Joined a dating site

  • I just recently joined a dating site, (yes I am playing this very safe) as I have been single for a long time. I was wondering if I will meet someone? My Birthday is 02/17/1961

    Thank you


  • Kellyannefrancis,

    I'm Shuabby a clairvoyant reader here on this site when I have the free time.

    I feel that you will indeed be choosey and it will pay off in meeting a very nice gentelman that feels educated and comfortable in his own skin. He has a touch of gray in his hair and a moustash. Could wear glasses, but not all of the time. He has marriage on his mind and is open to children as I feel he did not have any of his own. You will fine him slow to set the romantic fire burning, but once it is lit there will be fireworks.


  • You know what I feel was fascinating about this reading ? I never mentioned children, when in fact, I am raising a grandchild. How funny is that. Thank you for the reading

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