wishes he didn’t, as I wish I didn’t have for him) and I wonder whether the 3 of wands might be related to his desire to act, and his inability to do so because I am married. I got the following from the internet - 3 of wands rev.: “you can have daydreams, hopes, and wishes that never get off the ground because you do not know where to begin or are afraid to take the risks.” In other areas of his life he is definitely a doer, not just a talker.

    I also reflected on what you said about him being in a relationship. Quite some time ago he told me that an old friend (woman) of his confessed that she has feelings for him. He told me that he felt that she shouldn’t have revealed her feelings, as they are good friends and the intimate feelings are not mutual. I think I suggested that, if he doesn’t have feelings for her, he should set her straight. He was reluctant to do so in such a blunt way. I wonder if she also could be the dominant woman you mentioned.

    He is a traveller at heart, and I do believe he is unhappy, but I find it difficult to see him taking off and leaving for a long period of time. He has his own business, house, family and dog and cat here. I wonder if the 8 of Cups could just me that he will distance himself totally from me.

    Regarding my Lovers card, the only choice I can imagine having to make would be between the cancer man and my husband. If cancer man is not in the picture because nothing is going to come of our friendship, then I do not understand what sort of choice I will have to make.

    I repeat, I’m just thinking out loud. No need to reply if you are busy or disinclined.

    Thank you again. XX

  • Hi Confu cap,

    I will do a nine card spread past , present and future for the cancer man if thats ok then we both will get more of an idea of whats going in his life .

    Yes the lovers represent a choice or a decision with relationships normally it can represent choosing beteween 2 lovers . I felt the travelling within Cancerman very strong his feet are ivery itchy.

    Ok give me a couple of days again , i will try and get on it as soon as i can.I am still seeing the pink roses around you i am just wondering if they are being shown to me from the spirit world ive asked them for more information .Can you relate to this ?

    Take care love and Light Loap 🙂

  • Thank you again LivingonaPrayer. You are extremely generous! My father passed away almost three years ago, but pink roses hold no special relevance.

    I hope the reading gives me some answers about the cancer man. I still pray to try and forget him, but he seems to be a permanent fixture in my mind. If he does travel, I hope he will find happiness.


  • your very welcome Confucap.

    I feel this new reading will be able to shed some light on him for sure . , as the energies of all 3 of your from the last reading was causing me a bit of confusion i will start with cancerman and then do another reading for your husband if you like .

    Love and light LOap:)

  • Yes please. I can't thank you enough!

  • Hi ConfuCap

    here is a relationship reading for the cancer man i decided not to do past , present and future as i though this one would give u a better idea if he was curranlty in a relationship or not .

    1. Distant Past - The Fool

    I feel that he was not very committed in the past even though he was was in a steady relationship ,his heart never truly belonged to her , i feel he was on his own alot this could be to do with travelling for work i feel that he was away for long periods of time ,

    1. Recent Past - Page of wands

    There has been new relationship opportunities for him in the recent past , we are talking 3 back 3 months or so he has been keeping in touch via messages of all kinds email, text and so on i feel this is with yourself ,he defentley wants to pursue a relationship with but but knows there is to much at stake with you and your husband so he is trying real hard just to be a friend to you but that's not where his true feelings lie .

    1. Currant influences- Page of swords

    He is surrounded by someone who is manipulating him for there own needs i do feel it is a female influence like i said to you i strongly felt his ex wife , i feel she is using emotional blackmail of some sort i feel it could be to do with money .I am not getting him in a relationship at all but she is still in his life and she wont let him go . i feel she has said some horrible untrue things about him that has caused him some upset .

    1. Future influence - 8 of pentacles

    I feel he wont be entering another relationship for along while he will be inundated by his work commitments which will become very successful that he wont have time to focus on anything else .

    1. Strengtht - External influence

    He will be going through a time of facing fears ,that he has been suppressing i feel he doesn't tell people directly what he feels and this has caused alot of confusion especially with the ex wife ., he has put up with enough in the past , now he wants an end to it .He is going to have a more straight forward attitude towards life .

    1. king of swords - querants attitude

    We this card corresponds with the previous strength card you can not get any more straight forward than the King of Swords ,this is going to be a big change in attitude for him that is going to be off putting to others and i feel that he will be doing more thinking than talking, he will be analyzing everything that is going on around him .I also feel he has many secrets there is alot that he is not telling you . I also see him become more authoritative and not letting people stand over him anymore

    1. Helpful energies- - 3 of coins

    I feel that he is doing some sort of group activity with others i feel it could be a class of some sort something he has wanted to do for a long time .This is helping him take his mind off past hurts and will enable him to move forward.

    1. The Lovers - Obstacles be overcome -

    Here it is again he will have to make a choice or a decision regarding a relationship ,I'm not saying its with you as I'm not sure but whatever it is there is a lot of baggage to deal with form both sides .

    1. Hopes and Fears - The 5 of swords

    He hopes that he can get past the never ending battle that he is going through with his ex but he fears that she many never leave him alone .I feel this is the baggage he is carrying around with him in the lovers card, as it will have a strong effect on his future relationships . I feel his ex is very jealous and possessive .

    1. Final Result - Justice

    I feel he will be going to court in the near future and A decision will work in his favour , again I'm not sure if this has to do with his past relationship but there is a strong possibility.

    I hope this helps ConfuCap, you were right i don't feel he is committed in the way i thought of having an actual relationship but like i said he still has some sort of tie to her ,.

    Let me know if this is the spread you want me to do for your hubby .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Thank you LivingonaPrayer! The reading was very helpful.

    Yes, we were in contact more often about 3 months ago. We are both keeping our distance now. In fact my impression is, the stronger the feelings, the less contact. We are both behaving like this…I contacted him very briefly on skype, and when I was getting off, he tried to prolong the conversation, but I cut it short…then of course I regretted it. I no longer know how to behave with him. Recently, I spotted him across the room at a place, but pretended not to see him. He summoned the courage to come and say hello, and even shook my husband’s hand. But I feel emotionally depleted and think I will drop off the face of the Earth for a while, so to speak. I don’t know how to nurture the friendship anymore.

    I can’t comment on his relationship with his ex; he gave me the impression they got along well, but I don’t really know anything. Plus, as you said, you feel there is a lot he has not told me.

    It is true that he doesn’t tell people directly what he feels, and this causes problems and confusion.

    Regarding my husband’s reading, please do whatever spread you feel is more appropriate. Did you feel anything further about the pink roses?

    Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need any prayers said?


  • Hi guys, I hope you don't mind my interference but I'd just like to point out that symbolically pink roses represent romantic (pink) love (roses). Red roses are passionate love, white are pure or innocent love, yellow are intellectual love in other words friendship.

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