What do you think about this blossoming relationship?

  • Helllo 🙂 I post mostly in the tarot reading section, but I'm interested in seeing what you talented folks have to offer here in the psychic section.

    So here's the background: I went on a cruise about two weeks ago, and I met this really awesome guy. he was a waiter, and I was a guest. We hit it off, and although it took a little bit of time for me to get his contact information, I did, and we recently went out on a date. However, I sent him an email telling him how lovely the date went, and I'm worried that since he hasn't responded, that's the last time I will hear from him.

    What do you think? does this relationship have potential??

    thank you! 🙂

  • bump? 🙂

  • angelbump:)

  • haha 🙂 I hope that she responds soon! my anxiety is getting the best of me right now )

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