Tarot Readings and Energy. HELP.

  • I was at a friends house and I was reading my cards with my deck. I am a beginner I have not been reading cards long, but my friend had asked if it was ok that when I was done if I could read her cards using my deck. It was really strange because when I do my cards I can't do this but when I read hers it was like I was reading her energy because as I was reading her cards I could literally feel everything she was thinking. After I was all done she told me that the tips of her fingers tingled, We are not entirely sure why they did that. Is there anyone who could tell me why her fingers would have tingled like that after reading her cards with my deck.

  • My understanding is that your energies are absorbed into the cards you are handling, so your friend was probably feeling those energies as a tingling when they used your cards. This tells me that although you feel you are a 'beginner' Tarot reader, you have a very strong connection with the heavenly realm and your gift will bless and help many. I hope that helps! I am sure there could be other reasons too for the 'tingling' that was the first thing that came to mind!

  • Thank you. I also have another question. Since I read my friends cards with my deck she has been having strange dreams what would that be?

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